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I am exausted!! Had the fundraising ball for my job last night, got home after midnight, barely slept at all, no idea why!

I gave 2 riding lessons today. Then rode my horse Liberty, he's 21 and getting older and has arthritis, and I have a bad back, so rarely are we "sound" on the same day! But we had a good ride, even went over a few small jumps, something I haven't done in a couple months because of my back! So it was a nice treat!!

Then my new rescue horse (miniature horse actually) gave us a scare! I got him a couple weeks ago at an auction for $75. He is skin and bones! He's really weak too! We did blood tests and took fecal samples this past monday. All of the blood work came back fine! But the fecal sample showed that he's infested with worms! 500 eggs per gram!! So we started him on a 5 day power worming plan. And there's a chance it can give him stomach cramps, or even worse, colick. Cause he's so tiny!! Well I got a call from the barn owners daughter that Rascal was down in his stall and couldn't get up. We rush to the barn, calling the vet on the way, get there and he's laying down, looks ok, but wont get up. We had to lift him to his feet! Once he was up and steady he started eating his dinner and looked much better! The vet thinks he's just still really weak! So it was a scare but he's ok!!

Now I am heading to sleep! Have work in the morning, then going on a trail ride with my best friend and going to her house to watch horse eventing DVDs and play Rockband! lol
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Wow Zenandra!! Hope your little horsy keeps getting better..

I hung out with my friends today... and fun stuff like that... LOL nothing TOO exciting.

"Whoever said fish were low maintenance obviously never owned fish"
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Glad he's doing better! I'd like to see pics of your horses! I'm just slightly horse crazy.. I used to follow racing and eventing and all that jazz but sort of fell out of it when I got my puppy. I never had a horse of my own though. I started riding a year ago at the place I volunteer for (that does theraputic riding). As a thank you to the volunteers we have a ride team that goes out. I've only gone 4 times so far but I can tell I'm getting better with every ride (despite getting sick yesterday LOL). I really need to learn to post though!

As far as what I did today... I was REALLY sore from the ride yesterday. More so than I've ever been (except when I did P90x with my sister for a day)... so I slept in till 1pm. After that I drove an hour and a half to meet my Mom halfway between my dorm and home to pick up some things I'd left when I was there last. We had dinner and got to catch up which is always nice.

As some of you know from my other posts today I didn't get the calico female from Bettysplendens :( BUT I've decided I'm still going to spawn Rio, just with Phoebe.. it should be really interesting. All that's left is to order the worm cultures and brine shrimp kit and move Sid, Nancy, Rio, and Phoebe up to my Mom's house to begin conditioning for spawning!

In other news another one of my mystery snails died today :( I don't know whats killing them but I'm starting to get scared that its going to affect my fish. I took Blue Jeans out of the tank because I saw him eating some of the dead snail and I want to keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't get sick. I may have to tear down that tank and disinfect everything.. plants and driftwood included.

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Good thing your horse seems better! Hope all stays well.

I just spent the day cleaning...well I should say trying to find my phone and wallet. I just made a mess of my room and I ultimately had to clean it all up. Guess where they were?! Behind my laptop. Duh, Hailee, maybe look where you last kept it. :P
I also gave Bandit a bath, gave him his flea & tick meds and took him for a walk. And finally spent the rest of the day complaining about the heat and being online.

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What did I do today? Hmmmm....

I've been nursing a sore wisdom tooth for the past few days. Battling it out with my insurance company about my dental coverage. Came home, fed the fish buddies, had a beer, and now I'm gettin ready to sleep, so I can do it all over again tomorrow. Woo hoo!
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I hope your pony gets better Zenandra. :( Colic is such a horrible thing! One of my friends horse had it and we took shifts to walk her because she kept wanting to lay down.

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Thanks everyone!! It's going to be a long road to recovery, I'll make a thread later about him so I can keep everyone updated on his progress!

I'm in the process of waking myself up to go to work! lol. I'm usually an early riser but today I just don't want to work for whatever reason.
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Lol I don't want to work either. Who needs to work? :P I'm playing tennis with my best friend this morning than going to work. I can't wait, I haven't played tennis in forever (well, since last summer).lol After I hurt my back, I couldn't really play much but its gotten better.

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What a fun thread! Sorry I've been a little behind lately! Haha well it's 8 days left of my junior year in high school, so projects, tests, finals, homework AH! Stress level is super high. Include in that job applications and SAT/ACT. Get to take the SAT the day after my last day of school, lovely. Other than that I'm glad to see other horse lovers on here :) We've got 3 boys, with mine being a gorgeous paint! Went riding saturday to attempt to portray a couple scenes in the book "Wildfire" for an english project. Got to chase Vegas around pretending to be catching a wild mustang, needless to say he was very confused! Haha

~3 betta boys~
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Just finished a math quiz and goofing off now on the net. The class ends at 12:40 ughhh!!! then I have art history class at 2:00 pm-4:50 pm today :( ugh..

I can't wait till the day is done and I can go home >_<


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