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Valentine's Day

This is a discussion on Valentine's Day within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Awwww....that's sweet. Thanks Aunt Kymmie....

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Awwww....that's sweet. Thanks Aunt Kymmie.
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Thanks Kym!
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Aww that was a sweet thing for you to do Kym. And best part girls, they don't die on you like real flowers ;)

Honestly, I used to be so jealous of girls getting flowers... but it's just such a waste of money (as Mean Harri said). I usually tell the bf to get me a card and not worry with the rest. He usually never listens though.

Valentines day is nothing but a Hallmark holiday though.
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The general crappiness of being single on Valentine's Day is often outweighed by stealing everyone else's coconut chocolates, as I seem to be in the minority of people who really dig coconut.
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Maybe they have someone who works for their company personally deliver them to you on that day. Not the shipping company.

Anyways, ya, I'm single too. Valentine's day isn't crappy though... just another day of the year.
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Valentine's day is just a retail holiday. They should call it "Male Cold Sweats Day" I told my bf when we first started dating that he was off the hook on VD bc I can't see spending money on flowers that cost two to three times as much as they normally would. And forget going out to dinner. Overcrowded, overpriced and usually pre-fixed menus.

My idea of a great VD is to cook and eat something we normally wouldn't indulge in, light a few candles, crack open a good bottle of wine or two and chill.

Good luck guys :)
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Old 02-12-2010, 08:22 AM   #17
Yeah me and my boyfriend are going to bake a cake and I made him a personalized card, I don't see the big hooplah about Valentine's day. It's nice to do something special, but I never let him buy me flowers or take me out to eat or buy me boxes of chocolate (eww)
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Last year my bf got all mad at me because I didn't want to do anything "special" for valentine's day -rolls eyes- and the one time he got me flowers for my B-day I was like whhhatt?? because I don't like getting flowers... one time he gave me a box of chocolates for v-day but it was more like hey here I got these, and we both ate 'em. I hate when everything is like oooohh it's valentine's day we HAVE to do this and that and have it be a SPECIAL day blah blah.. This year I am going to be staying up in MD with my parents while BF is at a gaming convention close by up there and on valentine's day after his games are over he is going to pick me up and we are going to eat before coming back home to VA.

Anyhow, Happy valentine's day coming up everyone! :p

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My bf and I decided to make our own dinner for Vday this year. I'm buying some steak for him and salmon for me, and we are fixing some of our favorite foods. It'll definitely be cheaper too.
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My older brother sent my mom and I each a half dozen roses one time. They sure were pretty. But, yeah, flowers are a waste of money. You can only enjoy them for a few days before they die.
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