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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)

This is a discussion on Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;) within the Off Topic Discussions forums, part of the The Tropical Fish Keeping Community category; --> Very cool! I'd love to give that a try. A close friend of mine does stained glass - something else I've ALWAYS wanted to ...

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Picture thread - no tanks allowed ;)
Old 02-17-2013, 10:54 PM   #321
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Very cool! I'd love to give that a try. A close friend of mine does stained glass - something else I've ALWAYS wanted to try. For me, in truth, I would suck at not breaking the glass. I WOULD get cut... constantly, lol! I'm an artist, and I know I *could* do it, but. . . it simply isn't healthy for me (or my KIDS, who would end up with shards of glass in their feet all the time)

It sucks that you've gotten some nerve damage since then, but you know. . . I still think you should give it a go! I'm sure that when your hands are cooperating, you'd pick it up again pretty quickly, and when they aren't. . . well. . . pet lil' Ally cat instead :D
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Old 02-18-2013, 05:49 PM   #322
Glass art.

you should get back into it. i love glass and encourage all artistic endevours. i did glass in college. i took a class in stained glass and discovered sand blasting in glass. i was addicted and really want tro get back into it. i may look into etching. im sure the supplies are cheaper and a lot eaisier to contain and find a place for. lol. i would love to see your glass and clay. here is the only piece of sand blasting i have left. some pieces mysteriously dissappeared. i had don an iris on mirror, a double sided one of Neptune on a wave and a pheonix in smoked glass that was a votive candle holder. the only one left is my shield crest from my SCA days. it is a mer tiger . i was going to complete it on the front wit banners and my family name, well game name. Ti Gras.Michaels and hobby lobby have etching supplies.if you have on near you, or online. thanks for your inspiration.i should try out etching.

mertiger shield.png

glass mertiger.png

the last pic is a christmas presie for a friend done with an enamle glass pen. i would love to do this in etching.
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Old 02-18-2013, 06:13 PM   #323
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Very nice stuff, Sage! I love the . . .mertiger, lol! My friend who does stained glass also does sand blasting - very neat. . .
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thesagedragon (02-18-2013)
Old 02-18-2013, 06:15 PM   #324
it is so addicting.
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Old 02-18-2013, 06:26 PM   #325
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Lovely indeed. I made a penguin when I did Stained Glass in High School...but one of the kids stole it and I never got it back. I made a big hype about it and almost got suspended. The normally silent kid that let people walk on her almost exploded in rage! They weren't used to seeing me upset. lol ^^; But I can't believe the teachers told me I was the one who lost it and not to blame others for my own mistakes, told me it was MY fault for leaving it with the others where the teacher told us to! =-=; I dropped that class after the little tizzy of blah. >>; Completely lost my nerve, I was very proud of that penguin, it was a perfect foot tall Christmas penguin I was going to give my grandmother as a present. T_T

Lemme see if I can find the clay roses, I'll have to do another post since it'll probably take a while, need food too. lol I'm also gonna see if I can find my unfinished etching and try to remember where I was and complete it. Still need glass acid regardless, not sure where to get it anymore. Maybe Home Depot has it or some other wherehousey store place...
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Old 02-19-2013, 03:48 PM   #326
[ATTACH]WP_000088.jpg[/ATTACH]my non fish pets. Rupbert, RES and Patches, canine.
Attached Images
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Old 02-19-2013, 03:53 PM   #327
patches is attacking her stuffed bear, but her rope decided to play too.she looks vicious, but is not, unless you are a stuffed animal or a 2 liter bottle. but she wont even touch them unless you give it to her.
Rupbert looks like he would bite your finger off, and just might if you stick it in his face, but he is very social and likes being around ppl and watch the activity going on around him.
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Old 02-19-2013, 10:02 PM   #328
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Is that a red eared slider, or a western painted turtle? =o I used to keep turtles when I was a kid, had a western painted and a few box turtles. I stopped getting them because every time a cousin, older or younger, came over, the turtles would vanish. Most were let loose. =-= I was always so mad that they had the NERVE to let their children play with MY pets outside, and then not care when I asked where they were. So yeah, haven't had turtles in a while, I miss that.
I suppose if I ever lose all my fish, which I hopefully wouldn't, I could turn one of my aquariums into a turtle home. =) I like box turtles more than the water ones, pretty as they are. But you can't really take them out as much to play, the oil in your hands can damage their shells and they like being near water more than land. And hey, me with babies: If they ever mated, I'm not sure what I'd do with the eggs. xD I would probably rush research on care for them and raise some cute babies if I got any out of it...that would fun, there's a nice idea. :3 I do so love turtles, and I'm old enough to keep little kid fingers away.
Said box turtles I had: Two of the three I had I actually found in the wild. They can actually thrive here, and do, even in winter though I'm not sure how they manage that. One that I had caught was mean as a snake, and obviously used to be someones(She had a pink J painted on her back)...nobody ever claimed her though. We called her the wannabe snapping turtle, she was a very large box turtle and would bite the life out of anyone that put their hands near. We sorta had a mutual understanding of each other after a while, but then she latched onto my....chest. >>; And I hated her. But I cared for her as well as I could and tried to socialize her, but she was always managing to get my fingers or any other part of me she could reach of not fingers. Man it hurts when they get you, try a giant crawdad pinch times fifty. She vanished in the house one day when we had her out to play, she got out of her play area, we never did find her. Obviously she got out, we always had the back door open for the dog. x.x I'm pretty sure we'da noticed the smell of a dead turtle if she hadn't gotten out. ^^;

