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Originally Posted by beweeb
poisonous proby you can tell by the head so dont kiss him
lol i dont tend to kiss the frogs i find
i dont find many that big either i guess i got lucky
well im thinking you either live somewhere around europe where its warm or in the good ol us (as in southern states) im upstates so all i can find are fowlers toad and americans in fact i have three toads a male american toad a tiny american female and a male or female fowlers their names are Elf, Lily, gamakichi anyways what you have there is a cane toad expect it to grow about 10-13inches sometimes to 16inches(rare) so provide id say a 20-30gallon tank preferably 30g and make a forest theme terrarium only putting like a place for it to dip himself in water and you can do live plants as they can work as fertilizers now these guys have an extremely huge appetite they can eat dog/cat food(im not kidding) or large insects(alot of em) snakes, rats, other frogs and keep only one per tank provide a moist environment with a toad cave
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i m not keeping him i just found him and took some pics
thanks for the info though
btw i live in PA
i actually think its just an american toad i found these pics on the internet

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