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Alright, wet weasel-y goodness for our loyal fans. =)

It starts...Cooper doesn't like water as much as he used to, and Ren was like a cat, now she loves water. They switched on me!

Ren's doing the chop licking thing, it means she's annoyed. Sometimes they do this when they're doing something I tell them not to, usually it's the "Smartalic-lick" but a less nice word...when they're being bratty, but in this case she's annoyed.

NOW she just looks plain miffed, which she's not, I just took her water away. lol

But I gave it back...

I accidentally got her in the nose, so yeah she was mad. ^^; Well SHE got herself in the nose and I moved the water back from her, she got mad. >>; She looks like a colorful otter.

Ah, getting dry, now the fun starts. The puffing and rolling and licking and helping...I dunno if you can tell, but Cooper got his tail broken about a month after I got him. My niece snuck up to see him when I wasn't here, she hadn't met him yet, and shut the end of his tail in the door. Unfortunately it wasn't fixable, but we did take him right to the vet. That was over a year ago now, it never really did bother him, but he doesn't like it when you hold that area, and Ren makes a point to bite it. lol

Also, their skin gets red around toes, ears and tail like that from blood flow, they get cold when wet even if I heat the room to OMGness. x.x

And then the trying to get back in again and getting caught. When he gets caught doing something he THINKS he's not supposed to do(in this case I just got him dry, but I don't actually care if he goes back in), he gets REALLY wild and he forgot it was slippery. I think it's the funniest photo I've ever gotten of him.

Of course Ren wants back in too.

This is our towel cupboard...usually I put a towel in the bottom, but I forgot.

Tall and fuzzy, innit he?

She's not as tall, but she's not as small looking when she stands up, she's actually long, but very small framed.

And I thought I'd give you one of a butterfly that came to visit today, unfortunately I moved for a better angle and it left and didn't come back. I wanted one of its open wings, this is the type that looks brown/orange on the outside of its wings, but when they open it's a very bright orange and black with white spots, this one was MUCH more colorful than the ones I'm used to seeing of its same kind, but he didn't show off. He was both darker colored and brighter than they usually are, all of them pretty though. I'd like to get some shots of the purple and black ones we have, they're really small but oh so gorgeous.
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Ren and Cooper ALWAYS make me smile, Sylver! ^.^ They're so silly and sweet. . . not to mention cute! From weasels to otters. . . silly. I feel the need to see the snow day video again. haha! I ALWAYS do!

BEK!!! ZOEY IS SO CUTE!!! Thanks for posting the pictures, I really just couldn't imagine what a cross between those two pups would look like. Well, I did, but I was sure she was much cuter than that - she is! She's OMGCUUUUUUUUTE! (even if she's a lil' bit smelly sometimes)

Oddly enough, I have a few snaps to share with you guys for a change!

I don't let pond snails into my main tanks, but when they ride in on plants, I never have the heart to kill them. So over the last year and a half, I've ended up with a collection of little planted windowsill snail jars.

This summer I've been learning a tiny bit about emersed setups - nothing fancy or elaborate like some of the amazing things I've been seeing around here o.O Simple stuff, like the small stem tip of sunset Hygro that I put into a teensy tiny spice jar just to see what would happen.

Night before last, I put the jar out for some real sunshine, and to let it air out for a while. Totally forgot about it until yesterday morning, it had been left out, open, overnight. I grabbed it, capped it tossed it back on the windowsill, and a little bit later I noticed that an unexpected visitor had moved in overnight!!!

Meet WoObie - the land snail!

WoObie is not *much* bigger than the tip of a coffee stirrer, and of course, the spice jar is spice jar sized. . .about 3 inches tall and an inch across, smaller than the pictures, for sure - tiniest terrarium ever! (and don't worry, I took the lid off right after I saw him and stole a couple shots)

He's just sooooo CUTE! He's really cruising around in there! I'll probably keep him for a few days (the girls are in love), and then put him back in my garden where he belongs, but for right now. . . ^.^

Anyway! Just thought maybe you guys would appreciate my teeny tiny story, and the teeny tiny pictures to go with it!


