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Originally Posted by jentralala View Post
Can't believe you read all that! :D Thank you so much, they were actually taken on my phone xD And then lamely edited on Instagram, lmao.
Really? I thought we'd met. . .

I LOVE lame editing, girl. And shush - your phone takes great shots. Or no... not your phone - you have a good eye. *nods*
(Mine doesn't do anything but call people, lol!)
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Looking back, I really wish I'd videotaped the process. It would have been really cool to watch it all over again, but then again it was raining most of the time hahaha. I think a few teachers took pics on the last day, but I never got any. Honestly for me it's a lot of fun, the challenge of getting the to safety and taming them. Most of those pics were taken on the kitchen floor, just lazing around xD

But thank you, and I'm glad you read my book <3 Cats are so rewarding to work with.
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*giggle* You should track people down on facebook and see if they still have any pictures! It would be fun. Maybe. . .lol.

Working with any animal is rewarding, such an amazing process when you get to see the transformation from frightened/defensive/hurting to . . . well, LOOK at those babies! They're a testament to good care. Makes me happy :)
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Found a baby bunny in the window well this morning, just before five am. I went out the door and heard a thump and a squeak. I said "Oh joy, another critter in the window well for me to rescue." lol
Turns out, it was a VERY tiny baby bunny, looks to be only two weeks old or so. I've never seen such a tiny baby bunny, and I've had some that were under four weeks. Cute little booger. I looked in at him and he looked up at me and back to facing the corner. And I told him he was cute and I'd get him out, he looked up at me again. I almost melted.
NORMALLY I just let them go once I get them out if they're not injured. Or if they're real messed up, or if it's the middle of the day, I keep them in a box to make sure they're fine before releasing them as mom will come get them at night. However, when I pulled him out, I noticed his leg felt weird. I am worried it may be broken so I boxed him. He was also thin and cold, so he's either been away from mom a while, or something happened to her. =/ We'll see later, I'm gonna see if his leg was actually broken or not. If it is, I'll call a rehab center to come pick him up. If it's not busted, I'll let him go tonight when mom will be looking for him. I'm waiting for him to move on his own so I can see it, I'd rather not touch it...the mere thought makes me cringe.
Darn he's cute though! I got a photo of him when I was getting his box ready. iI used ferret bedding since it's for sensitive animals and it's warm, and put him in a quiet place where he'll be safe and feel more secure at least. Other than that, at THIS age, I can't do anything for him as I do not have goat milk or proper formular. ^^;
It's strange how tame young rabbits act though, I try to have as little contact as possible when I rescue one. The window well is impossible to escape, we need to get something other than a grate to block it, babies fall in allll the time. Every year I get at least two and I have to crawl in on my head practically to get them as netting or scooping is impossible. @_@;
But this one was very attentive with me, and was licking my hand when I got him out. How odd. Hungry or thinks that'll scare me maybe. I wonder if he's someones pet that got loose from mom, but I doubt it. I have seen some mixed wild bunnies though, that couldn't possible be full wild ones. Odd colors, too big. It's uncomfortable to find wild animals, even young, that aren't afraid of you and even affectionate. He tried to get back in my hand when I put him in the box. Makes me wonder. But then baby rabbits can be pretty...odd, they don't know any better and if you don't hurt them they're like "Oh, ok!"

Anywho, I'll update later. I'm hoping he'll move so I can see if he's actually as injured as he felt. It FELT like his leg was busted and his hip out of place when I had him sitting in my hand. But he coulda just been at an odd angle and I don't poke around wild critters unless I have to.

