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I walked out of my room and saw Alanna sleeping in one of my tubs I was making into breeder nets. I'm not sure I'll make a second one though. Anywho, the camera took a couple seconds to actually go, which annoyed me until I saw the results. LOL

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Heeheee, I have to see if I can find a similar picture. Our cat Oni is OBSESSED with baskets. OBSESSED. Boxes, too. We have these little mini laundry baskets that the girls have in their room - looks like you do, too, lol - my littlest daughter will bring hers out and call for the cat, who will come running, hop in the basket, and STAY THERE FOR OVER AN HOUR while she pushes him all over the house. Oni likes baskets SO MUCH, that we've put one on top of his cat tree - and he sleeps in it! ^.^

Thanks for the smile, Sylver. Kitties are so silly and sweet - and you GOTTA love those giant kitty yawns!
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How many bunnies do you see?

Ah, Boomer. He hates cameras. lol

Sleeping kitty...she's not allowed to sleep with me because she wakes me up with the pre-dawn light(I need AT LEAST two or three more hours than that, thank you very much...), on schedule every single day...by knitting her claws on the bed, sheet, or the pillow by my head as hard as she can. She's actually destroyed one side of a guest bed, all sides of mine, two curtains, three chairs and two couches...her claws are going on Thursday, against my views and beliefs that all cats should keep their claws regardless of being a bit of a problem. She is FAR more than a bit and intentionally scratches things harder when you spray her in the face or try to get her attention elsewhere, or in grandpa's case, beats her with newspaper...-I- made the decision since I could not teach her as I did my other cats. =(

Anywho, yeah, bit of a rant since she got me up again by slamming things off the table in the hall and I'm annoyed, but at least she waited until after dawn. lol She waits for me to open the door in the morning so she can fly in and go to sleep, she's very happy to be in there with me and gets into the cutest positions. :3 My uncle is obsessed with her raccoon tail, her stripes got darker, but the rest of her aside from face and legs still lacks them. She's pretty that way, I think.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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Four bunnies? Is there one across the street, too?!! Boomer is SOOOO cute! Poor Alanna :( Have you ever seen those claw sheaths they sell? I've never used them, but I know people who swear by them. Maybe it's worth a try? Good luck with her - I've had a couple of cats who were 'kneaders,' it's really sweet. . . but sounds like she's really tearing things up!
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She reminds me of a baby raccoon xD They destroyed EVERYTHING- curtains, carpet, furniture. We even had one climb up on top of the curio and start eating the plaster off of the ceiling...That was a doozy.
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Yes, I also compared her to a raccoon with her destruction. lol

There were four bunnies! Usually there are more in the yard at that time of the evening. I've counted 13 before at once. We're kinda over-run at the moment, even with all the predator birds, their young and coyotes with pups in the area. x.x; They've utterly destroyed a few parts in the front yard we just replanted, and the back yard looks like who did it and ran.

And yeah, the claw sheaths didn't work, even the vet kinda gave the meh reaction to them. x.x Well, she's declawed now, and I have to say, I don't care how destructive any other of my cats will be, I'll never do it again. It goes against my beliefs for it as is, but to see how sore and swollen they are after. >< Makes me cringe thinking about it, it hurt me to watch her stand on her hind legs trying to get around. But she is otherwise unaffected by the whole thing. Still herself, just a little bit slower. She's been quiet easy to get pain meds into, I had no trouble with Benni either when I first got him. He had pneumonia when I adopted him and he had to have omoxycillan(SP?), and he'd just sit there and take it. lol She's a tad more difficult, but she doesn't fight you, and only flees after. So that's a bit of a blessing, I can make sure she hurts as little as possible. But to see those gaping holes in her feet and the obvious soreness...yeah, I can't do that to another animal ever again. >< Sure, it may not be that bad, at least not compared with like...Boomers leg surgery last December, but it's unneeded pain in my opinion. =(

Anywho, I have more photos to put up later on. I haven't got the energy to fight with my comp to get things up right now. lol

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No updates in a while. Come on guys, I wanna see more stuff, especially turtles. :3

Anywho, we've had a run of bad luck here. My grandpa ended up in the hospital again this last Monday at about one thirty am, he's not home yet. He has emphysema and has a lot of trouble sometimes, it's probably the eighth time in two years he's had to go in the middle of the night unable to breathe and sick, this time he went in a car and not an ambulance thankfully, and is doing much better. He's got bronchitis and an infection that hit his blood stream, but he is doing better and should be home tomorrow or the day after.

So, our dog gets very upset when these things happen. He kept going to stare at the empty room after they left and slept in the chair by their bed. It was so sad. You can see his bed on the floor, but he wanted to be higher so he could see on their bed.

This was Alanna yesterday, yes her favorite spot is on the cable box. lol Initially she had her foot blocking her bum and was licking her other back foot, but then UPS knocked on the door to bring me my new cherry shrimp I ordered. ^^; Boomer barked and she glared.

I dunno if you can tell, but my other ferret Ren, is under Alanna right now, under the blanket, she's sitting on her. Cooper, as usual, is trying to mess with her tail and making her mad, he's started this thing with bugging the cats. lol He misses playing with Leo the Cat, the other cats don't play like he did, but he tries to get them to.

And Ren and Cooper..."Time to get up yet?! We ARE up, we want to play!" lol

This was Boomer last year, the night he tore the ligament in his leg, he was very unahppy and sore, and very cold. I covered him up. Leo the Cat was worried for him and kept sniffing his leg, then laid near him to make sure he was alright, wouldn't let him out of sight.

Ah, good old Leo. I still miss him terribly.

And sunrise! :3 From a couple days ago. Oops, got a chimney and a house corner in there. LOL Kinda kills it a bit.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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pictures of my doggy to show Chesh!

Zoey is half pug, half dauschund :)
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@ Sylverclaws: I love your ferrets, they super cute! more pics of them?
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Sure, always got photos of my fuzzies. Lemme just give them a quick bath first. lol Nothing like wet woozel photos, they get so puffy...no promises on THOSE though, they wiggle around insanely when they're all wet. :3
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