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Awwwww snail!!!!!
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I love that snail. I found a couple in my garden over the last few days, but they were MUUUUCH bigger that Wo0bie. lol I had picked one up to examine that neat ramshorn-like shell and show him to my grandma. I put him in a garden in the back instead of the rock garden in the front...and then the next day I found another, who I hope wasn't his buddy, in the same spot. ^^; They're pretty cool, I was considering keeping them, but alas! I know they would perish, they always do no matter what I give them to live in. I took the hint and stopped stealing wild critters years ago, but they're so fun to look at. =(
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We loved him, too! ^.^

. . . The girls and I released WoObie last night back into the garden where he belongs. I'm sure we'll see 'him' again someday. :D
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The snail jar is awesome - such cute pics, looks like a pro! Good job!

I love the fuzz-buts, they so cute! I been reading like mad about ferrets and they really interest me, would love to get some - or at lease, talk and maybe hold about ferrets before I go into the deep end!!!
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I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.
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Aussie, some petshops and shelters will let you go in and hold them. Helps socialize them. But be warned: You hold them enough you start wanting them, and they're not always so sleepy and snuggly like they are at shops and shelters. Plus, they teethe until they're about 3-4 months old, and when teething they do bite and you have to teach them. =) Mine NEVER bite now, but we had to wait until the teething passed to get it to sink in. I take them to the store with me to see people, they looove people. In those places they're usually tired and stressed, you get them home and it's a whole new ball game. It depends on the ferret though, both of mine are absolutely nutty, less for cuddles and all for wrestling and play. They're thieves, it's actually part of their scientific name which translates to "Spear-shaped Stinky Thief" though I've forgotten what the name is. x.x They're not rodents, they're pure carnivores, so you'd need an expensive high protein diet for them or to get them on a raw food diet which is cheaper, they're costly pets! Need shots and teaching like a cat would(like using the litterbox, what not to poke at, teaching them not to bite, and you have to baby-proof your house). Do a looot of research before buying and continue it after. =) I like the site "hugawoozel.com" where I go often. It's not extremely active, but it's got a lot of info on them, care, and places to ask questions. Or, you know, you could just ask me if you ever decide to get any. LOL

Ah, I haven't gotten any new photos today. lol That'll have to wait until later. ^_~
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Thanks for all the tips Sylverclaws!
the shelters around my area are a bit far - about 10 km and I am a average 14 year old.. :) Plus, the pet stores in my area don't house ferrets (which is good, many ferrets on gumtree are looking for homes). But I will try not to buy, but instead adopt and give a fuzzy a nice home - with all valuables locked down! - and a second life
I read on many sites thats it is better for a newbie to start out with a older ferret, than "going" in for the kits!
I also know that they do play bite, while it hurts us, it doesn't hurt each other due to there thick skin layer! But I do know that the younger ones are more prone to it than the oldies!
Yep, I been reading that the lil fuzz-buts are a pain in the but when they happy with there environment and act like lil terrors when they not asleep (which is usually 18 - 20 hours per day). Don't get me started on the play time, i willing to play 5 hours + with the lil cuties, after all, the way that the owners describe there bundle of joy, its hard not to play with them!
Yep, not rodents! They come from the weasel family; and pure carnivores! Seriously, I really don't get it why vegan's enforce their diet onto their pet when it isn't natural/healthy for them! (And who was the genius that came up with the idea of Vegan Ferret Food?) What do you feed your lil ones? The raw meat, hight protein diet or both?
I really not afraid of the vet bills, true I will be saving up before i get them.. but hey, it worth it in the end!
Also, I been doing a lot of research, when the time comes i think I get a Ferret Kingdom Cage as I found them to be the closest to the nation cages you get in the US! Or maybe i get two and connect them :) With tubes or just a have a super big one - or get 3! But yes, research, been doing for 3 weeks now! I also seen "hugawoozel.com" but others i like to are; "http://www.ferret-world.com/", "http://www.ozferret.org.au" (has a great forum), "http://theferretzone.com/" and "http://www.holisticferret60.proboards.com/" Just to name a few!
But if I do get any, it will be way on down the track, my parents refuse to have:
- rodents (even thought they weasels, my parents classify them as rodents)
- reptiles (hermit crabs excluded)
- insects/spiders (pill bugs inside hermie tank are excluded)

