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post #11 of 32 Old 12-14-2008, 10:06 PM
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look at your mcdonalds next time your in there. the ketchup cups are usually paper but i could swear ive seen little plastic ones before.
and im not sure if it was a dollar store or walmart but my gf got like 100 of them very cheap for jello shots. i dont even think we used them but i think thats what your looking for, good luck on the search.

and thats awesome btw, it reminds me of a wine fridge with a glass front.. is it a glass front? and im curious where you heat lamp is? all the way at the top?
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I can't wait to see your gecko
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Thanks guys.

Onefish, the viv right now is just open so I can view it better, but once the gecko is in it will have the screen door on.
Cresties also do not need a heat lamp. 65-75 degrees farenheit is ideal, which is room temperature. If it is above 85 for a long time it can lead to health problems. But yes, I do keep the daylight and the red bulb at the very top.

I did find a website that sells like 200 cups for $4, but then almost $10 with shipping. I'm just going to go that route soon.

And I feel that I need more plants.
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thats pretty cool, you learn something everyday.
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post #15 of 32 Old 12-15-2008, 11:23 AM
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What about a measuring cup?

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Originally Posted by Tyyrlym View Post
What about a measuring cup?
I would prefer it to be disposable, just for convience and such.
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give a hoot don't pollute why not just clean it every once in a little while.
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I will not be using a measuring cup because the food is a gel/watery like substance, and needs to be changed everyday.

New pics with new additions for Christmas Eve.




New stuff...
Leaf Rest Thing. Orgianlly was going to use it for a water dish, but decided to just stick it in the tank.

New plants purchased from Hobby Lobby:

Red Bulb FTS:

Blue Bulb/Daylight Incandescent FTS:
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that looks really good and i have a quick question will he not climb out of the front not that he would want to leave his pimpin house.
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post #20 of 32 Old 12-24-2008, 10:39 PM Thread Starter
Oh, I have a locking, sliding screen door for the front. I am just keeping it off for now so I can view it better, change stuff around now if I feel something is wrong, and to take better pics. It will be on all the time once the Gecko comes.
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