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Have you ever chased that last fish around your tank? You resort to talking to it and begging it into your net. "herefishy"
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Death solves all problems: no man, no problem - joseph stalin
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Mine's back from the days of university, and experimenting with alternative inebriants. this led to a long and convoluted conversation about how you got new slinkies (the spring like toy that goes down stairs, an old favorite of children and physics teachers.) We came to the conclusion that to breed they would have to fully intertwine, and then sucessfully un-twine. This would be tricky as they would often become entangled. We surmised by this that by the time we all had kids of our own a process of natural evolution woud remove all the easy tanglers from the population and leave only those who could perform the difficult manouvre unscathed. Thus soon the world would be full of un-tangleable slinkys! Next day i was trying for ages to get an email adress that hadn't been taken and the term came to mind, cos i thought that no-one else would ever use it. I've been using it ever since!
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Originally Posted by Teckenking
I named mine they way i did cause i'm one of the best tecken (pardon the spelling of it) player in my family.
umm, TEKKEN.

and BRING IT ON... hehehehehe
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and mine ive used for a while now but basically i stole it from marilyn mansons latest album

(s)aint but i forgot to put the brackets on, so now i sound like a churchy... (not that thiers nothing wrong with that, just dont force your religion onto me :D)
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bit of a hopless romantic
mine came about on another forum where it is part of my ex-fiances user name backwards (she was sunflower which backwards is reWOLFnus)
so I became the wolf.
now we have gone our seperate ways I find myself useing the-wolf on most forums. however lately I have used Big-Bad, as in Big-Bad wolf

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