540L/140G - 'Tidal Jungle' (Crabs) | 254L/67g - 'Backwater Pool' (Fish/Snails) | 96L/25G - ''Twisted Minds" (Fish/Snails)

I've never had any problems with 'Impulse Buying'. They're just animals that I forgot I had planned to get.
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Haha, sounds like you worked out more than I did. I've wanted ferrets since I was little, over 20 years I wanted one. Finally had the money for one, and ended up with two of of course...I would like a third but ma says absolutely not. When I get my own place I intend to get another or three.

Yes! They do play bite, however, you can teach them to do so gently. Every so often Cooper gets me and I say OUCH and he settled, or bounces off elsewhere to kill a towel or blanket. You have to teach them early.

On the matter of older ferrets: Actually it can go either way with an older ferret. Some were NOT taught or kept properly and can come with a variety of health issues, as well as temperament issues. I've met some sweet older ferrets, but they're very set in their ways and extremely hard to break of any undesirable ones. With babies, you raise them as you want if you're willing to put in the effort. It's nice to rescue, but be sure to learn the signs of fear and aggression. Fear is easier to break unless they're very badly treated prior to getting a new home, it can lead to very nasty bites, as can aggression - which is surprisingly much easier to cure them of!

As for food, oh it's so hard to get them on a raw food diet, most are raised on kibble before you get them. They imprint on certain foods and can out right refuse to eat and starve themselves! What YOU want to do, is get whatever they're on, and if it's no good, mix it with a proper food and slowly switch them over, which can take a couple weeks.

MY ferrets are on 8-1 ultimate ferret food, which is NOT the best food, but it's a better food. I supplement them with meaty treats, well I do with Cooper as Ren hates any and all treats, and a dry mix of Duk Soup, which you can mix in the food dry or wet it down. I also give them the soft food mixed in, same brand. It doesn't have as high of a protein content so it's mixed.
What I'd actually suggest giving them, believe it or not, is a mix of 8 in 1 ultimate dry or soft, and Blue Wilderness DUCK cat food. It has a very high protein content, no wheat or corn, it's a carnivore diet good for both. I would still be giving my ferrets that now, but it's expensive. ^^;;

For cages: If you can, I suggest something both wide, and tall. It's not just for sleeping, they need room to play, things to do, and room for food, water and hammocks and toys. I suggest a hanging bottle of water, I keep mine over the food dish so if it drips, they get SOME slightly squishy food without the watery mess. You need one that doesn't leak if you can find it, which is hard, or use my idea for a very lightly leaking one. My cage has four floors, I wish it was wider though. =p It's not bad, it's actually a good cage, can't remember what it was called.

Ferret bedding and litter: Oh my, so many miss this one. Ferrets are VERY sensitive, you need something hypoallergenic and not dusty, I'd suggest Carefresh Ultra, it doubles as bedding and litter. So many bad ones out there. Ferrets have allergies, just like people! You get something dusty and you put them at risk for all sorts of sneezes and coughs, as well as risk damage to their respiratory systems, ears and noses.

