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thats gorgeous :D keep up the great work :D
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Thank you everyone~ And I know the frogs must be happy :D The one male seems to have stuck around, because I can hear him (and some competition he just attracted) and I know some of the girls are there because there have been eggs and tadpoles galore!

The frogs are common Pacific Tree Frogs

They're all over the Northwest United States; high and low elevations, rain forests to deserts :3 I believe it's probably not technically legal to own them though ^_^; So they probably wont be found in pet stores. I would love it if they were though because they're such awesome little frogs. The only problem with them is that the froglets are too small for pinhead crickets, I had to order fruit flies X/

@ fish_4_all, The supplies:
* 10 gallon tank
* 4 regular sized picture frames (for the glass sides of the reservoir -I didn't want to bother going to the other side of town to get glass cut)
* Clear aquarium sealant
* A Mini-Pump from Drs. Foster and Smith
* Extra aquarium tubing for bubble wands and a tiny piece from my thicker aquarium siphon tube.
* Pet safe dirt
* The plants needed some experimenting, the only one that did really well was the broad leafed one in the back corner. I got it from Home Depot in the office plant area.
* Rock shards from the garden center and pebbles

I used the sealant to place the glass of the picture frames to make the reservoir in the center. (Some tape will help hold them in place until it dries.) You need 4 because you have to overlap two of them on each side to make them long enough to reach from front to back. Or you could get some glass cut to size. I made sure the exposed top edge was safe by gluing pebbles to it with sealant.

I glued the bottom part of the waterfall rocks to the glass walls with sealant, so the waterfall wouldn't move around, and left enough room behind it for the tubes that will carry the water from the pump up. I made the top part of the waterfall rocks a separate piece so I could access the waterfall tubes more easily.

I glued all the rocks of the top part of the waterfall together with sealant. They came off the bottom part but still fit together like a puzzle for stability.

I wanted the waterfall to have water come out in several places. I attached a thick flexible tube (a small piece from my aquarium siphon. This part could be detached from the pump since the tube fit over the pump nozzle) to the pump and then used sealant to attach 3 smaller tubes to that. They ran up behind the waterfall. The pump was small enough to go in the reservoir and suctioned onto the glass.

I added gravel then dirt on either side and then hot-glued a pebble wall to hold up a different level of dirt (like a terrace) I also placed part of a thick tube into the dirt so I could siphon out any excess water that might have collected on the sides.

If you have any questions, just ask! The hardest part of doing it was waiting for the sealant to dry. It took several days to make because I had to do it in parts. Also, the crickets falling in the water became a huge problem. I left a log in there so they could crawl out but they were too stupid to use it.
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that looks like a perfect tree frog tank like 1 whites treefrog or 3-4 red eyed green tree frogs.

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Very nice tank and pond. How fun is that that you put in a pond for those frogs. Makes the yard look great too.
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i am so glad you saved them and the setup looks impressive[/i]
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Thanks, yeah, I'm soooo happy I did. They really bring me a lot of joy. There are a ton of fat tadpoles turning into froglets right now, I constantly squeee with joy when I see them XD
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glad it has all worked out.
i would love a garden like yours. :)
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i like the puppy dog hehe. :P
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thats amazing!!!!
one of my life goals is to turn a room in my house into a rainforest and keep many various tree frogs.

but your epic frog pond is definately a better idea! since it doesnt involve rain in a house XD

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woah! thats really cool!!
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