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thank yooou! i'm pretty happy. that pennywort is so pretty. may need to trim before long!

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oooh glosso looks happy too! yay!
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It's taking off quite nicely!
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If you lay the rotalas down, they might do better :)
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So do you eventually add water to this? Looks like the plants are doing great.

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sorry! i meant to reply to this the other day, my phone just wasn't cooperating. i think some setups you can, but I'm not sure i'll add anything to this. someone said the substrate might be too messy. plus I might just use it to grow stems for my other tanks! :)

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gso my pennywort is doing the best still. HUGE leaves. it's beautiful. i'll be sure to get a picture soon!!! i'm not sure what to do with it

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Oh yay! Can't wait to see the new pictures. You should put the extra pennywort in your tanks!


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yes :3

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