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Whos got tattoos?

This is a discussion on Whos got tattoos? within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Wow that's too funny!!! Supposedly there is an Amanda in NC with my same last name and age too!!! lol Weird. If you are ...

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Wow that's too funny!!! Supposedly there is an Amanda in NC with my same last name and age too!!! lol Weird. If you are in your late 20's and your last name starts with a "C", you might be my internet twin!! LOL
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I grew up in FL... Born and raised in Orlando and Crystal River, FL. Moved to Dallas TX when I was 17.
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Nope mine starts with an M and I am 34. I was born here in Asheville we moved to Texas when I was 7 lived there a little over two years which served to increase my obsession with horses because thats where I got my first horse, then we moved back here to be with the rest of the family.
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Cool. Horses are awesome!!!
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Yes they are I don't have any right now but one day I hope to again even if I can't ride anymore due to my back injury.
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I have three main ones.

The first is a cross I saw when I was 13, in a book about the crusades in Malta. (Think a cross with the bat symbol) Five years later I drew it out with some tribal for my first tat at 18. A year later I met my husband in Malta. I've since gone back in for added color and shading. That is about the size of a man's size ten boot print (funny story) and in the dead center of my back.

Then I have my husband's name on my upper spine just above the collar. Done on our fifth anniversary. Don't worry. He knows that if things go south, I'll have to get a "Texas Divorce" so I can put doves and RIP below it. lol, we're still going strong at 11 years. Besides, I figure kids and a mortgage are way more permanent than a tattoo.

Finally, I have two stars on the inside of my right wrist with my sons' first initial in each. Together they're about the size of the bottom of a soda can. They could be concealed with a clunky watch. I chose there to remind myself that they really are the stars that lead me.

The back tats have held up the best and in spite of being on the spine went numb very quickly. My wrist burned like a dickens and gave me fits cause of the tendons or whatever right there. I've had to have two touch-ups on it as well. IMO the colors also burn more. For me red burned more than the others.

Tips for picking a shop would be to ask friends where they got their ink. Ask strangers with good ink. They love sharing... mostly. Check places out. Use their bathroom. You want sterile, checked every hour, kinda clean in that bathroom. That'll be a good indicator of just how retentive they are about cleanliness, safety, and standards. Look at the artists portfolios. See how long they've been licensed. Look at their own body art. If they have crappy ink or something stylistically offensive, chances are they might not have the same vision as you when you explain what you want. Watch them work. Eaves drop. If they show up at work at 4 pm and are having their first meal of the day and are already making plans for after work... might indicate they are not 100%. Not to say these folks have to clean like surgeons and live like ascetic monks, but some level of pride in their workplace, and care for themselves is indicated. Also, ask the artists there which of them would be best suited to your style. Then work to their schedule. Never settle for the guy that doesn't have anyone sitting right that moment.

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Thanks guys for all the advise.
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I have quite a few tattoos. I have monarch butterflies in various stages of development (from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly) on a milkweed which takes up my outer bicep, top of my shoulder, back of my shoulder, and in my armpit. I have a large gerbera daisy with song lyrics around it in the middle of my upper back. I have a dolphin, seahorse, and waves on the inside of my left arm and into my armpit. I have a pawprint with an eye inside on my lower right back. I have a hunny pot (yes... hunny... from Winnie the Pooh) on my right butt cheek. And finally, I have Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes on my right calf. I am much too lazy to post pictures of them all though.

The most painful spot for me was an inch over from my spine on either side. To date, that is the only tattoo that I have had to break up into two sittings due to the pain rather than the size.

My advice to you is to make sure you go to an artist that you know and trust. If you have friends that get tattooed, ask if you can visit/watch for awhile and get a feel for the artist's personality and the way s/he works. Find out how long they have been tattooing. I know everyone has to start somewhere, and just because someone has only been tattooing for a short while doesn't mean they're a bad artist... but wouldn't it be nicer to go to someone who's been doing it for years rather than months? Let others be the guinea pigs.

Make sure the tools are properly sterilized, and that the needles are new. A reputable shop will have certificates posted showing that their sterilization equipment is tested regularly. The artist must wear gloves while working, and will change their gloves if they touch things that are not sterile. My artist wraps everything in plastic while he works, including his telephone. He also keeps all needles in their package and only opens them once he is ready to start tattooing. The artist you choose should do the same.

Look through the artist's portfolio while you are there, paying special attention to see if there are pictures of healed tattoos rather than fresh, still red tattoos. This will help you accomplish two things. 1) You will be able to see the true quality of the tattoo and get an appreciation of how the colours actually look, as they are distorted by the redness/swelling of the skin when they're fresh. 2) You will know that people who go to the artist are happy enough with the artist's work that they went back to see them again.

Finally, don't choose where you put the tattoo based on the pain factor. The pain is temporary, and the tattoo is forever.
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Ok I stopped being lazy... I am posting two photos of my flower tattoo, so you can see how big of a difference it makes to see a healed tattoo vs. a fresh one. I couldn't find pictures of my other tattoos. The one of the butterflies/milkweed was not finished yet in the picture I posted... the butterflies are now all coloured in.

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Thanks Iamgrey I really like the one with the butterfly and the milkweed plant they are both very unique.
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