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it looks like heaven~ the plants are in the clouds!
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Glad you guys like. I think it looks pretty cool and it does the job. Not sure if a mister would have been better or not, but I went this route. More on the misting in a bit.

So I cranked the controller up to 90% and left it run for a while to see how high I could get things. That was 88%. Want a picture of what that looks like?

Bet you weren't expecting that! That was after I turned the controller back down to 85%. The fog dissipates quickly once the machine turns off. The humidity stays up though. Half an hour later and I'm still sitting at 88%. Now if I left it at 90% or higher it seems like the fogger would run nonstop and I wouldn't be able to see the plants.

Back to the misting. I think I've come up with a plan for that. I had thought about getting a mistking system, but really don't know if it's necessary to spend all that money for one. I'm going to let that go and instead mist by hand. I'm thinking once a day or once every other day. I'm planning to use water from my modified EI dosed tank so the plants will finally start to get ferts. Wonder how much algae I'll get in the water? Not that it matters really.

One other thing I'm going to turn the temperature down. Right now it's usually around 80-81 F. Lots of people seem to keep it lower, so as low as 70 F. I'll try it out and see if that has any impact on growth.
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The mister looks like fun! Kinda like those fog machines! Except there are no creepy monsters in the mist. Just plants.

If you do get algae in the water, I wonder if duckweed would help keep it down.
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I had actually thought about floaters. I've seen at least one setup like mine that the guy had Amazon frogbit in for that reason. I do have duckweed, frogbit, and DWL but they all have issues. Like the frogbit and DWL liking to drop roots and duckweed being duckweed. I can try them if algae does pop up. I don't think the algae will cause issues other than just being unsightly.

Also...I make a lot of this stuff up as I go along.
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Random notes and a few pictures because everyone has to be tired of seeing the same plants. I plan to add some more Buces though before the weather gets cold.

Issue with the fogger. Seems condensation would build up in the tube/barbed fitting and the fog would then come out the bottom of the machine. I seem to have fixed that by raising it up and turning the humidifier down instead of all the way on high. Seems to have fixed it.

Lowering the temp isn't as simple as lowering the heater. The light adds more heat than I had expected. I never would have expected this! (inside joke for a lurker) Not really a problem if it's in the low 80s, but I imagine it will be in summer. I'm thinking maybe having a fan blowing across the light.

The cost of quick shipping from Poland alone would be 29% of the total plant cost including shipping of my entire emersed collection.

Gunung Sumpit laughs at small pots.

Bad picture but Semuntai 2 has started a new leaf and new roots.

Agent13 still hasn't stole the Kir Royale, which is good because it has a new sideshoot.

All the credit to everyone who wished me plantlets because the Sanggau has a sideshoot too. That makes 7 of 10 Buces in my collection that have at least one.
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shows that your on the right track then,if you have side shooties

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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those roots are sooo cute! every time I visit your thread I have to prepare my self NOT to impulsively buy buces because seeing your pictures give me the buce itch! soo jelly :3
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(SCRATCH THE ITCH, KITTY! DOOOO IT!!! ^.^ It'll feel sooo GOOD!!!)

Nope! Not getting tired of seeing pics of the same plants. . . and so I shall demand more!
*stamps foot, demands pics*

I'm so excited for all the woobies and new growth in there! *dances* And, for once? I totally was expecting this! ^.~ Super happy that all is going so perfectly!

Not that it's the same thing at all, but I had duckweed floating around in my emersed setups on the off-chance it would be beneficial in uptake of excess nutrients from the mud, and keeping the water from going stagnant between changes. Dunno if it was, but I'm sure it didn't hurt, and it isn't as if you don't have frogbit to spare. +10 to more plants, always! ^.^

Do you still have any moss hanging out under the trays?

How are the Javas doing?
*demands more pics*

I agree with Izzy - foggers are spoOky! (well, right up until you turn 'em off) I think you should decorate for Halloween! Mebbe some window clings? A zombie or three to lurk behind pots and surprise you when you forget that you put them there? At the very least a lil' plastic spider? C'monnnnnnn. It'll be SO. MUCH. FUN!! OOH! And like Bek said - plants like music! Not sure how scary your singing voice is, maybe they'd like some creepy ambient background sound effects, instead? That could totally be fun. Or if not, you could always go for the Rocky Horror sound track, or classics like the Monster Mash? *wonders what blacklights or strobes would do for growth* This. . . is not gonna fly, is it? *sulks*

Can't wait for new arrivals, Autumn is officially here, and cold weather is creeping in quick! I imagine there must be something in the works over there, neh??! Always seems to be something going on in BWG's lab of mystery and (spooky) Bucey wonder. . .
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I sense weakness, both Kitty and Izzy are teetering on the Buce keeping ledge and it's time to push them off so they can take the plunge.

Got a few new plants today. When the seller offers free shipping that apparently didn't cover priority and a DOA guarantee. That cost $6 extra. Bleh! Not that I would have cared if I knew that from the start, but that's not free shipping!

Three new plants. One cost as much as the other two combined. When you think you've guessed right please be sure to ooh and aah in appreciation. Chesh is not allowed to guess, since she knows the answer and that would be cheating. She helps me pick plants out, btw. Typical conversation goes like this:

BWG: "Which of these plants should I get?"
Chesh: "All of them! They're so pretty!"

True story! She is supposed to help me keep my collecting in check, but she's on the Buce ledge too. Anyway onto the pictures. These are all submerged plants. Let's see how they do.

Bucephalandra 'kedagang'. Look it already has several sideshoots.

Bucephalandra 'kuayan' case you somehow didn't know that from the picture.

Bucephalandra 'miranda'. This bad boy (girl?) was hard to get to stay mostly upright. That usually the case with the taller ones and this dwarves any of the others. I might end up turning it, but who knows. I'm just happy it is currently upright.
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Wooo!! New plants! It sounds like Jes is more of an enabler than mediator for your collection! lol!

You... might be getting to me. But you know who also has (or will have) a low-light tank perfect for ariods? Bekah. ;) If I go down, I'm taking everyone with me.

Let me guess... the kuayan was the most expensive. Buces tend to be strange, so I'm thinking the smallest is the most expensive. Or something backwards like that.
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writings on fish and fishkeeping

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