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Originally Posted by TetraAquaria View Post
I'd want a 200Gallon in the wall fish tank with Discus, SilverTip Tetras, gourami, Tiger Barbs, a Red Tailed Black Shark, a pleco, and a few Chiclids.

I know that those are all pretty agressive fish, but hey, they could get along quite well!

I also want an indoor Koi pond!

I kinda want to get a giant tank (50-80 gallons, long) to divide up between quite a few male and female bettas!

I love fish... :/
Hehe. No worries. I think we all love fish.

The indoor koi pond is something I'd never thought about. You could make the floor of a room glass and have the tank under that! I actually think I saw a place like that before. A restaurant or something.


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At this point when my Beardie passes away in a few years I want to set his 40g breeder as a low tech NPT with an Amazonian/Asian theme, with Red Wag Platy, Cardinal Tetras, Albino Cories, an Albino Bristlenose Pleco, and MAYBE Kuhlii Loaches/ MTSs and a Yellow Veiltail Betta.

That and a 55g simply setup low tech NPT Discus Tank (Orange and Blue Discus with the spots and striations, am not too familiar w/ colors yet) and Cardinal Tetras and Bristle nose and maybe a couple other fish.

Kinda simple compared to all these elaborate (albeit awesome looking) tanks, but its good enough for me, lol.


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