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dog deterants.

This is a discussion on dog deterants. within the Other Pets forums, part of the Off Topic Discussions category; --> for the owners..............

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for the owners...........
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Originally Posted by daisycutter View Post
high powered rifle
Wouldn't that be more expensive than the ultrasonic what-not though?

I'm glad to hear you didn't have to pay too much for it Lainey, I'll bet you're glad of some peace and quiet.
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seems to be working 8)
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Here is my perfect solution which has yet to fail me. Premier makes a citronella spray collar. Not cheap, but effective without harming the dog. I use one with Doc (my chow/retriever mix) as he barks at ANYTHING (except people) that moves. The collar emits a short burst of spray from the little control box that sits under the chin. The collar must be properly fitted in order for the spray box to sit under the chin. Citronella is harmless and the smell is distasteful to canines (and mosquitos!). One bark and their attention is distracted by the spray and not what originally caused the barking. Dogs are smart and they learn quickly. No bark, no spray

When dealing with a neighbor who has a dog that nuisance barks sometimes it isn't feasible or smart to confront the neighbor about it. Who needs to create conflict with a neighbor? Premier has a function on their website where you can provide the owners address and they will send out a diplomatic letter explaining in a very nice way that there have been some complaints regarding their dog's barking. They then ask if they'd like to receive information on their collars. Smart marketing ploy on their part but very effective. I have used this e-mail function twice and it has worked like a charm. My neighbors have no idea that it was me who instigated the complaint and my neighborhood is now quiet & peaceful.

In my opinion the sound emitters can hurt a dog's ears and I do not (nor will I ever) believe that the shocking collars are humane or effective. Those are only effective in creating a fearful & nuerotic dog. I think negative conditioning and punishment is never acceptable. I could go on forever about this topic but I'll give everyone a break...

Just my 2 cents...
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the rifle is for the for the owner

i have a dog and my sister is a kennel hand and most of my family keep working dogs (lurcher,terrier,retriver) i can tell you now that most of the dogs behavior is down to the owners
i was attacked by two large dogs in the summer while out with my dog she(dog) was off the lead so when she was attacked she ran and the dogs both turned on me and i had to beat them off with the lead handel, when i confronted the owner while looking for my dog he thoght it was hiralious until i my fist made contact with his face when i finally found my dog after 4 hours(i found her hiding under a prefab in the building site near were i live) she needed 10 stitches at a cost of 130 and i had to have a tetnas shot..what did the police do? jack **** i still see the prat over the fields sometimes and have to give him a wide berth because he cant,sorry..WONT control his animals and theres nothing i can do about it so you have my sympathy

i stand by my sig
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+ 1 It always boils down to the owner...for both bad & good behavior!!
Sorry about your experience Daisy...that's frightening! I hope that never happens to me

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that's awful,i hope both you and your dog have made a full recovery.
i take on board about not wanting to harm a's not the dogs fault
at all,he's just not been trained.
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We had a neighbor in Colorado that had a dog that barked all night long! My Mother would get up and call the people, let the phone ring until someone got up and answered, then she would hang up without saying anything to them. My Mom said that if SHE was going to be awake, then they should be too.
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That's a riot; good for your mom! Unfortunately for me I have the type of neighbors who would march right over at 3am, bang on my door, and demand to know, "Who in the heck do you think you are?" and the next thing you know I'd have a Hatfield & McCoy situation on my hands... if I knew for a fact they didn't have caller ID I'd do what your mom did. Did it work to stop the barking??
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It would help for awhile. I guess the barking doesn't bother the owners, just the neighbors.Back when my Mom did this, no one had caller id.
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