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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)

This is a discussion on Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;) within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> my turtle is a RES. i rescued him from someone who was keeping him in 10 gal tank full of water. and that was ...

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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)
Old 02-20-2013, 05:34 AM   #331
my turtle is a RES. i rescued him from someone who was keeping him in 10 gal tank full of water. and that was all. poor little guy. he has grown a lot in the 2 years that ive had him. he loves to go outside. and he loves watching ppl.
sad about your turtles.
i got to take care of the turtles and tortises at my zoo. not a kepper. they are the educational animals, but we did have a juvinile Aldabra tortise.
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Old 02-21-2013, 02:36 AM   #332
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Well, my cat tortured me allll night last night, I have proof! >_>; So I got payback today. lol Benni trapped her again, he always "Guards" the area where she is that has the best escape route...and sometimes he does so until he falls asleep. lol He's kinda a brat, but I got a good one of him passed out on their scratching board/hammock that he was clawing at while staring at her earlier...

First up is super giant fat Benni. Believe it or not, he's been on a "Diet" for a few months now...not working because he's a thief. LOL He's sweet, I swear, but he is a bully when it comes to females especially.

And now...I tortured Alanna a bit today, I put Coopers Jester Hat on her. She was...thrilled obviously. LOL Currently plotting my death.

This is WHY I tortured her today...she did this stuff to me all night last night. I can't say it's not unnerving to have a cat suddenly shoot their foot up from under my desk and grab me. x.x

She wanted attention but I was writing...she kept yanking on me and chewing on me...lol Was cute and didn't really hurt.

Ok, time for cuteness:

I like how she sleeps in all manner of odd positions, especially when they lay on their backs with their feet all curled up. x) It's JUST SO CUTE!

This one makes me think she passed out in mid-stretch. lol
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Old 02-21-2013, 04:56 AM   #333
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heehee, kitty! Cats can be such brats when it comes to stuff like that. They ALWAYS want ALL of the attention when you're distracted. *giggle*
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Old 02-23-2013, 10:07 PM   #334
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Meet my furry kids

Well, it was only a matter of time before I found this thread too so here are my current furries to add to the mix:

Pansy and Basil (rhymes with razzle-dazzle, although I'm quite fond of the herb, too):
One, they are hanging together
Two, Pansy is watching her favorite reality show, Feeder Watchers.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg avatar two cats close.jpg (85.8 KB, 23 views)
File Type: jpg avatar pansy squirrel.jpg (115.9 KB, 23 views)
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Old 02-23-2013, 10:17 PM   #335
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Welcome to the thread, Plummy!!! :D

Your furrababies are super cute - are they siblings?! They look a lot alike. . . looks like they really have a great view from that window seat, my cat would never leave if he had a bird feeder right outside of the window to watch! Between the fish and the birdies, those poor little babies must be going nutty ;) "WANT TO HAS IT, PLZ!"
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Perlumia (02-23-2013)
Old 02-23-2013, 10:40 PM   #336
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They are indeed siblings, adopted when they were 15 months old. I would love to have had them as kittens!
And yes, they do enjoy their window with its ever-changing wildlife display. Basil likes to watch the fish; Pansy drinks out of the tanks.
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Old 02-23-2013, 10:55 PM   #337
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I read somewhere recently that cats do that because they HATE chlorinated water. Not sure how true that is, as one of my cats would ONLY drink from the tap. Didn't matter how often we changed her water dish, or even when we got one of those waterfall cat dishes, lol. We had to leave a trickle of water on for her at all times or she'd throw a fit!

My kitty watches the tanks, too - he's especially fond of the loaches, lol. He used to get on top of the tanks until I gave all the tots in my care squirt bottles and instructions to spray him when they saw him on top of the tanks. He learned. Quickly. . . ;)
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Old 02-24-2013, 08:08 AM   #338
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lol My cats all love my tanks as well. Especially Benni. He misses my loaches, I showed you my video of that one, Chesh. LOL
They never get on top of the tanks, but I did have problems with Leo drinking out of my twenty by standing on the desk next to it...and he kept getting sick so I made him stop. >>; Careful with that guys. =p He got a bladder infection and respiratory infection from drinking out of the dirty stuff I vacuumed out. Though it was dirty, that stuff is still in the water, just not as mushed together.

Hehe, yesterday I was cleaning out my camera, and I found a photo that's about ten months old or so. My ferret Cooper, and Leo the Cat were playing up stairs and being nutty, I happened to catch Leo in mid-scratch. lol Unfortunately it was up in the hallway with one light on and all the doors closed, so the lighting is bad and it's a bit smeary. =(
Well, you can see Cooper in the back. Haha, after this, Leo turned and saw him coming over and got all playful-like. They were so cute, always wreslting. Leo LOVED that little ferret, as annoyed with him as he got sometimes. Cooper was ALWAYS climbing on him and nomming at his belly and feet, so Leo had to smack him sometimes. ^_~ They made a big mess up there...Cooper was only about three months old here. :3

And here's one of the birds that nest in the birdhouse on the back porch every year. Always comes out to yell at us. This one was sitting on the pull string for the blinds on the porch. That birdhouse was meant for decoration, not actual use...but they like it. xD

Here's Cooper last Summer, getting a bath in the sink. :3

And this one is literally about half an hour after I brought Cooper home. He was...if I recall correctly, TOO YOUNG, only six weeks and one day old. He was SO tiny it was unbelievable, but he grew extremely fast. lol Ren here is about four months old, maybe five months old at this point, she's very small.
In anycase, Ren is standing over him checking him out. Before I got him to sleep, Ren was free running around the house and Cooper was sleeping under the blanket. But they had met before he went to sleep and she did NOT like him. She actually bit him on the ear and would not release no matter what I did, but she did no real damage, just made us feel bad because he was shrieking. You can see how her ears our, she's not being friendly. ^^; She got over it though, because not only did Cooper get bigger than her within a month, but SHE taught him to play a whole lot rougher than she likes to play. =P Her bad. They're best buddies now. She can still own his fat butt, but he's about twice her size and four times her weight. He takes her down a lot, but she can still beat him up. ^_~
That said, Cooper is about six inches longer than her, and he weights almost five pounds. Ren was stunted because of poor care before I got her, so she's fairly small. She's only about 12 inches long, she should be 18 inches long, and she only weights about a pound and a half. Ah yes, Cooper was neutered FAR too young, before I got him(Which means he was only a couple weeks old, the Marshall Ferret Farm is full of crappy idiot people) so he's smaller as well, but not exactly stunted. He should be closer to 20-22 inches long.

I may have showed this photo before...But this is Cooper stuck in a toilet paper roll. LOL He had done this about five minutes earlier, twice, and I removed them immediately as is proper...And then I went around the house, found all the hundreds of these things and tossed them in the garage. Leo loves those things, he had nests of them. I thought I found them all and removed the...dangerous evil trap, but then one came FLYING down the stairs and Cooper ran for it before I could even say "Gawd Darn It!" Slammed his head right in...so instead of taking it right off, I got a photo of shame. Believe it or not, he never did this again. :3

Well, Benni and Leo WERE asleep until -I- came along with my stupid flashing hand held object of annoyance...to them. :3 Great position, really. LOL
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Old 02-24-2013, 05:28 PM   #339
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Old 02-24-2013, 05:31 PM   #340
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@Silver: I'm so sorry you had to put that beautiful cat down; he reminded me of my Bazzy. My sons loved the pic of the ferret getting a bath in the sink, BTW.
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