The first one I had though, we named both of those girls Heather(Dunno why, I was only six for the first one and nine for the second), a lady had found on the highway of all places and I asked to keep her. She let me after asking for permission from my grandma. I had her for a little over two years before she "disappeared into the petunias" as grandma always says. Never met a nicer turtle! She would sleep with me. :3 Very sweet, careful not to get fingers when bitten, and always happy to hang out. lol I mss her, I dunno why someone would dump the poor thing on the highway, she was very sweet.
Those two were wild turtles anyways, or had been for a short time at least, they know where to go and what to eat, but I still hope someone picked them up and gave them good homes.

As for my third box turtle, it was a boy we named Digger, he loved digging, funny and cute personality he had. I saw him at the petshop when I was eleven and begged for him until mom gave in. I had him for almost six years before my grandma let my six and three year old cousin play with him. The brats let him go out in the backyard when they were not supervised and again, we never did find him. =( So I stopped getting turtles as pets. But that little boy was sweet as can be! Always for being held, cuddling(Yes, even turtles cuddle), and just hanging out like my first turtle did. He had bright red eyes and looked creepy in that sense, but he was a handsome devil. lol

Sorry, got into stories of my little buddies. I sure miss having turtles and lizards around! I have a bit of time for it now...I wonder if I should get myself a little turtle again.
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Old 02-20-2013, 12:48 AM   #329
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Soo...we started out the night like this:

Passed out cold! This is how we started our day...as we do most days.

And then she turned into an evil demon and ATTACKED while I was on here hanging out in the forums. lol It's very hard to get GOOD photos of something right behind you...especially when you know moving might just get your hair yanked out or your back/neck/head clawed....she never does get me, not enough to do harm anyways.

Oh yes, her fur hasn't grown back from being spayed, it's actually worrying me a little bit. Our last cat who had surgery at least had some hair growing in within the week, it's been almost two since Alanna was spayed and it's all skin, not even peach fuzz. =( Oh, that green is a tattoo in case she gets lost and doesn't make it home(She's microchipped so that should never happen), let's the vet know she's been spayed already so they don't have to get invasive to check.

You can see her little gold demon eyes in all but the first photos. Man she is CUTE! She's wild at ngiht though. Really wild, and randomly in the morning too. She just suddenly wakes up from a dead sleep and starts playing, and when she's had enugh of picking on ME, she literally bounces off the walls. Not quite like Chesh said her cat did, but she did once. Mostly she just hits the walls, paws at them, runs across the tables, bed and me(Usually knocks over my lamp and gets in trouble lol), but she did fly off my bed last night and land paws first on the walls, and vollied back to my bed again and went nuts. The wall is about three or four feet from my bed, so that was a heck of a jump!

Did I ever put up the photo of Leo after his bath? Haha, if I didn't, I will now. He would NOT let me dry him, I was following him around with a towel and the camera. xD I take the towel out and he runs, but was apparently fine with the camera until after this shot. He rather enjoyed his bath. He got one because he got out of the house after pa fertilized the yard and he smelled like it, so I gave him a bath for safety sake. I never bathe cats, it's silly. Not unless I have to. ^^; And thankfully Leo is good about it and gets in himself, except this time. I lifted him in twice, but he was good after the warm water hit his back. My other cat Benni, he got into something a while back and needed a bath...no wait, it was Simon when he was a kitten, and he absolutely shredded me. >_>; I pray I never have to give Benni a bath, I'm not sure I'd get too clawed up, Benni is sweet, but you never know! He hates water in true cat fashion.
Anywho, this was a cute photo. lol
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Old 02-20-2013, 05:26 AM   #330
i had a long haired cat that absolutely loved the water. if i ran a bath i had to make sure the door was closed. Dark Star would be in it in a heart beat. she would just kinda float around with her long seal color fur floating like a dark aura around her. she would also try to get in the shower with me, but for sure was in there as soon as i was done. licking all the water. lol her mom was a seal point himilayan and her dad wa a mutt. she turned out all seal colored except a white star on her chest and boots
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