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Mr. Wigglesworth recently died and I got a new fish... my sister said I should name it Birdie (I have no idea why), but I liked Lucy, so she's Birdie Lou
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All of my fish have names except the loaches because I can't tell them apart (I just call them all squee). Let's just say my boyfriend, sister, and mother said I will never be allowed to name my children. Fish names are:
Koi: Byakko (shiro utsuri), Suzaku (kohaku), Genbu (shiro matsuba), Umi (showa), Halloween (aka bekko), Kurama (tancho sanke)
Goldfish: Goldeen (red and white ryukin), Seaking (calico veiltail)
Bettas: Poofer (veiltail) and Knucker (half moon)


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Only a few of my fish have names:

Spook - Leopard Ctenopoma
Punk - Vieja Synspillum
Reno - Blue/Red Crowntail Male Betta
Pepper - Rede/White Double Male Tail Betta

Previously owned fish:
Hershey - Chocolate Pleco (RIP)
Dozer - Green Texas (RIP)
Goober - Green Terror (rehomed)

150 Gallon - Mostly American Cichlids
135 Gallon - Angelfish Community
75 Gallon - Odd couple (Polleni/Angelfish)
55 Gallon - African tank
20 Gallon Long - QT
10 Gallon - Empty
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I named my Dwarf Neon Grouami Ryu, and the pleco is Miss Pleco. None of the other fish have names except the Bettas. With so many of the same type, I really can't tell most of them apart.

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Lets see....my Platy's name is Pumpkin because she was very pregnant when I bought her, my Danios are all named Steve(:P), my Pleco is named Tingle because of his oddness, and my betta....is a betta XD
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I got a new guy yesterday an adult Geophagus Surinamensis he is stunning and I've named him Lord Percy. I figured as he's my best fish to date he needed to become The Lord Of The Tank, lol
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LOL I like this :)
I have a honey gourami called pepper.... (pepper-gourami, peperami)
then 2 more i got recently, needed to stick to the theme so they are called vinegar and salt!
1 Betta called shikari
also my pleco called georgina, (i originally had 2, one called george and one called georgina!)

Fish: Betta (Shikari)
1x yo-yo loach (Bill)
2x plattys
5x guppy cross endler hybrids
1x endlers livebearer
several tetras
3 honey gourami
2x glass catfish
Georgina the pleco.

Others: 2x African clawed frogs (Fry & Lila)
2x crazy cats (Merlin and Lucy-furr)
1x male 5 foot corn snake (Sid)
1x male 8 inch baby hognose snake (Truffles)
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Barbie and Ken (White Skirts) have been re-homed due to tank conflicts. Please welcome Aqua and Sylvester, my new guppies...... Aqua is already pregnant .......
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I name my oscars after stars or astro-related people/things (due to their scientific name). My first oscar was named Buzz (after Buzz Aldrin the astronaut), My present oscar is Betelgeuse (pronounced "Beetlejuice") after the red giant star in the belt of Orion.

I don't think 'He' cares whether I call him that or Joe Blow though.

The measure of a person is what they do with what they've been given.
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My only fish so far is a Goldfish my daughter won at the fair....He's mostly white with an orange dot on his head...

She wanted to name him Whitey, but i thought that was a bit politically incorrect, so we decided on Cracka...

Of course, since he IS a fair won goldfish, his nickname is Goner
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