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This is a discussion on Vinyl Records within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Originally Posted by sazzy err blue 'blasting out tunes' means 'playing them loud' omg she loves her records im not even allowed to touch! ...

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Originally Posted by sazzy
err blue 'blasting out tunes' means 'playing them loud' omg she loves her records im not even allowed to touch!
and i seriously think u need to see someone about your strange ways?
So much for the slanguage. A psychiatrist is all I need.
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Vinyl is great...
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Kate, you and I have much in common. I have a whole closet full of albums. I don't know how many wooden crates I have, but I remember each crate holds 197 albums. Can anyone remember the first album they purchased? I think mine was Tommy James and the Shondells. The hot cut was a song entitled "Crimson and Clover".
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I think the first album I ever bought was Queen 'The Works'. Followed by 'Night at the Opera'.

I can remember being really excited on the way home from the shop, and when I opened it up the words were on the record sleeve :)

I used to hate it when the words weren't included with an album though, because of course there was no Google or internet back then to look them up
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Not only do I still love vinyl I still love analog. Sure digital is great for movies and such but for sound nothing compares to vinyl.

CD's and the demise of vinyl and cassette was from some bull that the industry said about CD's being SCRATCH PROOF and INDESTRUCTIBLE. HAH! Nothing could ever be further from the truth. The other reason was the industry told everyone that because CD's cost pennies to manufacture albums would drop to about $5 a piece. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! LIARS... I remember when cassettes were about $7 and Vinyl was about the same. CD's were introduced about $10 each. Shortly they told us, CD's will be $5. When? They are around $21 now. And then the industry wonders why everyone pirates their music. Also notice how many people are willing to deal with less then perfect bootlegs then to pay such high prices? But weren't CD's produced because the sound would be so much better then vinyl? Yet everyone seems perfectly happy with their downloaded copies. That should speak volumes to the INDUSTRY. It should send a message that the prices of music are so reidiculously high that we as consumers are reverting back to less then perfect digital recordings in order to ENJOY music. I certainly cannot enjoy music at $20 an album. I buy from a company called CHEAPO discs, a used retailer. What a bargain. You know the INDUSTRY sued to prevent retailers from selling used albums as it stole money from their pockets, as they put it. Do CD's break down? That is what most people think. I think you'd have a really hard time finding a 10 year old CD in your collection not so scratched up that it still plays.

So do I like vinyl? Yes. I have about 200 albums. Most are newer releases as your true musicians know the difference in quality so they still put out a few presses of vinyl for the purist. A lot of th music I have on vinyl is DJ electronica as DJ's still love the wax. Anyone ever hear of heavy weight vinyl? Now those are some disks. About twice as thick as normal vinyl. Holy heck can they hold a bass groove...... Uh. Yeah... Warm vibrant tones that just rattle the soul. You can feel it creep through your bones.

What about just hooking up an old turntable to your new system? Doesn't sound very good. I have 2 turntables. A Technics 1200, considered Godlike in the vinyl community. The old workhorse. Heavy platter. Direct drive motor. Every serious DJ uses them. I also have a B-12 Rek-O-Kut. Mine is a hand made unit used in a very popular auditorium. What never heard of Rekokut? Well maybe you haven't. Rekokut made the machines that cut wax. The industry standard for making the original recordings in the studios and the machines that duplicated that sound to the trillions of records ever made. My particular unit is considered legendary, an urban tale. It truly is the best of the best. I lucked out at the right time. the unit is fromt he University of TX and was used to play music at home games at the football stadium and at the basketball stadium. Only a handful of these were ever built. To it I have a Sure M6 cartridge and ruby stylus, about $900 for the "needle".

So how do you enjoy vinyl? On tube amps. My amp is an old Mcintosh unit being sorted through a Marantz reciever. On to 1964 Sansui 15" 6 speaker cabinets. For that added bit of fun I also drive throgh a pair of antique Bose PA's. Each cabinet houses 8 4" voice coils.
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I'm not impressed by CDs these days. Heaven knows they scratch so easily. I agree that the industry should not try to claim what they think would benefit them instead of the consumers.

Many people here use pirated CDs. Why they resort to piracy is the fact that CDs are so expensive. The prices haven't gone down lately and heaven knows CDs are just too vulnerable to defects and damages for a high price.
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That's the most sense you've ever made Blue.
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Originally Posted by caferacermike
That's the most sense you've ever made Blue.
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