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meee too!!!
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I'm going to be starting a tiny lil' setup of my own soon - you and Ao are too inspiring! Wish me luck!!!
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Yay! Can't wait to see!
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Haha, Bek! I'm just gonna kill anything I put in there - I'm fairly certain!!! *hugs*
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Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
Haha, Bek! I'm just gonna kill anything I put in there - I'm fairly certain!!! *hugs*
LoL Jes.... you grow plants better then most. Especially those darn crypts!
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Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys. I do okay with my crypts, java ferns, and Anubias - but I'm the girl that can't keep a stem plant alive, has the worst luck with floaters (aside from duckweed), and. . . MAN! I even managed to kill GUPPY GRASS! ^_^

Bek, your little setup is so inspiring! You're doing so well with it - gives me hope! I can't wait to try!
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Terrestrial plants aren't as difficult as you think, Jes. I have a small collection of orchids, succulents, and bog plants now. Plus. There are some adorable little sundews that would work well in a terrarium ;)
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OOoooh IZZY! NOT fair tempting me with terrarium plants and Sundews! You know perfectly well that I'm tempted enough without your help *giggle*

I love your little (getting BIG!) collection! I actually do pretty well with terrestrial plants, though I've never tried anything as fancy as your pretties! It's the switching over from wet to dry that has me nervous. I have officially begun, though - I guess I should stop hijacking Beck's thread and start my own on how things grow for me, lol. It's only been a few days, so nothing to report yet - and goodness knows I have to update my current journal threads before starting a new one! ^.^

Bek! Time for an update? It's been almost 2 weeks! What's going on over there? Also wondering how the plants you dumped back into the tank are doing now?

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well in the 29 gallon, my lovely cories dig everything up. and the pennywort is mostly floating, but it looks healthy still :) in my little planted betta tank with Roxas, it looks okay, but like it wants some fertilizer. It's been quite awhile since I've had fertilizer's on my list of things to buy

you know, after i buy those

the actual setup itself looks about the same. I put it outside for a few days, and things dry up a lot faster.
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my setup seems to have mostly died. i think trying it outside in the super hot sun made it dry up. I might water it a few more times, but that might be it for my project this summer.

thanks everyone who has followed!
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