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Originally Posted by Mikaila31 View Post
As a bio student I've concluded pretty much everything is out to get me. So I'll touch pretty much anything and hope for the best. When that fails I have antibiotics lol. Chemicals though I do respect. You want me to move some 3+ Molar HCl or carcinogen, then I'll find me some vinyl gloves. Knowing me if I had a 3 inch cut I would put a big band-aid on it, then some duck tape, then do a water change.
Tsk, tsk, you know you need to use nitrile gloves and goggles for chemicals! What would your lab instructors say?

Can you say "antibiotic resistant bacteria?"
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Jackie, Don't worry to much the cut is healing it is just taking some time to do so. I got it when I was pruning fruit trees with my parents at our house.

Well I did the water changes but I only used my left hand. I think it was the hardest thing I have done in a while.

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Originally Posted by DKRST View Post
Tsk, tsk, you know you need to use nitrile gloves and goggles for chemicals! What would your lab instructors say?

Can you say "antibiotic resistant bacteria?"
Shows I haven't done a chem lab in 6 months I guess lol. Been in bio labs, pretty sure we use vinyl. At work they don't care lol vinyl gloves + super concentrated lime away "caution dissolves stainless steel".

Yes! "resistant bacteria". But to what I might ask? I'm not blind to what the doctors do. If one antibiotic doesn't work try another. Like the oral surgeon after I got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled back in January. Its still not healed yet. One got infected from food ofc. They thought they fixed it and it was good for month. Then same problem, except this time it was already healed completely. They don't want to surgically fix it. Every time I go back its the same thing lol. Doctor says,"it might be scar tissue, here's some penicillin if its not". "O, the penicillin didn't work. Here's some Amoxicillin try that." I can tell you neither worked I will probably go back in a couple weeks again. Until recently I was in the Bio-Med tract, but you don't even need that to tell what he is trying to do. As you point out though, I wasn't too surprised that the penicillin didn't work. We've only been killing stuff with it for for half a century.

Now I must go completely of topic and share something I just learned. "A moldy cantaloupe in a Peoria, Illinois, market in 1943 was found to contain the best and highest-quality penicillin after a worldwide search. The discovery of the cantaloupe, and the results of fermentation research on corn steep liquor allowed the United States to produce 2.3 million doses in time for the invasion of Normandy in the spring of 1944.". I have like tons of questions now.....

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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