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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)

This is a discussion on Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;) within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Good lord, no children yet! Maybe one day I will add them to my little zoo. :D Originally Posted by Chesherca When did you ...

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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)
Old 03-09-2013, 06:37 PM   #391
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Good lord, no children yet! Maybe one day I will add them to my little zoo. :D

Originally Posted by Chesherca View Post
When did you get the super-human strength to lift a giant tree?!
Look very carefully at the photo........
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Old 03-09-2013, 06:53 PM   #392
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Not only does she have super-human strength(And a very good looking boxer)...she can FLY! =O

No kids for me either...I think I'm kidded out. x.x I used to want like ten of them, but then people started bringing their untrained pet----ahem, kids over and I lost my want. >>; Let me tell you...my little cousins were here a few days ago, they wrecked the upstairs because nobody was watching them. Their moms left them to be watched by my uncle, he decided to do as always: Sleep on couch with TV on. They had every blanket, towel, toy and odd bob all over the upstairs. I have NEVER seen such a mess, worse than tornado wreckage without the dead buildings. I walked out of my room and into a PUDDLE...well, it was a bowl of water. They had a water fight with squirt toys and bowls of water everywhere, I couldn't even get out of my room. I kinda stared around and said "What happened here...=-=?" LITERALLY just rolled out of bed wondering about the noise. Four hours of sleep. Blah. And the little one yelled "WELL, HAYLEIGH WANTED TO PLAY! SHE TOOK IT ALL DOWN HERSELF!" Of course Hayleigh got into an arguement with her about the blame...I could not form words...All I managed to do was stutter for ten minutes before I finally got out "You played with it too so...you...gah, I don't care anymore, it'll be cleaned up completely before you leave, or you're not leaving or eating dinner until it's done." >_>; And of course the older girls mom is kinda LIKE THAT, so she just told them to shove it all out of the way and they left. I cleaned it up. x.x Yeah...I'm gonna be like a grandma, no kids, I'll just occasionally enjoy others' kids.

Yeah, sorry guys, I haven't taken many new photos not of my tanks lately. ^^; I...I feel so ashamed I have no new pet photos to put up. I've been angry with my ferrets(Only with Cooper really), they've been keeping me up at night scratching the cage for hours at a time. GRR! Boomer has been kinda like...Meh, I'll just lay here or go get wet in the snow...where I do not want to go. >>; And Alanna has ditched me for the guest room and grandma's room. I dunno why. I thought cats liked clean...I cleaned my room and she was like "YOU SUCK" and leaves me daily for the rumpled up guest room. =( It's currently being used as storage for holiday stuffs, mostly tablecloths and towels and rugs..you get the point. lol She comes back when she's hungry and purrs and ruuuuubs on me and meows...I feel so used. xD That's a cat for you!

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Old 03-09-2013, 07:30 PM   #393
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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
Look very carefully at the photo........

HAHA! I saw it - THAT was sarcasm. Doesn't translate very well in text *giggle* Loved it!

LOL, Sylver - you've put up MORE pictures than the rest of us combined (especially me)! Take a break, and get some sleep! Naughty little 'rats!'
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Old 03-09-2013, 08:04 PM   #394
Sylverclaws's Avatar
Nah, it's Saturday, it's snowy...we have no food. LOL We have food, just nothing I want, anything I do must be cooked. >>; I'm gonna spend my night catching up on anime(Mostly Bleach since I already caught up on Naruto and ran out of better shows to watch, yes, I know, they're over-rated but awesome when you're really bored), instead of sleep. When I wanna sleep. I'll just dump the brats off in the other room with some food, water and blankets. I've run out of shows to watch though. xD I think I hit obsessed fan level when I was ten, started saving my allowance for anime, I had a collection of over 300 full series' within five years or so...and then by the time I was 22 I had closer to 800...and then when I moved I asked grandma to ship it all over...she THREW IT IN THE TRASH! Said it looked like old stuff and didn't think I wanted it. I told her to send me my money back(For the shipping) so I could buy a gun to shoot myself. >_>; Kidding of course, but good lord. =___=; I told asked her if she knew she just tossed a few thousand dollars in the garbage and she flipped out. xD

I'll see about snow pics tomorrow for you guys. No promises though. =p I don't have any boots, just slip-on shoes, going out there sucks. xD
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Old 03-11-2013, 07:29 PM   #395
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Well, Benni is still being a little Infart to Alanna, but she's gotten used to our dog to the point she'll walk right over to him and get a sniff. =) She still slaps him when he sticks his face in hers, but she doesn't hiss, puff or freak out, I think it's more playful slapping. LOL Benni is just a big meanie.

