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Ah, I made tacos for my dinner tonight. I always say "I'm starving, I'll make it quick!" And then I spend two or three hours cooking everything up all perfect, juicy and delicious...Dunno how it takes me so long, but it's always good. If there is one thing I will brag about, it's my tacos. LOL
So...I get it all done, shredded cheese, delicious sauce to put on top...and my cat decides I don't need that food, but SHE does. x.x Jumps right in, thankfully I am faster than anyone ever when it comes to my tacos, she missed. But she's been trying to jump into my food in sneaky ways, and just plain stupid ways like flying across the room and doing a flying leap trying to land in it. xD Of course I can hear her coming, and she can't be sneaky when I'm RIGHT there...I tried to trick her out of the room, even tried to get physical...this kitten is impossible. She's faster when she DOESN'T want something over when she does, I can't get the brat. lol But hey, I'll win if it's for tacos. She will not get anything. :3 Now that I have given up the chase so I can enjoy my food while it's HOT...she's sitting next to the plate of cheese...staring...just out of my reach. Thinks she's slick. Flash kinda killed it a bit, but that's what she's doing...except mostly if she thinks I'm not looking, like when aiming the camera in her face, she gets herself all flat and stares like she wants to pounce...she wouldn't make it. She tried, I blocked, she fell off the bed. xD I moved food to safer location...
Yeah, I know, who eats tacos at 1:30AM? ME of course! =) Well, I started cooking at around eleven PM. I always take forever to cook, but it's so worth it. And I haven't eaten today, I figure I'll stay up all night and watch something good and eat something better to wash away my sucky year so far. And give you guys a somewhat funny photo! Been forever since I added any. =p

I WISH she would hold still in her crouch 'n pounce position for a photo, but the camera comes out and she just kinda sits there like "Yeah, right, I wont be giving YOU any leverage against me!"

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LOL! That kitty looks HUNGRY!!! :)
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Lasagna ? :) hahah
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I put white cheese on my tacos...I'm a REBEL.
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Well, I just KNOW everyone loves puppies. lol I need a puppy of my own, but yesterday I got to puppy-sit for my sister in-law. The baby wanted to sleep and my baby nephew wouldn't leave her alone, so she came to nap with me. She's a little boxer/pit mix. She's adorable, and smart! They got her at the age of about seven weeks, too early in my opinion. The families dog ran off and got herself a boyfriend when she was meant for another boxer. ^^; They gave the pups away for free after making absolutely certain they went to good homes, so they will at least get some props from me for that...as much as I have bad opinions about people being irresponsible, even the responsible ones make mistakes...ahem, anywho...Yes, she's sweet and very social, which is uncommon with pups that young, she already goes potty outside and is just so good with everyone and other pets. Color me impressed at the socializing!

Photos...First off, she was in a basket on my bed and wanted out. She was whining and trying to get out. She's so cute. ^_^ She see's me and literally bounces over, she just has to "Hop" when she gets excited. lol Just look how sleepy she looks. lol

Here she is giving me the puppy-dog eyes and whimpering.

And yeah...I hope I didn't make any problems for them by letting her sleep with me for whining. Normally I wouldn't have a puppy sleeping with me until they've learned their place...Boomer only got to sleep with me once he learned he must have permission and not be a brat about it! But I was afraid that tiny, clumsy, sweet little girl would fall off of my very high bed and hit the boxes and be hurt...so I allowed it since there was no place else for her to be. This is what happened:

She's a doll, isn't she? ^_^ Man, when you have shaggy dogs, you forget just how much higher their body temp is than a humans! For those that don't know, a healthy dogs natural body temp is about 99.0 to 102.5 degrees. And when it's already hot, having a heater on your back is just miserable, I have to say. ^^; But she was so cute I just couldn't move her.
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This one is totally random, I've been cleaning through my photo files (again, this is a constant issue for me, lol). Liked how it came out and thought I'd share! From last summer sometime. . .

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Ouhoho, I love those! Those are so cool. I have some Asian Fans with neat designs somewhere or other...I doubt I will ever find them! My two cousins like to take that kind of stuff and either disappear it for good, or break it. >>; Especially considering the younger one had a thing with scissors for a while there, I shudder to think! She chopped up my cat and ferret leashes and harnesses, and a dog harness and two leashes... x.x Not to mention got a hold of my custom made purse...I don't like purses, but this one was neat and was a present from someone. It was blue with a wolf etched into it, made from deer skin and rabbit fur if I'm not mistaken. I hate things made out of real animal bits, but when it's from a hunter who uses -everything- it's ok. lol I wonder if I can find the rest of that and get a photo of it, the purse is still in one piece if she hasn't gotten a hold of it again. >_>; She got mad when I took something of mine from her and flushed my white gold ring with small diamonds and a large tanzanite stone in it. -cry- You know, that little blonde cutie I showed that looks like an angel who could never do anything bad...she's not. >_>; lol

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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Oh dear. . that one is naughty! Do take a picture of the purse. Sounds. . . unique!
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STILL cleaning through my computer files. . . finally found the missing pet pictures!

