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Ok, I'll have to try the moth balls. Maybe they will work.
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you can do an above ground. just take the fish out in the winter or put a heater in the pool.

Changing my 30gallon freshwater tropical. Into a aggressive fish tank.
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It's not good to turn your old pool into a pond. Your fishes wouldn't grow healthy and strong. Just transform your old pool into a playground so that your kids could play there.
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why wouldnt the fish do well?? any body of water with the right conditions and good upkeep will be awesome for fishes.

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Hi! I grow koi and know lots of folks with koi ponds. I have seen above ground pools converted into lovely koi ponds. Since you live in Arkansas it is even POSSIBLE the koi would winter over. I know people in states north of you that cover their ponds with a 3 mil plastic sheet in the winter and the koi survive. Your filter COULD work. . I do not know your set up. The chance of fish getting into the filter would be a concern. You might want to wait till perhaps next April or May. Set it up. Start with inexpensive koi. see how they do. Put some water plants in and start a water garden. (papyrus, Irisis, water lilys). Turn different size clay pots upside down and put the pot with your plant on top of them. With little effort this should work. Have fun! Perhaps it will work so well you will purchase brick at the local building supply center and surround it in brick making it semi permanent. I've seen that too. Go for it!
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Don't bother with the snakes, you will do more harm than good. The snakes in your pond are harmless ribbon snakes, the pond will be too small for a cotton mouth. The mothballs will kill your fish faster than any snake can. So unless your keeping 10000 dollar koi, don't worry about the snakes.
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Don't worry about the chlorine either, it should of defiantly gassed out by now. If you are worried at all, just buy some chlorine test strips for pools(BTW the strips will work fine here no liquids needed). Test the pool at setup and after it has sat for a few days, IMO though it will likely read zero. If it doesn't, just hit it with some Prime and test it regularly for chlorine, eventually it should all be neutralized. Since chlorine is a pretty reactive molecule it doesn't like to hang around for long. Probably something you should know as someone who has kept a pool, you have to keep adding chlorine for it to stay at the proper levels. Which is why I feel it should be perfectly fine for fish.

No idea about the snake thing, except I love snakes ^_^

You could in theory keep tropical in it during the summer. I know around here breeders setup 50-300 gallon cattle troughs outside for raising tropicals. If it can be done in Minnesota I can surely be done south of Minnesota.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Why do people care so much about snakes?!

(glances at TV)
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Hi, you can totally use your old pool . . . the chlorine won't be an issue . . . you actually can change a third of tank or pond water with chlorinated water without adding any dechlorinator because the remaining volume is enough to dilute the chlorine, so even if there were a little chlorine on the walls, it wouldn't make a diffference once you fill the pool. . . and even then, it would evaporate after 24 hours. I've kept Fancy Goldfish outdoors for years this way when no dechlorinator was availble and they thrived.

Though, I have read on hard core pond sites that pool filters don't work well as Koi filters. Koi Phen is a good site to check out.

What kind of fish are you going to put in?
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Also the fish will most likely reproduce faster than the snake can eat them, especially goldfish.
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