Ok, so spam time. I promised I would!

Anywho, last night I got photos of Alanna messing with my soda box. I wanted a photo of her with her head in there, but she refused when I had the camera, I even tried to be sneaky.
Haha, she was sure playful last night. She gets extremely wild every night and runs around for an hour, sounds like a herd of turtles downstairs. And yes, you can see my tank, but it's a photo of my cat, I SWEAR! I have tanks in just about every angle of my room, so I'm stuck. =p

Yeah, she has kinda odd eyes. Even when she's not half blinking one. They look normal sometimes, other times she looks like she has a lazy eye, or like her eyes are too big for her head or something...I dunno, can't figure it out. xD

Haha, here's Boomer and Benni. They do this alll the time. =)

Yeah, I have no idea what that creature is in the background, too big to be a cat, unless it's a mountain lion. It's at least three feet high, and if it were another dog I'm sure Boomer woulda noticed...Could be anything though, who knows. I never saw anything. xD Neither did the dog.

Haha, Benni on grandma's lap with his head on Boomers. :3

I think there's a space problem here...not sure though. Those two, believe it or not, hated each other. Well, Boomer likes everyone, Maggie the lab...she was MEAN when we got her. She outright attacked Boomer a few times. We were told she was good with other dogs, she was not. lol I worked with her a bit and she got over it, but Boomer was always a bit timid of her after she tried to kill him for just being there. ^^; He did try to play though, but he wouldn't let her near, she'd just push in and sleep with him when she was cold though.
Ah, also, good shot so people can see Boomer is NOT as small as people think he is from other photos. Maggie was a 123 pound labrador retriever. =) He was taller than her by about four inches.

Yeah, Benni and Boomer again. Those two just crack me up.

Hey mama, someone has been sleeping in MY bed too, and they're still there!

Boomer used to get cold easily. lol

Ah, Leo and my baby cousin when I first got him. He loved kids, and he was fat from living in a cage for six months, I don't think he got that fat with us, but he certainly wasn't thin. lol

Boy he loved her, and he was the first cat that ever did like her because she was just evil to cats. Soon after this, and we told her "If you're mean to him he'll not like you anymore just like Benni." But she went and beat him with a flyswatter when I was making her lunch. >_>; He came to hang out with her and she hid under the counter and just beat him, I was so mad she got a half hour time-out. Leo never liked her again. lol He'd even bite if she came near. He had no problems with any other kid. He did with my nephew, but he would pull his ears, being only one years old and all. Leo forgave him. ^^;

Hehe. He was so cute. I sure miss that cat.

Ah, this was only a week after we got Leo, if that. Everyone gets along with Boomer. ^_^
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Old 03-12-2013, 02:32 PM   #396
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Just catching up a bit on this thread, lol. I had a kitty named Myrrh too :D

Just to go with the theme of selfies on page 38, I have a pic from my senior year with my friends and I, it was homecoming week and the theme that day was 'movie character'.
We cheated a little bit though, haha. We used it as an excuse to be zombies.
I'm the one in the middle with the brown jacket being pulled open.
Attached Images
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Old 03-12-2013, 02:49 PM   #397
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Heehee, YEAH, ZOMBIES! ;) Very cute, lol!
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Old 03-13-2013, 01:26 AM   #398
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I think the best part about this photo of Benni is what the box says. Haha. I once caught him in a soda box with only his back feet and tail sticking out when he was still growing, it's so funny. His bum was always sticking out of things. He'd play hide and seek and all you'd see is that orange butt hanging out from behind a pillow or blanket. It's like "I can't see you, so you can't see me."
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Old 03-13-2013, 06:26 AM   #399
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*giggle* Cats + boxes = LOVE! My kitty will allow the kids to drag him all around the house, as long as he's in a box, nothing can phase him. . . what goofy babies they are!
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Old 03-13-2013, 04:22 PM   #400
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lol Benni will let you carry him around in a bag. He's not big on being pushed around in a box though, not unless eh's really playful. Otherwise the sound of it sliding on the floor scares him.

He WILL, however, let me drag him around the house several times if he's on a blanket. lol If he falls off going around a corner, he runs and jumps right back on it to continue his ride. Leo used to do the same thing.
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