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Final predictions:
If bears win : 27:23
If Colts Win: 42:17
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the game is on very soon, better leave the forum and go to your tvs
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Both quarterbacks looked like crap, the offensive lines couldn't make it count inside the 40's let alone the red zone and no one could keep their footing. If Grossman doesn't throw 2 interceptions in the 4th along with his earlier fumble and the botched kick off the Bears win hands down.

Just simply a sloppy, sloppy game on both sides and the one who made the least mistakes won.

As for defense, any team that holds Manning to 1 touchdown would have jumped for joy in any other game win or lose. I am just glad my team wasn't there and looked that bad.
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Still Cannot Belive the first play of the game!
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yeah that first play was the highlight of the game, first touchdown on the first kick off ever in the superbowl.

The Bears seemed to have more slips and falls compared to the colts, shouldnt the Colts be slipping more since they normally play inside a dome?
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Just had a read on Yahoo News and I was surprised the Colts won over the Bears. There goes my bet for the Bears.

Congratulations to the Colts.:)

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Woohoo the colts one! i knew it was gonna be that way. Yey me! :D
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post #59 of 67 Old 02-05-2007, 05:55 AM
What did I say earlier when this thread started. Bears choked.
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well ya cant win them all, atleast it was a good first half and great start to the game.. congrats to colts fans

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