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Breeding fish in kiddie pools and stock tanks-II

This is a discussion on Breeding fish in kiddie pools and stock tanks-II within the Ponds and Waterfalls forums, part of the Other Aquatic Environments category; --> UPDATE-DRUM ROLL PLEASE! P-1-1 The orchard Endlers are breeding quickly now and number 350-375 more likely there are over 400. There are a few ...

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Breeding fish in kiddie pools and stock tanks-II
Old 07-29-2014, 02:41 AM   #51

P-1-1 The orchard Endlers are breeding quickly now and number 350-375 more likely there are over 400. There are a few Blond fry maybe 15. The Least Killies (LK) have at least 20-25 fry and should start picking up as the oldest fry begin to breed. They Platys got tired of watching all the reproduction and have kicked in at least 30 fry. The Ramshorn Snails likely number in the 100s-Crayfish Chow!

P-1-2 The Black Bar Endlers are reproducing quickly and number 400 (+). There are 15-20 Blond fry as well. The LKs are poking along with maybe 20-25. The Swords have been disappointing with only one fry drop so far-They have 70-80 days left! I did observe the Corys spawning 1 time but have no idea if the eggs or any fry survived. There are several hundred Pond Snails at this time.

P-2 The LKs are starting to pick up speed after the accident-see last update. The oldest LK fry should be breeding by mid-August and I hope to get 150 (+) from this pool. The Orchards are dropping fry there are at least 50. The Crayfish really outdid themselves and there are at least 100 small Crayfish in the pool. I moved 16 Crayfish to the other pools, vats and in each breeder trap. I have also relocated approximately 100 snails from the other pools to provide a self-sustaining live food source for the Crayfish. The pool is 24" deep and filled to 14" effectively giving the snails enough safety to breed.

Vat-1 The Chilli Endlers are starting to put up some numbers with no less than 200. LKs number at least 25-30.

Vat-2 The Oddball Endlers are reproducing and there is somewhere between 50-125. The fish stay deep and out wait me to get at food. The last of the tadpoles are growing legs and should leave in the next 7-10 days. The frogs produced over 100 frogletts already this year.
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Old 08-09-2014, 02:07 AM   #52

Well it has been a while, not to worry the fish are still going strong. Mother nature has provided the worst weather she could throw at us and it has slowed things down but that is about it.

P-1-1 The Orchards are multiplying fast. There are at least 450 and the first fry are getting ready to drop. The LKs are still about 30-40 the best I can tell but in this pool any LKs is a bonus. The Platys have approximately 60-70 fry with some over 1/2". The Corys are in there, no spawning that I can tell in this pool. I did add 6 Crayfish to grow out.

P-1-2 The Black Bars are blowing past the Orchards as far as numbers. There are approximately 550-600 and the first fry are only a week away from dropping. Once the first fry start, those numbers will double in no time. I did pull 60 males out and tanked them up to sell at the end of the month. There are a lot of Blond Black Bars with some amazing colored males. The LKs number 35-40 and the first fry are dropping. Here again in a another 2-3 weeks the number will explode. The Swords are a major disappointment, still only one drop! The Corys continue to spawn, but I have yet to run into fry. I added 6 Crayfish for growout.

P-2 This pool is still leaking due to the accident in the last update. I have managed to keep things moving forward regardless. It appaers there are close to 100 LKs and the first fry are dropping. These should effectively double in number by the mid-September mark. The Orchards are dropping fry with 100-125. The Crayfish number in the 150 plus range. Hint, Hint any buyers?????????? Make me an offer I can't refuse!

Vat-1 Vat-1 has sprung a leak, lord only knows how. I have maintained it with about 14" of water and have at least 250 Chilli Endlers and 40-45 Lks. I added 6 crayfish for growout.

Vat-2 The Odd Balls are making their move and reproducing well. Sadly, during a recent storm that dumped 4" of rain the vat did over flow. There are still 125-150 Endlers-another 50-75 before the rain.

My goals for the summer were as flollows:
-2,000 Endlers - I'll way pass that -Likely 3,000-3,500
-150 Lks - I'll way pass that as well - 225-275
-400 Platys - Doubtful, more like 100-150
-400 Swrods - Not going to happen and if this continues unchanged maybe 50
-At least 1 Crayfish - I now beleive I should come up with 250-300

Good news for anyone wanting to pool breed next summer, I'm negotiating with a company to make a very improved breeder trap. It will be larger and consist of 1/4" square ridget plastic sheeting made to use in industrial fish farms. I just made everything smaller. I'll let you know if the price is right.
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Old 09-05-2014, 02:01 AM   #53

I've been slacking so sorry!

P1-1 Orchard Endlers and Platys
I have removed / culled out approximately 125 males and they are up for sale. The Orchards just keep replacing anything I take and number close to if not 500. The Platys breeding took off while I was on vacation and there are approximately 70-80 fry. The Platy fry are between 1/2" 4 weeks - 2/3" 5 weeks and growing rapidly for Platys. I spotted about 40 Lks and the corys have spawned I just don't know if any fry survived.

P1-2 Black Bars, Swords.
I've removed approximately 80 males and they are up for sale. Odd thing they all are showing a significant amount of green! I checke dthe brooder stock outside and the back up brooders inside and there is no green in them to speak of. Got me on this one! The Black Bars still number soewhere around 650-700. The Swords have been a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! With over 30 brooders I have just 15-20 fry to show for it. The LKs seem stable at around 45-50 and the corys have spawned but I have not observed fry.

P-2 Least Killies (LKs), Orchards and Crayfish
The Least Killies are coming along and number about 125. The Orchard Endlers took off and there are close to 150-175. The Crayfish just keep going and I'm sure there are at least 200 in there. Odd thing is the Crayfish are turning red from eating freeze dried cyclops.

The Chilli Endlers have finally taken off with around 250-300. The LKs number at least 75.

The Oddball Endlers are poking along at a snails pace. Due to a rain induced overflow there are approximate 125-150.

All the Pools and Vats contain Crayfish now and they are cleaning things up nicely. All of the fish above are officially for sale, so P.M. if you want a great deal. I will cut you a huge break simply becouse you've read this far!! As fate would have it my large female Belonasox (Pikelivebearer) dropped about 100 fry. I kept 25 to rear. The fry are eating 1-2 Endler fry daily and are eating 2 week old fry at this point. I'm guessing they will eat the majority of the last months production.
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Old 09-07-2014, 11:38 AM   #54
ready for some babies?
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Old 09-08-2014, 01:20 PM   #55
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Yeah, swordtails can be a pain. lol

Here's some of my black bars(the black babies and smallest fish are mollies). This what they're supposed to look like?
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