Keep in mind they also can catch colds and flues, many human viruses they can get, and when they do it's BAD, they get really sick really fast. Cooper got a cold after I got him, my baby cousin came home from a long trip and we didn't know she was sick until the next day, the day after Cooper caught a cold. Coughing, sneezing, snotting. We did absolutely everything to keep him warm, eating and drinking. They can't smell they may not eat, so what I did was I heated up some kibble in duk soup and water, with a bit of boiled chicken and chicken juice. Kept a humidifier and vicks on hand, kept it out of his reach but near enough to help. It did its job and we kept pneumonia at bay. =)

Summer hammocks: I make my own, here's a tip...do that. Take an old, thick towel, cut it to fit the majority of the top or whatever area of the cage leaving only enough room to get by, tie it to all ends of the cage. Keeps them comfy and cool, other hammocks risk over-heating them while they sleep. =P

Yes, I'm a regular walking ferret dictionary. ^^;

Oh, another tip, as pretty as some are, a lot of the "Fancy" ferrets with white tipped tails and such and Blazes like my Cooper, are over-bred. Buy those at your own risk. Sometimes when inbred or over-bred they're at risk for problems like cancers, adrenal disease which is already a huge problem in the ferret world on a normal basis, temperament issues that you can't fix because they can't help it. Be wary, I got lucky with Cooper. Sweetest ferret there ever was. =)

And again, socialize, socialize, socialize! Whenever you meet people wanting to hold them, let them. When family comes, or friends, make them hold the little stinkers. They need a lot of people, nice people who wont throw them for fear or play too rough(Do NOT play rough with your ferret until it has learned not to bite or you will make it aggressive, and roughness needs to be kept to belly tickling and such), otherwise you risk fear biters when they meet new people. Before you introduce to strangers though: KNOW your ferret, you don't want to tell someone they can pet him/her only to have it get upset and bite.

And just to stay on the photo topic...my cats Benni and Leo last year, helping us unpack the winter blankets. LOL I told Leo to look at me and Benni had the thing smashed so it made for a funny photo, he tried to look at me. xD
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So I decided to try my luck at flower photos...never done the whole JUST a flower photo before. My mother tries, she always gets these smeared, too close, things with funny colors because she holds it over, snaps, moves on. lol I always have to take several. Anywho, I'd never tell her how to take photos, I tried, she got mad. ^^; So, yeah. I thought I'd see if I COULD take good ones, I think a couple came out ok. But for others...I just couldn't figure out what angle I should do it at after trying several. lol So here's what I got, tell me what you think...and if you have some tips on flower shots, go feel free to point out what I did wrong and tell me what to try, I don't bite for helpful criticism. :3

I liked this one the best of all, myself.

I attempted to get a shot of the whole garden, gave up after two, they just don't look so good with all that background, but I WAS trying for a neighborhoodey shot, if you know what I mean.

Heh, I caught them a bit late in the year. ^^;

Grandma said this one is her favorite, probably because it's her favorite of the roses. I think it makes an eye-watering photo. LOL But I do like the rose.

That's easier on the eyes. =)

Ah, the white roses didn't do so great this year, but they certainly did better than our yellow ones who didn't even bloom. The rabbits are just killing everything, they completely destroyed the vine ones that go around the fence posts. Nice bright red and yellow ones.

I like them JUUST when they're about to bloom, like that little white one next to all the big bloomed ones.

I think the angle must have been wrong for this shot, that white cloud of roses just doesn't look great on that background, I shoulda gone to the other side. I would have, if I hadn't stepped on a wasp nest in our stepping bricks...thankfully I was not stung. lol

Ah yes, not roses. Grandma got brain-fried trying to remember what these are called. lol They grow in a nice big bush-likeness...

And our little cloud flowers, dunno what they're called either. ^^; Next year I'll try to get some of our lovely tulips and daffodils if the rabbits don't eat them like they did this year, and the crocus flowers, it's not the time of year for them. I also will try to get you guys some shots of our 20 foot high lilac bush if it survives it's like...40th winter. It's taller than our roof and still blooms, but it's not as brilliant as it was a couple years ago. Winter took off one of the big branches, basically a quarter of one of our three bushes.

Yeah I think my little cousin or nephew dropped a rock in the mi9ddle of the poor thing. lol

And again, dunno what any of the flowers are called...^^;

I like these. :3

And of course one of our petunias. One of many. lol

My little cousin knows where to park! Usually it's in the grass and the scooter is in the driveway. lol

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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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