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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)

This is a discussion on Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;) within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> My grandpa also LOVES rats, and he adores my ferrets, did from day one...though he was annoyed I went and bought Ren without permission. ...

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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)
Old 02-25-2013, 04:30 PM   #361
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My grandpa also LOVES rats, and he adores my ferrets, did from day one...though he was annoyed I went and bought Ren without permission. >_>; But then, everything loves my grandpa, and he also loves all living critters to my knowledge...That said, he is a horrible smart-alic about everything. LOL

I'd go for ferrets. But they're expensive...much more forgiving with children though, and slightly less easy to damage, easy to teach with. I've found most ferrets bought young have some kind of fascination with children. Both of mine do, though Cooper was a bit more timid because of the noise, Ren is always right there in the middle of it. LOL So we had to really be careful and teach my little cousin how to hold, and not to do so without supervision, and that she wasn't allowed out of our sight to play with them...which made her angry. LOL Ren loved her so much from the start it was just amazing to see. She saw this little girl and it was as if a magnet had pulled her over, she couldn't let her be and she's very gentle with children.
They're expensive though, about as much as a cat since they need similar shots, and need to have a buddy if you're not going to be able to play with them daily. They DO like to be out for at least a couple hours per day, but they usually wont complain if they have a big cage to play and sleep in with each other. :3
I would like to have a pair of rats, but I am not allowed rodents when I have ferrets. It's sometimes a built-in instinct for them to try and kill rodents. That said...Ren is afraid of them, but Cooper found a rat in the house and annihilated it after hunting it down. One of our silly cats brought it in and let it go. Poor thing. x.x I make a point to catch and release the little critters that get in or are brought in, but he REALLY wanted it dead, hunted it right down and fought it. Scared me, I had no idea my little fat, slow in the head stinker was such a hunter. He brought it to me like a cat would and was all "See mom? You don't have to worry! I'll make sure they stay gone! Have a present!" x.x lol It's the same with birds.

I keep saying if anything ever happens to my fish, I gotta use the aquariums for something. lol I think a turtle would be ok with ferrets, but I dunno if anything else would. I'm sure I could always find some little critter to adopt that would be safe in the same house, so long as it's not a rodent. =P I'd never chance such a thing after seeing how Cooper ran it down. It didn't have a chance, but I can at least say the poor creature didn't feel anything.

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Old 02-25-2013, 08:11 PM   #362
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I LOVE ferrets, but I can't keep them :( Their scent bothers my husbands asthma really badly, unfortunately. He's allergic to every animal there is - probably fish somehow, too - but some are worse than others. Ferrets and bunnies are at the head of the list *cries* He did okay with rats, though. And. . . I dunno, Rose was SO super sweet and great with kids. She NEVER nipped at them, or showed signs of wanting to get away. Seemed to enjoy the fun. They weren't OUR kids then, though, so it might be different if it were an all the time thing. I also love guinea pigs, they're really gentle and nice with kids. Husby doesn't like them much, though. And I always ended up getting hamsters and gerbils that were a bit mean, mice, too - so those littler guys are out. They also irritate my husband's allergies more than rats. Not getting any new pets (unless they're wet!) any time soon, tho I was *THIS CLOSE* to getting him one this year for Vday/his birthday - they're really close together. *THIS CLOSE* My 20 gallon long used to be Rose's cage, lol. Maybe one day one of her 'cousins' will live in there again!
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Old 02-25-2013, 08:49 PM   #363
Sylverclaws's Avatar
lol Most rodents, or any animal really, need to be socialized young with children. But sometimes you get those extra sweet ones. We had a rat named Templeton in elementary school, he also was very good with kids, and obviously ALL the time. So if you get a nice sweet rat, or two, I am sure they'll be fine with your kids so long as they're gentle with them in turn. =) Rats are VERY smart, and can be some of the most loving of small pets.

