Doggie training....
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Doggie training....

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Doggie training....

Here's a little more of my doggie training......

Nell's eye contact and targeting....
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Do the dogs realize that you're paying more attention to football rather than them during that particular training session?? lol.
What treats are you using during your clicker trainings??
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That's awesome, herding dogs especially pick up things very quickly. My favorite is the australian shepherd, hope I can have one some day. :D
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I'm using hot dog bits. I cut the hotdog lengthwise, then turn it and cut it lengthwise again, then start slicing into small bits. Each slice makes 4 bits, lol. I slice them pretty thin as well, so the bits are pretty small.

As for the football, too bad the Seachickens lost, LOL.

My preference is the herding breed by far, and much prefer the Border Collie. I learned the hard way, Cattle Dogs are very, very smart, but also very, very protective, and are bred to work on their own. Wished I had a bigger place for Betty. But she's doing pretty well, just extremely protective.

I also like the Shelties. But still like the BC's even more so. As for Australian Shephards, I like them too, but group them in with the Cattle Dogs, they can be pretty protective. They have similar personalities, where the BC's personality is more people oriented. But overall, I like them all, lol.

As for my 3 dogs, Nell and Chloe have very similar personalities, and Betty's is completely different. Betty's is the take charge, go for it 100% type of personality, and Nell and Chloe is the Let's get the job done, then family, snuggle and cuddle and play personality. Betty is all work, no play, and Nell and Chloe is all play, play, play, lol.

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As for Nell, she's started her Agility classes. She's already been to 3 classes now. It's the Agility Foundations class. We aren't doing Agility yet. Have to pass this class before we can go to Agility I. We've been working on eye contact, targeting, working with different surfaces and objects that have noises associated with it. Also, she's walked through a ladder laying on the ground. It helps the dog become more aware of where their feet are, particularly the rear legs. It's a lot of fun. Worked with the teeter, the wobble board, planks, jumps, tunnels, and a few other items.

Things I have to work on now is her Sit/Stays and Down/Stays. She's always wanting to go, go, go, but needs to be more focused on working as a team. So that's our homework for the next 2 weeks, as we don't have class this coming week because of Thanksgiving.
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