This is my lil' baby Oni, technically Oni Otoko ;) We brought him home just before Christmas of 2012, just a lil' kitten. . . his mom was a pregnant stray and he and his siblings needed a home. ONE look at him and I just knew he was the one for us. I was right, too. He is hands-down the BEST cat I've ever met. . . perfect combo of chill and snarky to survive in this house. He's AMAZING with the little ones, lets them get away with murder, but will put them in their place with a swat or a well-placed nip when it's deserved - yet has never broken skin. He doesn't hide when new people come to the house, and he knows how to push me around when he wants my attention. Literally. He's strong, and will often knock books out of my hand to get some love! Oni really seems to like the tank, and will spend hours watching the loaches. He's ALWAYS interested during water-changes, even though he doesn't like getting wet - which somehow happens every time. He loves being on top of things, and often gets himself stuck on top of open doors, curtain rods, and in the rafters in the basement. He also likes being inside of boxes and paper bags. I'm his number one person, but Oni also has a particularly strong bond with my youngest, who is two. Their favorite game is to play 'boats.' The baby gets a box, or a laundry basket, Oni hops in, and she pushes him all around the house. They'll play boats for HOURS. He also plays 'baby' with the kids, which involves tuck-ins, and hair bows as often as not. . . I have dogs. I love my dogs. But I am owned by my cat. And I am so his.

This is Smith, also known as Smiffles or Smoot. We got Smith right around Christmas of 2006, another rescue. Another pregnant stray. Smith and her siblings were born in the cold without a home, and had pneumonia... I was working in a pharmacy at the time, and made sure to get the puppy meds mixed and out the door asap whenever they came in. . . but most of the puppies died. When they were finally better there were only two left out of a litter of 6. Smith, then known as Little Debby, came home with me. Her sister, Sara Lee went home with a good friend and then-coworker of mine. But I didn't want a dog named after a snack-cake. Cuz' that's just weird. Smith is a lovely mutt, she's a Lab/Chow/Shepard mix, and the most loyal dog I've ever known. She is as attached to the kids as can be, and has helped six babies take their first steps. She sits patiently with a 'why me' expression when the little ones swarm her, wears feather boas like it's nothing, and won't even move when surrounded by crawlers in the "OMG! EYES!" phase. It's fair, they feed her their Cheerios, and she's their friend for life. When my two were infants, Smith would fuss over them and guard their door while they slept. If they were to wake, she'd go into a panic and come find me lassie-style at their first peep. I didn't even need my baby monitors with Smiffles around. She views the world with a slightly baffled 'I'm trying so hard to understand' expression, and always thinks she must be in trouble for something. Her goofy expression is only enhanced by her giant ears - one goes up, and the other flops down. As sweet as she is, there's a vicious attack dog inside of her waiting to come out if she feels it's needed. . . she has vicious little Chow teeth, and knows how to defend her people. Like the time those city workers made the mistake of coming into our yard without permission. She had all 7 BIG men frozen in fear, and I do believe she might have killed them if they took one more step toward me. Yes, you can check my power lines - next time knock. . . Smith always comes along with me and the girls when we go for morning walks in the woods. Good ol' Smiffles.

Our other mutt is Toots, also known as The Toot. Technically, her name is Tootsie, but I had nothing to do with that one. . . Toots is my husband's dog, I married into their family almost 11 years ago, and she has never *quite* gotten over the fact that I took 'her place' in the bed. She's as arrogant as a dog can be, more like a cat than my cat is. She's always done just as she pleases. Though she's trained perfectly, she responds to 'commands' with an air of "I'll be there when I get there. . . if I HAVE to." Very different from her 'sister' Smith, who falls over herself to please us. Tooder is an old girl, pushing 14 this year. She used to be all black except for a patch on her chest and the 'socks' on her feet, but now she's a salt and pepper pup. As far as kids are concerned, she'd really rather not, and avoids them at all costs. These days she's happy to lay around and not do much of anything. Can't really blame her for that! Toots was adopted from a shelter when she was a puppy, and they have her down as a lab/pointer mix. In spite of her ridiculous 'I'm the boss' attitude, Toots is a really sweet old girl. I can't imagine my life without her in it, and I hope she has many years ahead of her. . .

So there you go. . . my three furry brats :) I love them. Hopefully I'll find some other fun pictures to share as I whip my photos into shape. This is proving to be quite an overwhelming task. It might be helpful if I just didn't TAKE any new shots until I sorted through the old ones? . . . naaaaaah!

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Jes your photos are all so beautiful!
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