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Disappearing Fish

Hi I have a 250 gallon pond and lately I've noticed my 4 goldfish, 2 shubunkin, and 2 koi have just diassappeared without any bodies or evidence. I live in Northern VA and my house is backed up to woods but the woods are no that big probaly only an acre. I am thinking that some kind of predator got them but there are 2 frogs in my pond living just fine. And also a day ago I saw a little garter snake hanging around my pond but i doubt it could eat those fish. The fish were about 3-5 inches long. Please help because there is only one lonely shubunkin in there and I would like to know what probaly got them.

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Could you please post a pic of your pond? How about the frogs and snake? Do you have raccoons, coyotes and herons there? Those are something else you should consider. If possible, try to add a netting there to barricade the pond from access by possible predators.

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I havent seen any raccon in our area, definetly not coyotes, herons we rarely see and if something that big came in our yard my dog would scare it away. We have a fence.
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I would bet raccoons. Where I live, we get them even downtown at night. They go prowl all the alleys for garbage cans. They can really travel. I do a lot of bike riding at night so I end up seeing a lot of them and I've seen them in places where there is no habitat for them for over a mile.

Also, is the pond very close to your house? Could it have been a hawk, falcon, or eagle? Since they can just swoop in, they might not have the issues that a heron might with your dog.
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My grandparents had a few goldfish in their backyard waterfall. One morning he came out and there was a 4ft tall egret standing there with the last of the five fish in his mouth then down his throat.
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some neighbors of mine lost about $1000 of Koi in thier pond to feral cats that live around our area.........This all happened in about a 2 week span last summer........They now own a Mastiff that patrols their property and they said they havent seen a cat for a while.......Just a thought, maybe you have an issue with wild cats........
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I have no real experience with backyard ponds but I can recount a couple of things that happened to friends.

1) RACOONS. They are brazen and fearless and will feast on your fish.

2) If your pond is not 4 feet deep, pretty much anything that can reach in will have a snack. You need to be at least 4' deep so the fish have a chance to get away. It also helps if they have a place to hide in the pond.

3) The TWO LEGGED beast may be taking some stock for his own pond!

Best I can tell you! Set up a handicam with some form of trip and you will get your answer.
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