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Wow, you're right, Chesh! It looks just like a young American Kestrel. I've never seen one before, haven't heard of it before either I don't think. ^^; They definitely live here in Colorado too.
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10 points for MEEEEEEE! ;) Pretty things. . .
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TEN points indeed. Someone on Yahoo Answers also said the same thing and I gave him/her ten points. LOL But thanks for that, we were really curious. My grandpa was a bit thrilled we had such a bird visiting our home. =) Haven't seen one, that I know of, since then though. That was taken a couple years ago, and it was indeed cold. I think it may have been around Fall, but I'm not positive.

We get a lot of different kinds of hawks, falcons, the occasional bald eagle, saw two red-tailed hawks before, and a few types of owls, it's a real treat to be able to catch them on camera. ^_^
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Was having a little fun and thought I'd add a picture that I already shared but with a slight alteration...

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I just LOVE this shot (and the other one) So ridiculously cute!
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Well, I have to make up for my absence here in this thread by spamming. :3

lol I love having cats that are comfortable enough to sleep on their backs. Leo was especially good at it.

Benni isn't bad either. Here he is at about ten-twelve weeks old or so. Maybe younger.

Yup, he still does it. LOL

Alanna does it too. xD

Geez, why does everyone do this? lol I thought it was a dog thing, but Boomer doesn't drink out of the toilet unless it's really hot and someone else drank all his water. ALL of my cats aside from Myrrh did this kind of thing, even Alanna does it:

This is Leo about two days after I got him...he didn't understand other cats don't normally like other cats...Yeah. >>; She was just noisey though, Myrrh never puffed up. Leo loved everyone and every thing.

And here's Benni during SUPER fat phase...you can see why, he thought he was being sneaky in the dark and eating all of Myrrh's food. Obviously Myrrh isn't happy about it, but hey, she looked good for a 17 year old cat, eh? LOL He always steals food from everyone else, look at that gut!

Here Benni is as a teenager, he still does this, it's so cute.

Oh yeah, Myrrh looked good for an old lady. She was about 19 here. Unfortunately later that year she lost a lot of weight and got sick, she died at the ripe old age of twenty! Spoiled kitty she was, look at her. =p

Yeah, I know, I missed a perfect shot of him. lol

Ah, found the first photo I got of Ren outside her cage the day after I bought her...my gosh, she really did look like a scruffy rat like grandma said! I never saw that until I saw the photo and compared it to her now. lol

She's no scruffy rat anymore, eh? She got a lot lighter colored. So did Cooper. lol But he gets darker in the summer, I don't think Ren really changes that much anymore though, I'll have to compare photos next year.
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Ouh, just to make things better...I found an old photo of me. LOL I had tried to dye my hair darker with a tad red in it since it was too blonde after I dyed it previously...and we flubbed and it came out WAAY too dark. My narutal hair color is strawberry blonde...well, it's darker now, so maybe smokey blonde/red. I dunno. But here. Buwahahaha...let's see everyone elses bad hair day teen pics and whatnot...although I was 23-24 in this photo, not a teen. >_>;; I don't think I've ever looked creepier though.

And here's me in my christmas pajamas when I was 18-19. Yes, NOW I show you teenager me pics. I think I was anyways...with my REAL hair color. >>; Yeah, I was into that look up at camera photo things, makes you look less fat when you're fat. ^^;;;

And here's me last year, or two years ago now, I can't recall....when I got over it. Kinda bright though, but yeah. x) I'm kinda totally a geek and I don't get enough sun. Sun hates me, it fries me up crispy-critter.

Uh, yes, that is all me, my real hair...not in a costume or anything. I was trying to make a depressed friend feel better when we talked online through the camera. I make Cousin IT look bald. :3

The only really old photos and teenager pics I have of me...are unfortunately pics of pics. >>;

What happened, right? LOL

Obviously my older brother happened. xD

He...he almost died after he gave me ears in that last photo. >_>; I was giving him the "You know what, you suck" talk. LOL

See, I freakin fried crispy-critter from that beach photo with evil older brother! I couldn't even smile. And yeah, I'm about 16 here...I think I look younger NOW than I did then. >_>; It's my second oldest brother, me and my grandma.

