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The worst thing about it is, for the first 3 years we learned how they speak in Mexico and we never had to do vosotros, but this year since we switched teachers we HAD to learn the European way. She didn't even really explain it either.

Yep, conjugating verbs is what I know...that's it. First semester all we did were conjegations and for second semester, well it's just been a complete waste, we learned about the map of spain, spanish artists, oh and spanish food. We don't even do vocab...haven't since freshman year. I can tell you colors...but otherwise we just use a dictionary. My journalism teacher said he knows more spanish than we do and he took it for 4 years in high school about 14 years ago. :/

I'm thinking about writing a letter to the school complaining about both of the spanish teachers...
Eh. I'm glad I'm done with high school.
I have to take a foreign language in college and I'm thinking of starting fresh with a new language. XP
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Write a letter to the superintendent. School principals can pretty much be impotent. I would also have your parents write a letter as well.

Yeah, start with a new language, because you'll go through all of it again (college teachers are even more lazy than HS teachers in lots of cases, if you can believe it). Careful with Russian though - that was really difficult. TOTALLY different than Spanish, not just because of the alphabet.
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The superintendent is leaving and they haven't found a replacement yet. If they find one within the next month and they start soon, I'll definitely send it in then that way they can address it accordingly as they see fit. I know I wouldn't like it if I just became superintendent and I received a letter complaining about a teacher.
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Sadly all ya'lls rants lend credence to my own theories. I recently pulled my two kids out of school and began homeschooling. The schools they attended in Texas were phenomenal. I'd love to say it is state wide there, but it is probably more or less blind luck that we never had issues at schools we attended as kids or the schools our children attended. HERE, we have some major problems. After five months of them not lifting a single finger to meet the standards of education that Texas had provided for my "special needs" son, and after five months of my other son spiraling out of control, I had had enough. I was there for a minimum of an hour a day rectifying one issue or another. No matter how many experts, doctors, or specialists gave recommendations, the school kept stalling. It was a matter of my kids being the victims of the bottom line. Why spend money to accommodate a child that cannot take a standardized test? No test, no money. My younger son, who was being groomed to skip a grade at his previous school, hadn't completed a single assignment in class here, passed every test with 100%, and misbehaved constantly. I suggested that maybe he wasn't being challenged. They said I was putting him on a pedestal because my "other son has problems."

Two months into homeschooling, my so called special needs kid has finished his grade level in math and is well into next year's math curriculum, he loves reading now and hasn't shed a single tear over his work. My problem child is two grades ahead in reading, on par for writing and one grade ahead in math, he hasn't destroyed anything or had a huge tantrum since. I have my kids back after a six month crappy school hiatus.

Even at 7 and 8 I correct their grammar. The big favorite game now is catching each other. If they catch me I give them each a quarter. If they catch each other it's a dime. If I catch them it costs a nickel. Two birds one stone. counting money and grammar.
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That's awesome TexasTanker! Good for you.
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My mother's major in college was English, she worked as an English teacher before going into banking. I remember her correcting me constantly, in my oral and written communication. It was always, "You didn't do good, you did well", "you're, not youre", etc.
So, the other day we were out shopping together. She made a comment about her friend, who was newly widowed. She told me that her friend was "doing good".

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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When people ask how i am, I say "I'm well." Then they ask if I'm English or something.
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guilty of using txt language :(

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Yaay for home-schooling!!!!!! I'm home-schooled and actually learn english. I've been told I have better grammar then some adults. LOL

But, I mean, what's the point of tlking lik dis? No point IMO. No offense you you all you DO talk like that..

The one thing I am guilty of is saying Ain't and don't got none or something like that. LOL I'm a country girl. You shoulda seen my grandmas face (she's NOT from the country) when I said ain't...

"Whoever said fish were low maintenance obviously never owned fish"
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I'm sorry if I ever typed anything you guys couldn't read

55 gallon planted tank, starting over!!!( looking crappy, needs a major rescape)
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