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Wink Weight Loss Support Thread

Well, I think the subject says it. I personally need to lose some weight and I thought it might be nice to have a thread to offer/receive support to others who are attempting the same thing. It would be nice to share any tips/ideas/recipes that others may have here. I am not sure if there is already a thread for this, but if there is it hasn't been active in a while so I thought I'd start another one.

I'll put my info out there first, and anyone else who would like to follow suit is more than welcome! I personally could use all the support possible.

Age/Height/Weight: 26/5'2"/165ish

History: Was 120 +/- until I started dating my now husband. Never had any issues with weight, never had problems eating what I wanted. Then I started cooking a lot, going out to eat, and watching TV...

Challenges: I LOVE to cook, and HATE to cook healthy stuff. I REALLLLLLLY hate to exercise. I find it soooo boring, unless I can be "tricked" into it (i.e. I love kayaking to be out in nature, etc. but am on at a lake once or twice a year). Can't stand going to gyms. I have asthma induced by illness, temps, and exercise so that also doesn't help :(

Weight-loss Goals: I feel HORRIBLE about myself right now. My physical appearance really effects other parts of my emotional life as well and I am tired of it. I want to lose 40 lbs to get back to where I was in college (ideally I'd like to lose 50 but my hubby says that I would be too skinny for his liking :-p )

Goals for joining this thread:
To get/offer support for people who are in a similar position. Get ideas for how to get more active without having to go to a gym. Get/share recipes. Help to get over that "hump" of being frustrated that I have to eat less, but eventually being on that "high" of losing weight.
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kuklachica, congrats, as you've made the first step toward reaching your goal! My poor two sisters inherited my mom's genes. They were both 178 (mom too!) and really should only be 140, tops. After trying every diet known to man (Oprah's Slim Fast diet, The Ocean Beach Diet, The Don't Eat Diet, you name it they tried it) they each joined Weight Watcher's and success was theirs. Have you considered Weight Watchers? It really is a good program.

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I did WW a few years ago when it was offered at the place I worked at. It worked really well!!! I just hate having to pay for it, you know? I've used the point system since then when my husband and I both needed to lose weight, and that worked well. I'll have to look into how much it costs and where the meetings are again. It was so convenient when it was at my place of work and many people there were participating in it!
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Both my sisters and mom reached their goal weight so they are lifetime members for free. As long as you pay your intital fees, reach your weight goal, maintain it and weigh in once a month you don't pay. Or at least I think that's the way it works. I'm pulling for you!!

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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I need to lose weight and I could use the support.
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Ugh, I've been trying to lose weight but my back and now ankle issues are killing me! I have a treadmill and an elliptical machine that kicks my butt!lol I've found that walking my dog with my friend helps motivate me. My mom is always saying I have to lose weight yet she will NEVER go on walks with me and I hate walking by myself. If you have a friend or family member that wouldn't ditch you, I'd schedule days and times a week so you get into a regiment.

I lost 40 pounds one time by myself; just eating the right things and exercising. I was also at the barn riding horses every day.lol :P Just find something that will modivate you to work out and stick with it.

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c'mon ladies we can do it !! and any gents that would like to join in too.
i'm following a low carb diet,and so far i have got rid of two stone yay me.
i really like veg now,but if i struggle a little i pop on a little low fat cheese.
have you tried making a veg soup,it's really filling,and tastes great.
i don't like how i look,but at the same time i am lazy,i went through a stage of
not leving the house because i thought people were looking at me,wrong to think
like that as i'm not particually big,i have a cross trainer sitting in my bedroom,and
i should put the music channel on the Tv and get down to some hard work,
i was reading a book my mum got for me,it'a about eating the right food for your blood type,
quite interesting,it said i should be eating what i am,but the exercise should be more.
i've done WW,cambridge,slim fast,Atkins,lighter life.
they worked very well,it was me that didn't,i thought i could go back to the old ways of
eating,and it proved i can not,so i have gone back to low carbing,and i feel better.
chicken with garlic butter and cheese on top with spinich is yum with a side salad. !!

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sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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See, stuff like that I can't eat.lol IMO as long as you're exercising regularly, cutting out the horrible foods (mainly fast foods) than your metabolism will kick in and it'll make it easier for you to lose weight quicker and keep it off. People think that starving yourself is the answer... That doesn't speed your metabolism up at all so when you loose the weight and start eating bad foods again, there goes all the weight you just lost!lol

I personally wouldn't do weight watchers or anything like that. I've heard bad things from them; but it's totally up to you. You don't have to completely cut out cookies, pies etc, just limit yourself and NEVER take the whole ice cream container with you.haha Before you know it, half of it is gone and you don't even realize it. My mom made me to go a Nutritionalist and she gave me a lot of good tips so you could also do that. She said, never eat in front of the TV or when you're distracted which I do.lol Than you'll just want to keep eating because you won't seem as full since you were distracted.

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I did the South Beach diet a few years back and lost 20 lbs. I can't start anything until I get home from my brothers house. lol
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I hear ya!
I need to lose about 30lb ... I put on a heap of weight after moving to the US and then having my baby 2 years ago....its been hard to get off....

I'm trying to be a better Catholic but its not working!

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