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Breeding fish in kiddie pools and stock tanks-II

This is a discussion on Breeding fish in kiddie pools and stock tanks-II within the Ponds and Waterfalls forums, part of the Other Aquatic Environments category; --> UPDATE: First things first, rsskylight04, sorry to hear about your weather issues. I found that Least Killies can take the wild temp swings and ...

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Breeding fish in kiddie pools and stock tanks-II
Old 06-09-2014, 12:13 AM   #41

First things first, rsskylight04, sorry to hear about your weather issues. I found that Least Killies can take the wild temp swings and I've never had one get ich or anythin else. If you have a small heater they will find it if they need it. They can handle water temps in the 60s. I have also found that Endlers will stay right next to a submersable heater all night and morning until things warm up. My Endlers have toughed out some nights in the low 40s when the high temp in the day was the low 70s. Just saying that is my experience. You may want to try Goodieds as they like cold.

P-1 Pools
P-1-1 Contains Orchard Endlers, a few Blond Endler females from the Orchard line, paleatus cats, 2 trios Least Killies and now up to 8 female plays in the trap. I'll add more Platys and Least Killies this week. There appears to be two large batches of Endlers fry already and they grow like crazy in the pools.

P-1-2 Contains Black Bar Endlers, a few Blond Endler females from the Black Bar line, anues cats, 2 trios Least Killies and 12 female Swords in the trap. I'll add 3 more Least Killie females, 4 more female Swords to the trap, another trap with 14 female Swords. I've spotted 3-4 batches of Endlers fry so far and like the Orchards they are forming schools that hang together in various places.

P-2 Contains 10 female / 6 male Least Killies, 8 female / 4 male Orchard Endlers plus fry and 2 marbled crayfish. Before I added the rest of the Least Killies and Endlers over the weekend I noticed several Least Killie fry in the pool. I'm planning to set up a trap in this pool later for swords.

Vat-1 now have 1 trio of Least Killies and 12 female / 5-6 male Chilli Endlers. I was going to add a crayfish, but I think I'll go with paleatus cats instead.

Vat-2 I just put some odds and ends Endlers in there for now and will increase their numbers to produce live food for the Belonasox.

My plan is by the end of next weekend to have all the Plays and Swords out in traps. I'm looking for fry from either of the two. Keep your fingers crossed.
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rsskylight04 (06-10-2014)
Old 06-14-2014, 12:31 PM   #42
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Ah. I want to breed in pools too with Endlers. I'm thinking I will. My grandma said I can have the ENTIRE basement for my fish keeping when my uncle moves out, and that's a lot of space. :3 But, well a lot of it may be in tanks instead, but I'd like one more pool.

Speaking of pool fun, we're going out today to get another pool, but this time it'll outdoor for the summer and for plants. I ordered in a bunch of duckweed, Amazon Frogbit and water lettuce. Some will go into my fry pool and maybe in the nets in my tanks, the rest I intend to breed in an outdoor pool. I am thinking of getting some mosquito fish for it though, otherwise we'll be over-run with bugs! With nothing but masses of plants, will I still need a filter, you think? I know the likely answer(yes as all fish need it!). Otherwise I can't get any, it'll be out and rain+electrical wires+extension cords and stuff=bad. LOL
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Old 06-15-2014, 08:28 PM   #43
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Cool All of you with kiddie pools for fish...

I took my kiddie pool back, because I looked at it and thought about keeping it on the floor with the work involved and all that bending over... so back it went. I was cleaning my garage and found 8 15-30 gallon totes that are clear, so they are a better choice for fishkeeping. Yes, it might mean more filters, and I have plenty of sand, rocks, and doodads. But I won't be using most of them any time soon. This is mainly for babies that occur, to give them enough space to grow and for their lyretails or sailfins. They will all be for Mollies, which in all the endless colors and styles is quite enough. When they get old enough, I will sell some. Sorry folks, totes are SO much easier for me, so that is the way I am going... pools be gone!
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Old 06-16-2014, 01:21 AM   #44
DanceLady, just make sure to use some sort of support on the sides of the totes so they don't bow. I admit it, if it holds water I likely tried it already .

