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Whos got tattoos?

This is a discussion on Whos got tattoos? within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Like someone had stated earlier in the thread, find a good tattoo shop and preferably one where the staff are artists so if there ...

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Like someone had stated earlier in the thread, find a good tattoo shop and preferably one where the staff are artists so if there is something particular that you have in mind they can sketch it up for you the way you want it. I've seen some places where if it wasn't on their flash boards they couldn't help you.

From my experiences the most painful for me was on my back between my shoulders on the spine.
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I have one on the inside of my left calf. I had never wanted a tattoo since it is permanent and I figured that I'd change my mind on what I wanted a week later. I went to a shop with my sister who wanted one for her 40th birthday. I wandered around for about an hour while my sister looked at the books trying to figure out what she was looking for. Me, I was quite uninterested, but watched others getting tattooed. Yes, definitely check references and visit the place beforehand.

Suddenly I saw a small one on the shop's flash wall and immediately knew that I wanted it. I left the shop, as did my sister (she couldn't decide on what she wanted to have done), and talked to myself about how silly and impulsive I was being. I slept on it. The next day, I looked at it again and yep it was what I wanted. I got my tattoo before my sister did...and the only reason that I walked into the shop was because of her.

To me, the pain was more like a cat scratch, but of course over a slightly larger area. I had a mental image that once the outline was done, my skin would peel off. I had to take a breath and get rid of that image. Once I relaxed, it wasn't bad.

My tattoo is a little gnome lying back with his arms under his head, relaxing on a maple leaf. I put him where I can see him. I need him to remind me to relax when I'm feeling too pressured.

Also, expect that you may have to go several times - one reason would be time and depends on the size and complexity of the tat; two, once swelling is gone and the tat has healed, there may be some details that were missed the first time...my gnome, once it was healed, had fangs because, although originally it looked like his mouth was totally coloured in, the centre was not coloured.

I have had my tat for three years and am still happy with it. Unlike others, I'm pretty sure that one is enough for me...but, who knows, maybe for my 80th?
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Sorry for bringing up an old thread, figured it was time it was brought back up. Here's mine -

This one is a bunch of flying crows composed into one big crow. This was worn on the backs of film crew jackets of the movie, The Crow: City of Angels and I fell in love with it. I've always loved The Crow, both the graphic novels and the movies, and I always will. I got this in 2002, and I don't regret it one bit. It also holds a special place because my deceased sister was with me when I got it.

This is on my right shoulder blade -

This one is ASL - American Sign Language, fingerspelled out. Some here may not know, but I'm Deaf. Before ASL came along, the oral method was king. Deaf people's hands were tied, handcuffed, or somehow restrained behind their backs in order to force them to learn how to speak. Often the hands were placed on the table and beaten with something, a ruler or a switch, if they tried to sign. That's why the handcuffs are in the tattoo.

This tattoo represents the freedom of Deaf people brought by ASL. The concept is that ASL set the hands on fire, which is letting it melt the handcuff restraints brought on by the oral method in the past.

This is on my right upper arm -

I want more, but this fish hobby, my car hobby, and being unemployed keeps getting in the way. :(
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beautiful ink there,and even more special for what they mean.
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I agree Zee that is awesome! And like Willow says it has a great meaning.
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Thank you guys! I really want more, but this fish hobby keeps getting in the way!
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yep,it robs your wallet that's for sure.
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Thumbs up

Glad this thread got brought back up... I got a new tat last month and want to share... It's a blue-eyed giraffe. For me, I love giraffes, and it's a recent love. I had an amazing experience with my best friend at the zoo over a year ago hand feeding the giraffes. I know a lot of people can experience the same thing, but the connection and joy I felt was overwhelming. Ever since then I researched giraffes, and have added giraffe decor to my safari themed living room. Getting a giraffe tattoo was my goal. I did the blue eyes to represent me. I have named her Thelma. She is amazing. My tattoo artist who did it has now done 3 of my current 4 tats... and next week I go in for another tat. Hoping by the end of the year to have a half sleeve done and a giant calf tat.
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Ooo I like the blue eyed giraffe!
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i love it,and i also like giraffes
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