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Thanks, Bek! ^__^
I wish I could knit!
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is that a bolivian ram? i dont think ive ever seen one with such amazing color!! makes me think about getting one lol
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Fish tanks are like potato chips, you can't have just one!!!

my work in progress
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Yep! Liz is a Bolivian ram!
. . . though they're much less showy than their German cousins, I've found these fish to be more colorful than most people give them credit for - you should see her breeding brights! . . .Liz lost her mate over the summer, but has taken his place as dominant fish in this shoal (and therefore the tank), so her coloration is typically more saturated than the others in the tank - she really is a beauty!!! *swoonsforLiz*

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toad overload!

In nature, Fowler's toads like to watch the world (and all the yummy bugs) pass them by from little holes they dig in the ground.
They do this in their tank, too - behind the plants at the back, where the substrate is deepest (and I can't get a clear shot!). . .
This is my usual top-down angle as I pass by throughout the day. The terrarium is on the bottom tier of a tank stand, beneath the African dwarf frogs and Platy in their 29g Kindy tank home.

Everett has found a different favorite spot - one not *so* low to the ground!
He likes to keep an eye on things from a higher vantage-point - perched atop the leaves of the biggest tropical plants - in this case, a Peperomia.
. . . it didn't take him very long to figure out that in this strange new world - food comes from above!

Everything I've read lists a ten gallon tank as an appropriate size for three Fowler's at full growth - the bigger two are close to full size, already!
They seem comfortable enough, but I keep thinking that a bigger tank would be better (no escaping The Tankers Curse!)
They *may* be moving into a 30" tank over the summer, depending on how things go, and if I can find somewhere appropriate to set up either a 29 or a 20L for them. . .

The image above shows the size difference between Everett and Pete - the largest and smallest, respectively.
We've found these guys to be amazingly interactive. . . both with their keepers and the environment we've created for them.
It didn't take them very long to lose their initial shyness, and now they watch us just as closely as we watch them - or ignore us, and go about their business!
It makes me happy to see them (seemingly) feeling comfortable in their little home.
I can't help but worry about them, and wonder how this glass world can possibly compare to the natural one they were born into. . .

The plants are growing well - I had to prune again over the weekend!
The ferns and crypts are doing great - which surprises me considering how often they get trampled on at feeding time.
Most of the stem plants couldn't take the toad's abuse, but there are a couple that are hanging on - like the little Staurogyne in the water on the bottom right. . . they're popping up in the most unexpected places!
The hydrocotyle tripartita seems to be making a comeback, too - you can see it growing over the stick in the center of the shot, one of my favourite little plants, happy to see it doing well!

Hard to focus on plants when I see little Pete perched up there watching me!
such a cutie!
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i can not wait to start my little foray into toad keeping.i will have a lot of time to study up until then.i have some good ideas for their new home.half the fun will be designing and building their habitat. i am going to try to keep the price down.i can see it quickly spiraling out of control,with all of my grandiose ides. chesh my dear,you are such an inspiration.much thanks.
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bettas-goldfish-shrimp-snails-planted tanks
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Three cheers for inspiration!!!

I'm really excited for your (hopefully summer?!) project, too! You promised a thread - don't forget! ^__^
It would be amazing to raise one from a tad! From what I've read, American toads are very similar to Fowler's - except they get much bigger. . . I can't wait for spring! *GRINS*

I'm still months behind on pictures, but this habitat was built after an entire summer of experimenting with plants of all kinds, and terrarium setups. I learned a lot - enough to realize how frighteningly little I know about any of it. . .

. . . and to remind me of how in awe of nature I am!

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Older images from the summer - some of you have seen these before...
This was my first attempt at growing things behind glass.
Nothing super special, an aluminum plant along with locally-collected moss and a baby fern. . .
The jar is about 12" tall. . .

This little setup did really well for around 4 months or so with the lid on the jar cracked slightly.
I moved it one day to a spot that it didn't like as much (I guess?), then got busy and neglected it
. . .it got uggy when I wasn't paying attention. Bummer!
By that point it had grown so much that I was planning to take it apart, anyway!
All of the plants lived to thrive another day, and I'm definitely going to be using this neat jar again!

This pretty star mos was found in the same woods as the fern, and also where the rocks that live in my tanks is from. . .
This is my favorite of the many mosses that I've found there, and has proven fairly easy to keep alive.

Two other types of moss that I gathered this summer. . .they're already uploaded, might as well post 'em!

I <3 Mosssss ^__^

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Those are some lovely shots of your mossys, Jes! I wish I knew more about them so I could give an ID.
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Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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sooooo pretty. want to go out and look for moss now. why does there have to be 2 ft of snow in my front yard? waaaa
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bettas-goldfish-shrimp-snails-planted tanks
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heehee, the awesome thing about mosses is that you totally could shovel away the snow and bring some in, and it'd get right back to doing it's mossy thing! I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to nab some for your toady habitat come spring! ^__^

I wish you could help me ID them, too Izzy! I tried. . . there are so many very similar types that can be found locally - I had to give up! I just call 'em 'starry' 'piney' and 'dreadlock' >.<
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