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Awesome photos!

How did that pic happen...what the! Looks like the world just ...what! lol
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or something ;)
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I know how that freaky beach photo happened, we all saw you at the party! >/ WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID! Ahem...I loved those photos, but I have to say, I think my favorite was of the tree. lol I like stuff like that.

Did I tell you guys about the bird I go visit at our LFS? It's the same type of bird, looks like a cockatoo, but it's some sort of African Grey Cousin or some such(it's pretty much a miniature cockatoo, but larger than a cockatiel I dun care what anyone says LOL)....same type as in your photos. She LOVES me. I cannot go in and not say hello and hold her, she gets very mad and will scream until I come visit. But I told her last time, since she bit me I wouldn't carry her around the shop anymore. I was trying to look at some fish I was interested in and needed my focus for it, she kept grabbing my hat and yanking it up and down and then doing the BOO thing in my face. When I put her back, she bit me harder than I'd ever been bitten before by a bird, and I've handled some...foul mouthed nasties and birds of prey. >>; I had two nasty punctures and a bruise about the size of a fifty cent piece that swelled up like a golfball. Safe to say I wear ear plugs when I go shopping now. But I still LOVE that bird. I would just rather see them flying wild, not caged to be stared at.
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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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I swear i only drank like one or two!!! :P

maybe someday i will have a bird. they're so pretty, and they are so smart!! I would probably pick between a bird and a dog though,since both seem to require quite a lot of training and time. wjo knows though, still live at home!!
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Here is the rest of my family~









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is Yuna a TOUCAN?? Amazing birds!!

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Pico is, yes. He is actually in the toucan family. He is a male green aracari. Thank you!
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Testing to see if signature shows.

Keep Smiling~Carole

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sorry, Pico :) very nice!
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Cochise: is that a Beastie Boys reference?
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