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The Witcher

I just got this game and lemme tell ya - it's really growing on me. They just released an "Enhanced Edition" that apparently fixes a lot of the bugs and complaints people had about the original release of the game and also includes a few new missions.

It's a fantasy-themed RPG where you play as Geralt, a Witcher. Witchers are basically mutant humans with enhanced fighting abilities and some magical abilities and work as monster hunters for hire. However, the game tackles a lot of modern day issues. Humans hate you because you're a mutant, and non-humans (dwarves and elves) hate you because you're part human. It deals with a lot of questions about racism and even terrorism under the guise of a fantasy game. The game looks great and has a cool real-time combat system where you have to time your attacks to build combos and use different fighting styles to fight different types of enemies. Definitely my favorite RPG since Oblivion.

One last thing: this game proudly wears its M-rating, as it has a lot of violence but also a lot of harsh language, sexuality and nudity, so it's definitely not a game for kids.

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