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5 more years then i can book a ticket and go!!
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I'm always surprised that the US is number one for shark attacks even with Australia and South Africa out there. I live about as inland as you can get in the US and I've never seen the ocean for US shores.
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gosh,that poor family.
i think you're amazing kym going out there in the water,
if my toes can't touch the floor i panic.

" There's just something really, really fantastic about the ocean that I haven't found anywhere else on our planet. "

i totally agree with you there kym,i find it awsome to watch,and i love to be near it.
which is ment to be a bit strange in itself because i'm a fire sign.
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Poor guy. Be careful out there. I like the ocean but I do get scared when I can't see in the water. Even in lakes and stuff I have to make myself get in. LOL Pictures I have seen of baracuddas scare me I could just imagine seeing one in real life.
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Old 10-31-2010, 04:39 PM   #15
Yeah I have a major issue with water clarity, if its cloudy I don't like swimming. I also won't swim in pools either though lol. I snorkel/dive in a near by spring fed lake that is very small, it barely counts as a lake and you can swim across it without much worries. Its also a diving spot for those who are getting certified. It can be quite clear. I like to dive quite deep, I know I can get 13ft down in a pool, normally the water layers here stop you from going over 10ft down. Water will layer in different temperatures and it can get quite cold very suddenly and the layers are actually visible if you are looking for them. There is nothing here that can hurt me, but still when I scare up a soft shelled turtle or a 3 foot carp they defiantly scare me. I also have this unfound fear of the metal underwater diving platform, but I love swimming around docks.

I've swam in the ocean in Mexico, but I feel really insecure mainly cuz I'm not familiar with half the stuff out there. Also you float like a damn cork which drives me crazy. One place we went to was really nice though. They had a "seafloor walk" thing for tourists, but its not out of my diving reach and they had railings on the bottom I could hold on to. I'm dangerous when snorkeling though. I just don't stop even when its very clear I need a break, like when I get a muscle cramp 6 ft below the surface. As soon as it stops I just stop floating and go back to swimming.
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LOL well that makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one that has a problem with water when its not clear. I think my fear comes from when I was little maybe 6 we went to the lake and my big brother ( hes 7 yrs older) thought it would be fun to take me out over my head and let me go. I was safe because I had a life jacket on but it still scared me really bad. He still to this day says he was just trying to help me learn how to swim.
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For every 40 people who die of a shark attack, 40 million sharks die because of humans.
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