Here is an idea for the future, if you go to the farm supply / feed store they can get you a 125gal-300gal Rubber Made livestock tank. If you set it up on 3 rows of vertical cinder blocks with 3 landscaping rails threaded through it will be easy to access and work like a charm. The entire set up between $125-$375 depending on size of tank. These are what I call vats. You can use a small canister filter, and a sponge with a 250wt heater and you are in business to raise fry.
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dancelady (06-16-2014)
Old 06-16-2014, 01:35 AM   #45

Actually you don't really need a filter unless you're goingto heavy stock fish. If it were me, I'd use a small in-tank HOB and at least 1, but no more than two air driven sponge filters rated for 125gal-Ken's has them for $13.

As for Gambusia, don't know if you have worked with these guys but they are meaner than sin. I have several adult females living with my 8" Jack Dempseys if that tells you anything. These guys are fry eating machines as well. I'd suggest a group of Least Killies and maybe some Endlers. These fish will take care of mosquitos no problem and they unlike Gambusia like messing around in thick plant cover. A few pigmy gouramis would be an option and they will spawn and rear fry if you give them a month or two. If you would do the pigmy gouramis and Least Killies, they would be fine and both reproduce nicely without issues. I'm just saying.

I have a good contact for Least Killies, low price, nice fish good service.
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Old 06-16-2014, 10:16 AM   #46
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Hahaha, meaner than sin. I love that. Actually that's perfect, believe it or not. I hope they can hold their own and are smart enough to stay away from predators. When I was at the garden shop the other day I heard a lady telling a worker that her friend had a koi pond. It had BIIIG, gorgeous, very expensive koi...and the raccoons got them all. I've known many with raccoon issues. We have a lot of critters that'd just as soon eat the fish out of the pond as drink from it. I love koi too. c.c I don't think my pool would even be big enough for one though, maybe a pair of normal goldfish. I had leaned on the wall near a pond there, didn't know they had koi since I thought it was a big decorative pond/fountain. Suddenly about thirty koi were sucking on my hands. xD Scared me so bad, they have better suckers than puppies. Anyways, hoping the smaller mosquitofish(and yes, the gambusia type) will have an easier time fleeing and hiding from danger. I assume I'll lose some, I just hope nothing trashes the whole pool. Worst fear, I'd go out one morning to see all my plants on the ground and spread about and no fish. x.x The raccoons around here are monsters. They are big, the larger being not afraid of people...not much, and they know it. Crafty and smart. They're always catching crayfish at the creek.

They're not going to be with any other fish...and most livebearers not endlers are fry eating machines. I'd looove to put gouramis in there, or even killies...but this is likely going to be on the cooler end of temps when it rains and stuff. Otherwise they may be fine, but yeah...I'd rather not do that. Sounds like a ton of fun though, love dwarf gouramis. T_T Love them a lot. Temp will likely be in the lower to mid sixties and seventies most of the time(the sixties are most likely), but when it rains it'll probably have a couple days of forties and fifties. x.x I think that'd be sucky for dwarf gouramis. But hey, I don't really know what the temp will be like yet.

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Old 06-16-2014, 02:50 PM   #47
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Thumbs up henningc, great idea on the "vats"

Being in a farm-a-lot state, we have plenty of farm supplies stores here, so I will visit my local one and see what they charge for the livestock tanks. I know about those, never thought of it until you mentioned them. Have seen some being used as cub wash&sit-in tanks for young bearlings, and eagle bathing tanks... haha... a good size, and can be lifted up as you describe. They have them in a wildlife hospital, where young eaglets are growing into a releasable age. They actually once put some live fish in one for the eaglets to learn how to catch them, and one smart eaglet did just that. Was so funny, and she got her other siblings to come over and try it. If it works for them, it will work for raising fish too!

My young Mollies are 4 months old and slowly developing their gender & sailfins, and the balloon bellies... The original mother was a balloon belly Sailfin Harlequin, and I have taken pix of the "Molliettes," some with the forming balloon belly shape. They looked normal until a little while ago, and then I saw the much larger belly, and the swipe to their heads as the whole body sort of squished together with the large wider balloon body. Not all of them... when a few turn male, I bet the sailfin will begin to show up too. I think their father's sailfin is still growing, it looks larger all the time. Watching them grow is a great lesson on parents/babies, seeing what comes out is most interesting.
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Old 06-22-2014, 01:56 AM   #48
Update: The weather! Two weeks ago it was cool and rained a lot. The lows were very low 50s-highs just hitting 70-72. This week, all upper 90s and lows in the high 70s. I told you St. Louis is the weather armpit of the world!

