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Leopard Gecko

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I have a breeding pair of leos, and first off, yours is very attractive. :) To be honest, I've only managed to successfully raise 1 young'n, because of lack of help from by brother, my supposed partner. -.-, and some bad luck. But this coming summer (third season) will be better. From my, and others experience too, the idea of needing more than one female to a male hasnt caused any problems. In all of the researching ive done, i havn't seen anyone saying anything about that. yes it's possible for a female to become egg-bound, but it's atleast not likely 1:1 will cause it. I aswell as my friend have never had any problems. Also, for feeding mine, my female has some slight eye problems regarding light, so i tong feed using chop-sticks XP. I feed them mealworms, which i raise. I dont crush the heads of mine, because i've read the thing about eating its way out is a myth. The stomach acids kill it.

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