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Sickly *complianing*

This is a discussion on Sickly *complianing* within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Two ear infections bad flu poison oak XC Im feeling unappreciated, here I am being all sickly like and ever time I walk by ...

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Cool Sickly *complianing*

Two ear infections
bad flu
poison oak

Im feeling unappreciated, here I am being all sickly like and ever time I walk by my fish I get a dirty look *Hey yous with the worms and such feeds me* and I also get dirty looks from my ferrets who cant run and play in the house because they can catch what I have. Prim(my tiny albino female) even lunged out of the cage when I was trying to feed her I spent a good 15 minutes trying to catch her. She thought it was hilarious and was dooking(ferret laughing) the hole time.

Anyone else feeling disease ridden?
Feel Like your pets don't appreciate you?
Have ferrets?
Complain and or post here.
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working in an ER, ive gotten imune to a lot of stuff(or just lucky) but i feel for to have all that and pets that hate you right now
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Thanks, I used to work in a Geriatric Facility I was immune to alot of the bugs that went around. My grandmother broke her leg quite awhile ago and so I stay with her to help her with mobility. She works as preschool teacher, whatever she brings home I seem to get.

Yes and my pets are so helpful... I love them anyway though even if they show their love with teeth.
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I used to have ferrets! Like 5 years ago! I miss them soooooooooooooooo much! I just didnt have the time for them...

But yes I know how you feel! I work at a no kill animal rescue, Im the manager of the horses and other farm animals. And today I went into work feeling like total crap. I had to catch one of our more nervous horses,Murphy, and he's been doing really good lately with letting me catch him. But I think he could tell that I wasnt feeling good and didnt have the strength to put up much of a fight, so he kept running away, scooting just out of reach, after 30 min I finally caught him and he proceeded to step on my foot and break my pinkie toe! Not my day!
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boo! Sounds like you have been stuck in the current episode of Supernatural, and come in contact with Pestilence. :( I hope you feel better soon!
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My best friend had a ferret and her boyfriend had one too. His Lil Guy used to chase me all over the darn room biting my toes while I screamed and giggled and ran around like a nut. I would jump up on the bed to get away from him and he'd weasel his way up between the wall and the bed and come after me there. He was SUCH a naughty boy. But he'd kiss you when you were holding him. Psycho!

I'm sorry you're not feelin' well. I hope you get better soon, sooner, soonest! Tea with honey fixes all or, barring that, warm apple cider. With cinnamon!
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Youch that must of hurt! I don't own horses, My mother does and I swing by sometimes to ride. My favorite is a palomino APH named Payden. Luckily all the horses have been taught to come when you call. I am sure its hard though with horses that have been abused, Callie her chestnut sabino mare had been beat and it took her awhile before she trusted people. Its a shame the way some people treat animals!

I got all my ferrets from my grandma who breeds them occaisonally she gets rescues in and some of the stuff I've seen is awful. All three of mine have short commings. Rose had Pyrometria I of course adopted her right up and took her to the vet. Prims mother had no milk and although she was given to another mother Prim had dull teeth she is one year old and is the size of and 8 week old kit. Stumpy got his foot and tail bit off the day he was born.
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Yes Ferrets are great! Some of the crap they do makes you wonder just how smart they really are.
Thank you for the advice. :)
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