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problem's with forum's

Okay so I was wondering who else has had this problem.. I've been on aleast three forum(for other animals) and in each one the minute you join and post someone jumps on your back because your not doing something right acording to them. Like i have guinea pig's and when i joined a guinea pig forum they jumpd on me right sway that my cage as not big enough. Because they think the cage should be the size of half a room?? Just wanted to know if anyone els has had this problem or it was just me?
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yeah,i know what you mean,i look around places,but i stay here,
i find there are too many people who think their word should be law,
and you should do what they say,makes me feel uncomfortable,
i am a member of a lizard forum,and if i feel i have something of use to someone
i send them a PM.
stay here mate and talk about your piggies

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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They're just looking out for the best interest in your pets. It's nothing to get upset about. If you don't like the advice then don't let it get to you.
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I agree with Kalsa. I've been on several forums, dog, cat, rabbit, fish, reptile... and I see that happening on all of them. Heck, I've been been corrected on things before with my turtle, but I didn't take offense, I actually considered what was being said, and it's because of that advice that my turtle has the wonderful set-up that he has now.

People on most boards aren't saying those things to run off a new member, or to get anyone upset, but rather they are looking after the best interest of the animal. Some of those people, whether it be fish, guinea pig, dog, or cat, have raised and handled those animals for years, and through trial and error have a lot of experience on what is best for them. (Just like on the note of guinea pigs, I raised them for years, and they really do need a lot of running room, and you won't find that in most typical store-bought guinea pig cages).

Because, ultimately, when you take on an animal, you take on a responsibility. It's a living, breathing, feeling creature, whether it's a fish or a guinea pig or a dog, and it's not about what's convenient for the owner, but rather what's best for the animal. Because the home you provide is their whole life, they live and exist in what you provide for them. So anytime anyone takes on the responsibility of an animal, they need to make sure that the animal is being provided for properly.

That's why a lot of people on different boards speak up when they see something that maybe can be improved. Not to upset the owner, but to enhance, and better, the life of the animal.

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Agree with Kaisa. I think it's the passion that people have for animals that feuls their comments sometimes.

Don't take it personally. Just move on and take the best care of your pets that you can.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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I agree with everyone about people looking out for the best interests of your pets but there is no reason to be rude to people. You might suggest to them NICELY about getting their pet a bigger home but be nice about it.
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I used to have the problem at a dog forum.

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It makes sense about enforcing "better advice" to others. In fact, it makes a LOT of sense. What I hate is wheneve someone enforces their own advice, it's the rudeness, or bluntless. For goodness sakes, it's a hobby, and we're aware of the lives we're taking (otherwise you shouldn't be having an animal anyways), there's no need to yell "What's wrong with you?" And sometimes you don't even need to yell. I would only use CAPS LOCK for some sort of emphasis, but never for yelling.

It's a hobby, and a hobby should be enlightening, not a job that you aren't even getting paid for. I'm the kind of person who is willing to ignore those rude enough...

I'm glad I've found this forum, though. I've been on others, and goodness... I haven't been critiscized, but so many others were, and others arguing with each other ... even here, people have different opinions with each other, but I've yet to see constant bickering, for the most part.

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I have belonged to only one other forum than this and they were very rude.
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Hey don't get me wrong I DON"T take affense never have. I was ust a little funny that they told me that I ABSULOTLY had to have a cage so big or I was of the forum in some words. I was shunded. When my cage was much bigge than it needed to be No actually I'm always open for advice.
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