My gerbil was naturally sweet, and I got her young, so that was easy enough. I was only about seven when I got her, so eh. =p As for my hamsters...they were sweet, but they did bite for the first week I had them. They got used to me though and ended up some of my best little buddies. Unfortunately both the gerbil and the hamsters met their fate with my cat, worst thing for me ever! =( Especially being so young and being the one to see it happen...except my little male hamster, I found what was left of him. I was gonna beat the cat...but a cat will be a cat. And she was a sneaky huntress and not at fault at all.
My mice on the other hand, it's kinda so-so with them. They need a lot of socializing and can get really mean if they have babies. Mine were always having babies. ^^; I was always giving them to kids at school or getting more aquariums for them to house in. LOL Socializing babies can also be so-so, some take to it kindly, others bite constantly until they figure it out. x.x But I had some extremely sweet mice, especially with the boys. :3 Woody(A nice light brown mouse) and Alpa(short for Alpine, he was albino), were my best buddies! Sweeter mice you'd never meet. Never even nipped me in the years I had them. Harry was also sweet, he had a white lightning bolt on his forehead and was all dark brown with a creamy brown belly, hence the name Harry. lol He was the son of Woody and one of my white females who was...rather nasty to say the least. She'd attack me for putting my hand in to feed them, she started sweet though...but sometimes when they have babies, that temperament changes...sometimes for good. I NEVER could tame her up again after her first litter, she only had two before I completely separated the boys and girls. Even went so far as to give her her own place and try to tame her up daily, my fingers were so sore I gave up after a few months. x.x
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Old 02-27-2013, 06:02 AM   #364
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I know it's not a video thread, but Sylver... you gotta post your ferrets + snow = LOVE vid up to share with the others. LMAO!
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Old 02-27-2013, 11:47 AM   #365
Sylverclaws's Avatar
LOL Alright, but only this once or it wont be fair. =p Let's have everyone get a freebie, shall we? =p I'll put up those two hilarious vids, including the snow one I showed Chesh yesterday. We had a few blizzards and I thought we'd make the best of it. Went up to my knees in cold snow for that stuff. But Ren doesn't fit in any harnesses and she's the snow fiend, contrary to what the video shows, Cooper usually DOESN'T like the cold stuff as much. So I brought it inside in a tub and used my own fuzzy blanket to keep what I could off the floor, and give them a place to warm up when they got too cold. You see Cooper's nose looks so red at one point. lol ^^;
Also have one from a few weeks ago, the night before Leo died. The ferrets were being crazy and happy in my grandmas room(which was also what made me think Leo was sick even though he wasn't acting sick yet, he didn't want to play and that is very unusual), her room is a real treat for them since they aren't allowed in often or for very long. And yes, the noise in the background was my little cousin playing in the shower. ;D Anywho, it's a happy fun video! I just will always remember it as the night before the worst day of my life, unfortunately. ^^l

First stop: The Snow. Sorry, lotta noise since grandma always blasts the TV, she was watching The Incredible Dr. Pol. lol I like the show as well. And yeah, I suppose when you're a farmer, that is most practical. x.x Hard as it is....I also apologize for all my heavy breathing, a friend pointed out I've been doing it a lot, for some reason I've had a lot of trouble this year, most likely due to the fires last Summer. I personally haven't noticed it physically, so it' snot too bad, just a bit heavy and wheezy. ^^;

Next stop, fun in grandma's room:
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Old 02-27-2013, 01:20 PM   #366
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*GRINS* Ferrets are SO CUTE when they go all nutty-like. . . which is pretty much all the time, lol!
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Old 02-27-2013, 08:32 PM   #367
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Saw you guys discussing rats/ferrets. I've had both, and they really are flippin' adorable. Saw someone mention them grooming and reminded me of my raccoon babies. My mom and I volunteered for a few years at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic, and fostered baby raccoons/squirrels/opossums/bunnies at our house.

Raccoons LOVE to groom you, they run their paws through your hair, snuffle their little noses, and stick their hands/noses in your ears. It's really cute, but they have a bad habit of also chewing on your ears, haha. I have a picture of one of my girls (I can't remember if this is Princess or Paris, this was two years ago) as I was feeding her some live shrimp. I also gave her some minnows but they couldn't care less.
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Old 02-27-2013, 09:31 PM   #368
Sylverclaws's Avatar
I love raccoons! They are adorable and cute. Tough little boogers too. And very clean, they like clean and cleaning. =) We have wild ones around here, rarely see them though. I had one walk right up to me when I was sitting at the end of the street one evening, I don't think he knew I was there, I was holding very still. Well, he knew I was there, but I don't think he knew I was alive. I had heard if you scare them, they -might- attack. But when he got too close I didn't have much choice but to tell him to shoo, and he fled across the street and up a tree. I apologized to him for it. lol Not that he cared. I just didn't expect him to walk right up to me like that, so I didn't move thinking he'd move on.
I also had one sneak up on me when I was sitting outside watching a meteor shower. It came right up to me, grabbed my hair tie and took off with it. But then he took off with it and half my hair. >>; My dog saw him through the window and slammed into it. LOL I didn't even realize it was a raccoon until it fled like that, I thought someone was messing with me. ^^; Little brat got my hair tie! But at least nobody got injured, you never know with wild animals...well, aside from my hair, nobody got injured. >>;