To combate the extreme heat I started opening up 2 siphones in oe pool and one siphone in anotherin the morning before work and closing them at lunch. I use airline as a siphone hose so it is slow. When I get home at lunch, I place the hose running on a dribble in the pool with only had one siphone running. When I'm ready to leave I move the hose to the pool that had two siphones running. I them open the siphones on one vat and the other pool and repeat the process when I get home from work. It actually holds the temps in the low to mid 80s and the fish are fine.

Pool -I-1 This pool has Orchard Endlers and their population is beginning to explode. I quick counted and there are between 200-225 fry as of yesterday. The large females appear ready to burst again any day. The platys appear to have dropped fry, but I have not positively identified and yet. The paleatus cats are really active and growing quickly. I suspect I'll have to pull fry in two-three weeks. I am going to install a much larger breeding trap and put the rest of the platys out early next week.

Pool-I-2 This pool has Black Bar Endlers and I quick counted between 175-200 fry and there is likely a lot more. The anues cats seem fine but I don't see them much. The swords have produced fry and I have only seen a handful. I'm sure there are a lot more sword fry than I could see but only time will tell. Next week I am installing the second large breeding trap and the rest of the swords will go out side.

Vat-1 This Vat has 9 female and 6 male Least Killies (LKs). I have seen several LK fry but keep in mind the vat is very large and in a shaded area. The chilli Endlers are reproducing as I counted 50-75 fry. Many of the fry are the blond version.

Pool-2 I have well over a dozen female and 4-6 male LKs. I have found a number of fry and don't expect to see any eye popping numbers for another 60 days at least. The pool is very large, over 500gal, and shaded enough to make it hard to see fry. At least 1 if not 2 of the female Orchard Endlers have dropped fry as I counted about 35.. The marble crayfish are still active as I can see their trails but not them. I did introduce about 30 scuds and 6 RCS. Due to the substrate, Oak leaves, PVC and flower pots I'm thinking they may be able to reproduce enough and have enough fry survive to sustain the population while supplying food.

Vat-2 This vat is where I put a group of oddball Endlerl males and female and approximately 15 size culled Endler females. My hope is for this vat to produce enough Endlers to feed 30-40 Belonasox fry in late July or early August. In order to achieve this I'll need 500-600 fish of various size in there and frmales continuing to drop fy during the growing period My goal is to get them to 3"-4" size before the end of October when they have to come inside.
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Old 06-28-2014, 02:03 PM   #49


It has been in the 90s the last two weeks and the fish have been up for the challenge. Endlers and LKs just keep breeding. Swords and Platys, stopped breeding. I have lost 1-Swrod and 1-Platy out of a total of 40 brooders.

Drum roll please--------Here are some photos. The first one is frog eggs
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Frog Eggs.jpg (51.0 KB, 54 views)
File Type: jpg Pool 6-14.jpg (64.2 KB, 53 views)
File Type: jpg Pools -6-14 II.jpg (43.3 KB, 53 views)
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Old 07-21-2014, 12:54 AM   #50

Sorry for being such a slacker, I've had my hands full with work and all that non-fish stuff.

Pool1-1 The Orchard Endlers are producing quickly and there are well over 300 of them now. I'm getting about 5% blond and should have some really nice Orchard Blond males in September. The Platys are starting to crank out the fry and there are at least 25 fry swiming around. The Corys are growing, no spawning to report.

P1-2 The Black Bar Endlers are breeding quicly and producing 10% blond. There are at least 300 Black Bars now and they are just a step behind the Orchards. The Swords finally have begun to drop fry and there are maybe 15. I think the crazy weather 100 degree days then days in the low 70s with nights in the 50s has screwed up their breeding cycle. Hope thy catch up soon. The Corys are growing but no spawing to report.

P2 The Least Killies are reproducing and there are at least 50 in the pool. There were more prior to my daughter in-laws damaging the pool causing water to leak with LK fry as well. The entire incident is one of those, Don't Ask, things! The Orchards are dropping fry and there are 50 or more still in the pool. Marble Crayfish, discovered a ton of babies. I'd estimate 60-70 of them. I moved 4 of them to P1-1 and Vat1. FINALLY!

Vat-1 The Chilli Endlers are dropping fry and there are at least 65-75 of them. I have noticed a few LK fry, around 20 of them. I cured an excellent piece of driftwood and it should be ready to sell soon. It is 55gal to 125gal tank size. In a 55gal it will go end to end. This will make a great center piece.

Vat-2 The Oddball Endlers are dropping fry, estimate, 45 fry so far. I'm still dealing with a lot of tadpoles in this vat. Hundreds have morphed into frogletts, but I still have at least 100.
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