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Science Project Suggestions

So today in 7th grade Life Science class, my teacher says that we'll be doing a project regarding plants. You know, the standard Lima bean stuff. However, since the teacher knew that I was at a more advanced level in life science (the room has a fish tank, go figure), the teacher said I could think of an idea for my own project, and she could get supplies. Basically, we're supposed to learn about what plants need, that kind of stuff. I'm not really sure on what I want to do, but I'm pretty sure it's going to involve aquatic plants. I was thinking along the lines of something showing the importance of certain nutrients, but I would appreciate more suggestions.

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Just curious...How do you plan on separating the control group? :)
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So, what did you decide on?
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Hummm, I'm thinking Byron could detail a fun experiment for you in regards to plants, nutrients and lighting. When the project is over home to your tank they'll go!

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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
hummm, i'm thinking byron could detail a fun experiment for you in regards to plants, nutrients and lighting. When the project is over home to your tank they'll go!
+1 :-d
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Since I appear to have been boondoggled into this "project"...

Fishkid, you could do quite a presentation on aquatic plants:

Many of the plants are true bog plants that live half the year emersed (the dry season) and half submersed 9the flooded rainy season). They flower during the emersed portion. They grow by photosynthesis, which is the process of converting sugards into energy. During daylight they consume CO2 and produce considerable quantities of oxygen. Etc.

Light: plants use light in the blue and red colours of the spectrum, their leaves reflect green which is why we see them as green. Must be adequate in the topics plants have 10 hours of daylight and 10 hours total darkness, daylight is frequently diffused through overhanging vegetation.

Nutrients include CO2, macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients (trace elements). These have to be in balance to supply the needs of the plants.

Here are some sites where you should find information on all this:

Natural Aquariums - Guide to Planted Aquariums, Aquatic Plants, & Freshwater Invertebrates

The Planted Tank - Articles, Forums, Pictures, Links

Aquatic Plant Central
On the latter site, there's a good article on spectrum and photosynthesis here Lighting Spectrum and Photosythesis - Lighting - Aquatic Plant Central

Aquatic Gardeners Association

I've just thrown out some ideas. Some of these sites have many articles, photo galleries, etc.


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