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Uh... :/

Last night about 10pm, the doorbell rang and my mom went to answer it. There was a guy trying to sell us windows and he wanted to come in to talk about it. My mom yelled at him to leave and he started to advance towards the door. My mom slammed the door and locked it then called the police and security company. Well at that point he ran to his car and sped off. Turns out he went to the next town over and broke into someone's house, but the police caught him. At least Bandit was all in a fuss, he wouldn't stop barking the whole time it happened. My little guard dog.

In unrelated news, we had this nice glass and metal table on our patio and since it's really windy today (who would have thought, wind near the windy city?) the wind caught it and it shattered as well as all the pots sitting on it. D:
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Jeez, that is scary. Glad to hear you & the fam are ok.

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wow very scarey... no more answering the door at night.

i had a similar thing happen a few years ago. i was woken up to someone knocking on the door. i peeked out the window from bed and seen a man standing there. I didn't bother to answer it but about 5 minutes later they were in my house. i didn't hear them break in because max was barking like crazy (yes max let burglers into my house) :( I didn't know what was going on untill they walked by my bedroom and thank god when they seen me they ran out.
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Omg that is SO scary! I'm so glad every ones ok and no one was hurt.

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How creepy! Thank goodness you are all okay. It's things like this happening that I'm glad I have a German Shepherd. Most people aren't stupid enough to advance towards you when you have one standing next to you growling with his lips curled up over his teeth. I LOVE my dog!
Good for your Mom and good for Bandit!

Sorry about your table. What a drag. Pots aren't cheap to replace.

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Very creepy!!,but I'm soo glad that your alright

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I'd be SO scared. I'm glad you're okay, though, and Kaisa, too. That'd be... absolutely terrifying. Luckily for me, I have a HUGE 130 pound dog that lets EVERYBODY know when someone's on or near our lawn <3 -loves on Duke-

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OH MY gosh thats soooo scary!!!!! Glad you guys are OK! Eeeek!!

I too, have a huge dog who is my protector. At night when someone comes into my room he lets out a biiiiig bear growl then once he knows it's someone in my family he stops and his tail starts wagging. LOL

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That's pretty frightening, I'm glad they caught him.

On the plus side, it's nice to see there are other Chicago area members on here :)
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oh no! I am glad your mom and your family is okay! One time at 3 AM our doorbell rang, but my BF and I didn't see anything from the upstairs window. My dog slept through it all :-/

But on my car (in front of our house) I have a bumper sticker that says proud owner of a rescued Doberman and I do have a dobie so hopefully people like that stay away..


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