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I'm not a picky person. I'll read anything. I can muscle my way through all manner of postings. Heck, I grew up in, joined, then married into the military. I can figure out most acronyms. I'm pretty sharp, so I can even figure out a lot of butchered words and sentences. All I ask for is a few context clues and a little bit of effort by the author in the punctuation dept. BUT I refuse, outright REFUSE, to read postings/ads/messages/texts/e-mails that resemble a bipolar rant from a schizophrenic.

I have some old tanks listed on Craigslist and asked that interested parties call or text me. I recieved the following message. "U got the 20 I need 1 I can pick up mon. Can you take a check? No leaks right. I can't fix those."

My first instinct was to zing back something sordid about accepting a drop cloth, some trash bags, a hack saw and duct tape in payment, cause I was gonna make a mess shortly. (I made a similar joke in front of a cop in Wal Mart once. The cop followed us to the van and then asked for ID. I made a very big note to self on that one, declaring that joke not funny. (I did repeat it later when talking to my dad in line behind another cop. Unlike my husband who froze and went deer eyed, my dad picked it up and suggested power tools and cement. The cop didn't react.))

Anyhow.... I responded "Try again, it was garbled. What is your name? And why are you texting me?" The conversation from there was rather protracted but somewhat easier to follow. When he showed up he seemed surprised that I wasn't 200 years old and blind.
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I have no problems with it. So long as I understand what the person is typing, it's all good for me. I can understand that everyone makes mistakes (myself included), and English is just not some people's strength.

One thing that bugs me, actually...

I see this a lot more than you'd think: someone quoting another person and telling them to fix their spelling and 'grammer'. If you're going to act snooty, at least know what you're talking about!

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I'm willing to wager that this is the most spell checked thread....
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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Let's not put all the blame on the youngsters.
Have you seen the way some of the old geezers post??

Hunh? I kan spel more bettre if iuntoo, ime juss lazee.

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Before I really lay into my rant I'll preface it by saying that it's admittedly pretty nutty and probably largely unjustified.

Anyway, I recognize the fluidity of language but at the same time I think it's important to maintain a set of rules and regulations, even if those rules themselves are subject to change. That said, I think there's also quite a wide gulf between the need for exactness in written English and the leniency that pervades more casual conversation. Because of that gulf, I tend to apply varying degrees of correctness to my typing depending on the context. For example, forum posts are published, if only on the internet, and are not instantaneous communication so I tend to see them as a publicly published chain of letters and for that reason I try to stick to complete sentences in forum posts (or at least sentence fragments where the implied subjects/objects are fairly obvious) and to use proper punctuation and capitalization. In instant chats, such as on AIM or in live chat rooms, I'll get much more conversational and eschew capitalization entirely and punctuation except where clearly needed ("eats shoots and leaves" vs. "eats, shoots and leaves"). In every case I try my best to spell things correctly.

I'm miles from being a grammarian; I think my grasp of language comes almost entirely from reading books rather than from formal grammar education.

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Originally Posted by 1077 View Post
Hunh? I kan spel more bettre if iuntoo, ime juss lazee.
didya thnk I wz takin bout u or the 2 of us??
(I know we are the forum's resident geezers!)

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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