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Hi' My kid brother was going to move around the same are to work in some mines.He as been there for a week looking at the pictures which he had taken it looks like a very nice area.Mark
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I'm in a city called tuscaloosa, in central alabama.

It's technically a city, population of around 10-20,000 people, but not really built up like a big city...

I live in a smallish apartment, so... I'm jealous.
I do have a nice backporch though, with a huge hill behind my house.
It's nice to see all the trees, and there's a good amount of wildlife (squirrells, chipmunks, o'possums, birds, snakes, rabbits, foxes...)
Don't see the wildlife as much anymore... my mom swears a badger came in the house one day though... Scared her half to death- it was in the bathroom by the cat's litter box... I think it was trying to wait for the cat to come back to eat it...
She got our neighbors to get rid of it (they're from mexico).
These 3 men went into the bathroom, saw it, and ran out ye;;ing "El Diablo! El Diablo!"

I wish I lived in a big city OR the country... but it's like I got the short end of the stick.. All the drawbacks and none of the strengths. Ah well, it's a "college town"... The only thing everyone cares about is (college) football.. but I admit I get into it too. Roll tide!

(I apologize profusely for the rant. I may come back and edit this later..)

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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bangkok, thailand
toronto was home for most my life, then vancouver but bangkok has been home for the last 10 years
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Kitchener Ontaria Canada here!!

Born in raised an hour east of Kitchener in TORONTO! :) Lived in Georgia and Tennessee for 6 yrs....

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30mi North of San Francisco, in California :)

2 Gallon - Beta Bite - (3/6/10) VT Male.
Tetra 2-15g heater, UGF + Penn Plex SWF, 3 Silk plants, 1 rubber plant, 1 bio-ball.
1 Gallon - Ghost Shrimp x 3 - (3/20/10)
UGF + Penn Plex SWF, 3 Plastic plants.

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Nice write where you all live.Keep them coming.Mark
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. :)
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Grosse Pointe Michigan here, (Detroit area)

Spiderfish-wild VT
Sky- blue SDT
St. Elmo's Fire- unknown colored CT
Sully-Light blue SDT
Henry- Orange rosetail HM
Houdini-mg CT
Cyrus-marble HF
The girls: 1 combtail, 1 halfmoon, and 5 crowntails!
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Hello everyone, yes even you Welshboy. I'm from The Big Apple New York City. I reside in the burough of The Bronx. Love the city as you can get to mass transit at a walking distance of approximately 5 minutes and hop on board and take you to wherever your heart desires. There is a big population here in the city very diversified group of people. On one note I'd like to make is that we all come from far and all over the world to meet here on TFK to bring ourselves to read and to learn from everyone's experiences in our hobby. Introduce our selves as we all have one very similair aspect in the fishkeeping trade and that is to keep our finned friends healthy and happy in there new homes. There it is where we all came from and something tells me that this will be one of those long threads that some of us will be looking into for a long time. LOL's again thank you A.K.A Mark for bringing up this topic.
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I,m a city girl,living in Preston,UK,I paved over my garden because all those plant leaves got on my nerves, still,don't hold that against me, i love my fish!!!
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