We also have skunks, but you see them less often than raccoons. I've only had the displeasure of meeting one. My dog trapped it just off the porch, I went to peek around at what he was barking at and got sprayed right in the face. He was yipping and crying and still barking at it. LOL I actually didn't ever really see it, all I saw was a really long-haired fluffy tail in the dark. Now my dog probably wouldn't have hurt it, but he is rude about walking up and sniffing things. >_>; He got sprayed at least three times and I got hit twice. The third hit the house. My brother came up half an hour later gagging and coughing. Gahaha. Oddly enough, the stench of skunk doesn't make me ill like it does to most people, but it's very unpleasent when it's on you. Boomer and I got a tomato bath, and that only cut the stench a bit, it didn't fix it. >>;

We also get possums and coyotes and foxes, and very rarely, we get mountain lions passing through. I got some paw print photos of a youngsters paw, it was a little bigger than my hand, so it wasn't an adult. But I've seen them on a handful of occasions over the last twenty years here. My first meeting with a mountain lion was on my porch in the middle of the night/early morning when I was six years old. I looked out the window because my dog had his fur up and was growling and face to face with a lion. Big glowing eyes andnice sharp teeth...I screamed, it screamed louder, I ran up and jumped in bed with my grandparents yelling "There's a saber tooth tiger on the porch!" LOL I had nightmares for years after that. >>; Not only because of what happened, but it kept coming back and screaming in our front yard at stupid hours of the morning.

I initially thought this bird was a robin with that orange belly, but I don't think it was. It was much smaller than most I've seen, though I do know they can be pretty small on occasion, and some get big. I raised one that got absolutely huge. We named him Early after the beanie baby. He came back yearly and would always visit us. He never would let anyone touch him, and that's exactly how I wanted it. But he remembered where he came from. ^_^ This little bird had a much different face and beak, but it's possible! Something just doesn't seem robinly about it. lol It had green, white and black markings on its face.

If anyone knows what kind of bird this is, I'd love to know. No robins here have a face like that!

Aha, look what I found. We don't normally get heavy fog here, usually it's more of a light misty fog, or big time haze...but this was taken one morning when I went to get the paper...that light you see is actually our porch light from ten feet away, looks further, yeah? Thick as pea soup, as they say. I couldn't find the paper, to say the least. Couldn't find the door for a bit either. >>;

Snow tree. :3
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Old 02-27-2013, 10:38 PM   #369
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Haha, raccoons are clean until you get them in your house. They love to groom people and themselves, but they also love to play with their food. We had a raccoon who we gave cheerios in KMR, and he would 'kill' them on the tile. Meaning he would jump on them, smoosh them, and rub them all over the place. They also love to shred curtains .___. They're fun and playful, but they should never be pets. They need to whole wide world to keep them entertained. We only ever kept one, and it was because she was blind from birth. We tried to release her, we gave her the option, but she refused to leave.

Raccoons aren't usually scared of people. We had a mother and baby came up and eat out of the cat food dish for what was our feral cat (I tamed her, eventually) right next to us, and walk right under our feet. Can't believe one would steal your hair tie though! So funny, if a bit scary haha.

Random fact, raccoons don't actually 'wash' their food like most people think. Raccoons main sense is touch (like people use eyesight, dogs use their noses...etc), and they identify objects by how they feel and how they react to certain stimulus. Such as, will it melt/dissolve in water. They also roll objects around in sand if it's available. It's also not because they don't have saliva, I've gotten enough coon kisses and slobber to know that firsthand, haha.

We have packs of coyotes, we can hear them singing at night. They used to stick towards the farmlands at the back of our neighborhood, but they've been coming closer and closer towards the suburbs. We've seen them on occasion.

I absolutely adore possums, they're incredibly smart. It makes me sad that people hate them, a wild possum carries less diseases than a household dog or cat. They're immune to rabies and most other diseases. They eat insects, rats, mice, and just about any other critter most people don't want on their property. And yet people constantly trap and kill them :/

Also, one more note. Just because a raccoon is out during the day, does not mean that it has rabies. Many raccoons will venture out during the day, especially if food as scarce or they're new mothers and trying to feed their young. We've had too many horror stories of people brutally murdering raccoons just because they're out during the day, and when they're sent off to be tested they come back negative for rabies. It's incredibly sad.
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Old 02-28-2013, 09:12 AM   #370
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Great shots, you two!

That raccoon is soooooo cute! It's hard not to want to keep it as a pet, lol! Very cool that you and your mother got to experience working with animals in your hope like that - even if it got a bit messy at times, lol!

Sylver... I could be very wrong on this one, but that looks like a lil' baby American Kestrel to me, they're one of (if not the) smallest falcon species in the states. . . he seems to have the right grey/blue coloring, with the 'red' breast. . . and the vertical eye-stripes are a giveaway, though it doesn't look like all of his markings/barring has come in yet (plus he's all fluffed up to stay warm). pretty little thing, for sure! I have this image of you getting lost in the fog trying to find your own house, lol. . . so you ;)
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