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Anybody watch this show?

I'm watching it for the first time and see they made a TV tank for a kid, and the kid likes sharks. So they take a small TV and make it in to a tank and put rainbow sharks and bala sharks into it. Now this tank is maybe a foot and a half across AND they took these fish from their own store.

I don't think I'l be watching this again.
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I saw that too and immediately wondered what the heck they were doing. If anyone should know better, it's those guys.

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to me they are all about the money and its pretty obvious by making a show like that.
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Tanked is actually a Really good show, but the kid didn't have much money, so they couldn't really do much. plus it was the kid's first tank, and they didn't want to put any fish in danger. That wasn't their best episode, but they've made a skateboard ramp tank, a nail polish tank, a working gumball tank and TONS more. So I'd watch an other episode and then you'll probably like it. :)
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..I believe they said its was a 8 gallon tv fish tank ? That bala shark is going to outgrow that tank in a year or so .

I believe the parents should've help the kid a little bit of more with the money for another tank .

Its a nice tank though, but not big enough for a bala's .

What were these two guys thinking about putting bala;s in 8 gallon tank? MONEY THAT'S IT!! ,but from a kid? cmon guys .
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I was surprised they would actually do that too. They should know better.
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Originally Posted by BackInAction View Post
I believe the parents should've help the kid a little bit of more with the money for another tank .
To be 100% honest I think the parents did chip in for the difference.. I would expect that the "kid didn't have enough" BS was only for TV.

That said, I think what they ended up paying for their shark inspired 8 gallon TV tank could have bought MUCH more tank if they'd gone for something plainer and easier to maintain, with adequate room for the fish.
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I've watched this show a few times, and they ALWAYS overstock the tanks they set up. For the fish's sake, I hope they just do that for the reveal and then remove a few... but honestly I don't think they do. And on top of it all, anyone watching the show who isn't a fish enthusiast thinks that it's perfectly okay to keep that many fish in a small tank. After all, they're sold that way at the fish store AND the guys on Tanked do it!

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