Photos: Yeah, they came out smeared. He was shivering when I got him, so he fell asleep after being in my warm hand. Keep in mind I don't intend to handle him unless I have to, and I was handling him here only until his box was warmed up by the heater, it was outside and cold and we have cats so I couldn't put him down.
You can see he's fairly young, looks like his eyes only just opened which I hear happens at 7-10 days. They still have that watery focusing look to them. I haven't had one this young before, so I don't know his actual age. ^^;

His right hind leg is the one that feels off. He's fairly thin, so that could be it realy and he'll be home-free tonight if that's the case. I was scared to move him so I can't look or help him do his thing....that's moms job, I'm hoping I wont have to. >>; I may end up with another bunny to rehabillitate like I did three years ago. I found another bunny, about two weeks older, in the well with a nasty wound on his shoulder and kept him for a few weeks before he met with an accident. I put up his photo earlier, his name was Houdini and he loved strawberries. LOL When they're that young, you can't really release them into the wild when you have to nurse them. ^^; So they're stuck.

How does a wild animal get this comfortable with a human when they've only been near them for two minutes? He's sleeping for goodness sake! Houdini didn't want anything to do with me for three days, but he was so banged up neither of us had a choice. He reminds me of a dwarf bunny with those tiny ears. ^^; I really hope he's ok, nothing better than watching them go back where they belong.
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Oh, Sylver. . . he is so CUTE!!! Couldn't you keep him, PULEEEEEESE!? He loves you. . . ^.^

How's the little tyke doing? I hope his leg is okay. . . poor little thing!
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Oh dear, I forgot to update that. Sorry, I've been so sick since about two or three days before I found the bunny.

Turns out he was actually a she. ^^; Heh, first female rabbit I ever dealt with, she was indeed sweet! And she was also only about ten days old.

Turns out her leg was not broken, she just felt odd at that angle and was skinny. When I realized that...it was obvious mom either abandoned her or was killed. We have coyotes everywhere, it's not uncommon unfortunately. =/

SO! I decided to raise her. Got my trusty eye-dropper and some evaporated milk. That's ok to use but not recommended...goats milk or specific types of kitten milk is better, but I didn't have any on hand and she was dehydrated and starving.

Well guess what? Little tidbit there KNEW what an eye-dropper was! Went for it like a starving kitten before I even got it near her. This is not normal and in fact is something that absolutely will not happen with an animal not used to it. This told me she was either someones pet, or a wild bunny someone was taking care of...After that, I decided I'd keep her, since she was obviously used to people.

Unfortunately I have to end this on a sad note. It turns out this baby was most likely grabbed by the "Family cat" unless it was kept outside or a wild bunny being supplemented by someone. Since I don't normally put my hands on wild animals much unless I have no choice, I did not realize she was actually fairly badly injured. I wont go into details because it was so very sad, but I noticed how bad off she was when I picked her up to stimulate her to do her business, which mom would do otherwise. ^^; Well, that was fun...got what was needed from her. >_>; She was a bit stopped up, to say the least.

Well, soon as the vet opened we were going to go, but she did not make it that long. She was so fluffy I could not see her injuries. I kept her in my shirt, where she herself climbed after eating and doing her thing as if it were natural(another sign she was a pet or at least cared for by humans), and passed away two hours later.

Sorry, I hate bringing in bad news! >< I get in baby bunnies quite often this way unfortunately. Only one passed away in my care, so I didn't figure things would end this way, I thought I'd have happy tails for you all, so I shared this one. I've never had such a young baby bunny before and thought it'd be an epic tale, they usually don't get stuck in our well or brought in by stupid cats until they're two or three weeks older...They're not supposed to leave the nest yet at her age, not as much anyways.
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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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Oh man, Sylver. *cries* I'm so sorry that this story had an unhappy ending. At least she died snuggled up in comfort with a belly full of food. . . you did your best. . .
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OH. MY. CUUUUUUUTE!!! *swoons*

Y'all have GOT to stop doing this adorable animal thing?

Hey. . . J! Welcome to the forum and our really goofy thread. ^.^ Now. . .you have to say - did YOU take this shot? I need a story, if you did. I think I might be jealous! Thanks for posting!
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I did take the picture, tried sticking him under my shirt but apparently that's illegal or something.
Here's a couple more

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