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Izzy's Hungry Bog

This is a discussion on Izzy's Hungry Bog within the Other Aquatic Environments Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Originally Posted by thekoimaiden That makes a lot of sense, but everything I have outside has a mandatory hibernation period. While keeping them growing ...

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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
That makes a lot of sense, but everything I have outside has a mandatory hibernation period. While keeping them growing year-round is nice, they tend to die off rapidly after 2 years without it. Gotta let my babies sleep!
Take the pictures of the new arrivals (which always show up at night!) quick then so they can go back outside.
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heehee, it DOES look like a froggy face! O___O - ribbit!

I dunno how these carnivorous plants of yours can be so cute, but they really are! My 6 year old is sitting with me right now, and in full agreement with me on this. She's swooning for your flytraps - and I gotta admit, I'm not far behind her! THEN I showed her the sundews. I think she's in love. . . and just as in love with rocks-that-are-not-rocks as I am! heehee. . .

BWG DOES have a point, though - new arrivals do seem to show up in the dark more often than not at your place, which is. . . odd. I know you live in the middle of nowhere and that 'dark of night' won't keep the postman from his rounds and all that jazz, but it DOES seem just a *tiny* bit suspicious. . . your Koi pond hasn't been in the sun all summer, either. Whazzup with that!???

Bek says Asian veggies and I just think of tiny corn cobs. Your plants don't look anything like tiny corncobs. . . not to me, anyway - not in the slightest bit. Mebbe I'm missing something!?? I know I've been a bit scarce lately, but I was sure I'd seen all the updates!??

Seriously, great collection starting, I LOVE them - ALL of them! So excited for your pitchers, and each fun new arrival! Keep up the great work - grow those (possibly evil) little babies of yours! Can't wait for the day when they get a bog of their own!
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i was thinking like.....lettuce and cabbage in yummy sauce, IDK lol
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I'm not kidding when I say I might need to unload some dews on you guys! The beginner 'dews tend to be the ones that like to proliferate. After they get established some of you guys might get a surprise!

Jes and Cory there is a legit reason why plants always seem to arrive in the dark. My mail tends to come around 5p and sometimes as late as 6p. That is right in the middle of dinner, and the dogs get a walk afterwards. It's only after everything that I have time to pot them up. So they usually get potted up around twilight. While I don't live in the middle of nowhere (lol this is *technically* a city), I do live in a forest. There are trees on all sides of my house (it's magical in the fall). By about 5p the daylight is gone from my yard. Saves on electric bills, tho! So no sun means bad pictures lol.

You know... now that I know how to work my camera a little better I should try to photograph the pond again...

PS. I also hope to construct my terrarium light stand thing tomorrow!
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THREE CHEERS FOR TERRARIUM LIGHT STAND THING CONSTRUCTION!!! ^.^ Good luck with the build! Can't wait to see your top secret project revealed!

I was only teasing! I'm about the LAST person here who can say a word about lack of pictures (which... is... actually very odd for me!) I'm good with being patient - have barely had time to keep up with TFK this summer, anyway. . . only too happy to welcome autumn back to the world this year! I want to live in the middle of a forest in the middle of a city with a pond! *ish jealous*

You've had a very busy summer, too - and it has been awfully rainy. It would be lovely if you get a chance to take one last set of pond pics before 'tucking in' the babies for winter. . .

I seriously can't wait to see you get over-run with dews and pitchers! Not because I want to steal them - just because it's awesome! It's been so neat to see your progress over the summer, they all seem to be doing amazingly well under your care - and they're all such stunning and unique creatures! Can you pick a favorite?
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So as luck would have it, luck wasn't on my side today. ALMOST (argh so close) to finishing the light stand, and after running out two times to get things I forgot I just couldn't make another trip. It rained so no pond pictures. It was that slow, soaking rain, so it didn't even fill up my rain barrels. AND. Allergies hit me like a freight train. I now sound like Fran Drescher. I hope tomorrow will be better.
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Old 09-25-2013, 07:11 PM   #57
I'm trying to decide if singing while sounding like Fran Drescher would be more amusing than annoying. I'm leaning towards annoying.

How do you have the light up if the stand isn't built?
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Well I can still sing like Cher...

The light has been on top of a Kritter Keeper with about three plants inside. It isn't attractive at all and doesn't let me house as many as the stand does, but my little "terrarium" gets the job done.
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IT LIVES!! Well actually all of my hobbies do, but I completed my light stand. I need to head back to Walmart and get a third tub but for now this will do.

It took about 11 feet of 1/2 in PVC and no glue. That light is an 18 inch dual tube T5HO. I'm thinking about lowering the light another inch or so to get it closer to the plants.

This is that tiny little tokaiensis I brought inside months ago to recover. Oh how good it looks now!! I'm going to pot it up with its sibling (that I got from the same store lol) tomorrow. It's that time of year to bring the plants inside.
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Not much to report on the hungry bog either. Everyone is getting ready to shut down for the winter there. BUT I do have one funny picture of my 'dews. Looks like someone bit off more than they can chew.

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