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Thanks SinCriss!
I am for sure going to get some of those for the future. If it was a minor cut it wouldn't be a big deal to me, but this is almost 3 inches long cut. Probably should of gotten stitches.

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those gloves were originally designed to keep people from getting stung by salt water inhabitants so they're a little thick so detailed jobs like planting will require forceps or bare hands. But for quick work like pruning a dead leaf off a plant or gravel vacuuming, they're wonderful. I dont have to wash my hands anymore when doing those basic tasks cuz the gloves keep the crap on my hands on my hands and the water out of my injuries. After working on my tanks, i hang them over a bucket and they drip dry on their own.

3 inches is a big cut, but if its not deep stitches would have been more pain for little gain. If it was deep, then why dont you have stitches?! Your plants will do ok in a tray near a window if you are want to skip water change.
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Yeah I know it is pretty big. I am using those butterfly stitches, I think that is what they are called, just small bandaid like material that holds the cut closed.

They did look thick on the website but I read what they were used for and I figured they would be. It would be nice to have them. Since I seem to always walk away from the tank to do something in the middle of cleaning and drip water every where. At least with those I can take them off by the tank and put them in the bucket until I come back to finish the tank cleaning.

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I'd recommend not putting the cut in the water just to decrease any risk of infection.
If you have a Petco nearby (don't know if Petsmart or LFS would stock), they sell an aquatic gardening device that has forceps and an interchangable "pruning" tool. It's not listed on their website, but they stock it locally. You just squeeze the "dry end" to grab stuff. I have one and it works fairly well for stem plants, Vals, and small swords. It was a little overpriced ($14 or so?), but I can replant and trim my stem plants without getting my hands wet in my 55 gallon. For the water change, just skip the gravel vacuum this week, but do the water change. That way you can keep your hands dry!
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I was just at petco and petsmart and kee's pet place last night and I did not even think of looking for anything.

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Are you handy with your left hand? I would probably just switch hands if it was just to gravel vac. Putting the plants in may be a bit tricky though. lol

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I am not to well with doing anything with my left hand except typing since I use both hands lol.

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The minute that cut gets aggrevated or hot and red you get to a doctor or clinic !! Even without the gloves and the tank and the water etc...!! Ok promise ???????!!!!!!!
(Sorry I'm a mom and can't help it!) And stay out of the water!! LOL

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Jakie is giving you good advice. I am being treated for a possible fish related infection. This is from doing water changes with a small cut on my thumb. Always better to be safe that sorry.

I ordered some of the arm length gloves. I do not have them yet, but will use them during my future water changes. (or at least, when I have any open sores)
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As a bio student I've concluded pretty much everything is out to get me. So I'll touch pretty much anything and hope for the best. When that fails I have antibiotics lol. Chemicals though I do respect. You want me to move some 3+ Molar HCl or carcinogen, then I'll find me some vinyl gloves. Knowing me if I had a 3 inch cut I would put a big band-aid on it, then some duck tape, then do a water change.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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