Ugh, I know, awful photos of photos and smeared...but this was the dog I grew up with, his name was Hobbes. =) He was about 12 in this photo, he lived to about 14, I was 16 when he died. Keep in mind, most of these old photos are anywhere from ten to twenty years old. >>;

Remember that time I told you guys I broke out in evil spots? Well, when Leo died, I really broke out in hives bad.
Yes, I know, it's awful...but kinda interesting. Have you ever seen anyone break out in hives so bad before? =o I wonder if I should viewer discretion this one. lol It started out as my arms, legs and chest, and then the next morning it was everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Even in my ears, that was the worst. x.x I was one big spot, except for this tiny area in the middle of my left arm, it didn't break out until the other spots cleared up. That was actually kinda funny, it was like..."Just to spite you, I'm gonna swell up and itch now!"

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Sylver, you're so funny! I don't have any pictures of me in my younger days scanned into the computer. It's been on my to-do list for EVAH to have a scan-day and get everything pre-digital digitized. Hm. That might not happen until the kids are in highschool at this rate! I do have a couple of pics of me on Photobucket already, tho. . .

I *guess* you could call this a bad hair day, lol! It's hard to see cuz' I'm in my sister's car, but my hair was blue with. . . weird things hanging off of it, lol! Just parking for Otakon over the summer!

Here's a series of self-portraits I did. . . again, over the summer. . . and a couple with my little big girl, who was making me laugh the whole time and mis-fire my camera, lol!

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You so pretty Chesh. Pretty little girl too, she looks like one of those "Could never be anything but sweet" kids, but those are usually little stinkers the other half of the time. lol

OTAKON! I've been trying to get there for years. A bunch of my friends go yearly, and I've never once been to a con. =( Otakon and AX are the two I'd like to go to the most. lol Does this mean you're an anime fan...or just like the fun? =p

Hm, the photo of your gorgeous eyes made me remember I entered mine into a contest for prettiest eyes and won. Dunno how though. xD Lemme see if I can find that silly photo...it probably wasn't all that great. >_>; I do have very nice blue eyes, probably my favorite part of me. You can see from my photos I've have big crooked front teeth since I was like three. xD
There it is, stupid flash, stupid tiredness. lol That was when I was an insomniac, still am sometimes. ^^;

Here's how they look when not bloodshot. Oddly enough my eyes change colors to different shades of blue, but when they're bloodshot they're always gonna look brighter. xD My eyes have changed from grey to, well, what would you call the color of the top photo? Sapphire? Occasionally they get a hint of green in there, but not often. My friends husband had very blue eyes, but you KNEW when he was mad even if he didn't say anything because his eyes would turn green. It's very weird, if not a bit cool. lol

Oh my gosh, my geek photos. Haha, three years ago I believe...I dunno anymore. x.x Yeah I know, I'm photogenic today. ^^; Spammy more like, but I found old ones of me, and of me and my ex from a few years ago I feel the sudden urge to put up...probably because I've been awake for a day and a hald and I'm out of my mind. =p

This is me and my ex, he kept making me laugh, I'ma smack him. Haha. Oh, no he's not drugged(EVERYONE says that!). I was extremely sick when I was there, this was after I'd been on antibiotics a while and looked better...he, however, was up ALL THE TIME trying to take care of me, he's tired. Poor guy. <3 For the life of me I couldn't aim the camera right and he was making fun of me. xD

This one came out pretty good, accept I STILL couldn't get him all the way in without cutting me out...huh, was it on purpose....>___>;

Geez, look at me. I've got a lot of those evil viewer discretion photos. No, I can't recall which one this was exactly! It may have been the time I fell off the roof and banged my face on the table, or the time I wiped the floor with some teenagers picking on my dog and one smacked me with a two by four. x.x Buit how's THAT for a doosy? Didn't really hurt after the first day, but it looked worse daily for about a week. Well, either way, it's about five-six years old. lol

I'ma go to bed so I don't take over the thread even more. Ha! I've found my old photos. :3 I feel....photo-y.

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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HAHA! Your high ex boyfriend makes me laugh. . . you have very pretty eyes, mine do the same thing. They're blue, but go grey, and get a greenish cast every once in a while. Change slightly with my moods. . . three cheers for old photos!

Oh! I go to Otakon because I like anime, and I like the fun, AND I like taking pictures of crazy people. . . bonus, it's less than a half-hour away!

And thank you! That's my older girl, 5 years old now. . . and you nailed it! Suuuuper sugary sweet when she isn't busy being a brat! *sigh* The little one is the opposite, though. A total Momma's girl, she's a month shy of 3 and STILL is a meanie to everyone but me, half the time lol! She needs to grow out of it - soon!
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