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i had anoles as my first reptile seeing these brings it all back
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I've kept anoles for over 10 years. They actually should be relatively docile if you handle them correctly. I've even been able to extend my hand to some in the wild before and have them crawl on (but generally they're skittish in the wild).

Getting them to breed can be a pain. One of my females once insisted on laying her eggs in the water dish every time. I wasn't really aiming to breed them though so oh well.

One tip that I find very important to anyone with anoles is to spray the cage every day. Anoles generally will not drink from a water dish so having one is useless. I usually sprayed once at night at once in the morning and always kept an eye on them to make sure they weren't getting dehydrated :*
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here are some more pics the smaller female is a different color green. any ideas why? the color she is now is as green as she gets
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fish flies 061.jpg
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