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That's pretty! What do you use to create the water effect?
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jewelry resin. the heart was for my hubby , our 16th wedding anniversary was Valentines day. the pendants with one koi are going on my soon to be up Etsy shop. i love making these.
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Aww! Happy anniversary! :)
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thesagedragon (02-16-2013)
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happy anniversary . xx

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Never too far from crazy

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Wow, Sage, those are pretty. I should get a photo of the clay roses I made for my grandma on Mothers Day a loooong time ago. She still keeps the "Necklace" in her special jewelry box. It's too heavy to actually wear without risking damage to her neck, and I didn't think of that when I made it as a teenager. x.x; It's really not that heavy, grandma just has delicate skin. lol But she LOVED it.
I should start making things again. I used to do etchings and such, got really good at it, I dunno if I would be anymore though. I still have one incomplete etching lying around, the store I got my stuff from closed down and finding another place that sold it all was hard, especially to find glass acid. c.c
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You should, Sylver - glass etching has made a comeback in popularity, and the stuff is getting easier to find. Plus. . . there's always Amazon! You might be a lil' bit rusty, but any art will come back with a bit of practice! I'd love to see what you've made :D
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I wish I had a photo for you! I did a tiger hand mirror for my mothers birthday a long time ago, she says she still has it. She did last I went to her house, always keeps it on her dresser. I did a unicorn with wings with mountains and lightning in the background once, it got so popular I had people asking me to make more of them for them! x.x Never did cut up my fingers, I got to brag about that in school. lol I was the only kid in the glass who never got cut, even the teacher got cut a few times. She kept telling me "It's only a matter of time!" But nope. I felt bad for them, but I was telling them they should be more careful, they are working with razors and glass. lol I have an unfinished unicorn one somewhere....That one was A LOT of work with all the delicate lines and tracing I had to do, but the most popular one to boot. lol

Alrighty, I have crazy cat photos. Alanna went nuts the other night and got so wild she didn't know what to do with herself. xD That reminds me, grandma got her a hammock/scratch board(Nothing fancy or anything), that I need to set up. She did not let me sleep last night with all her tearing around the room and clawing my bed! She doesn't knit too bad, stops when i tell her "No claws!" but she needs something to do. lol

Look at those crazy eyes. I have no catnip, but she acts like she got into some. LOL

She has kinda goofy eyes, she seems to not see as well with her left eye, we're gonna get that looked into soon. She was living on the street, good nutrition isn't easy to come by out there and many suffer from eye problems because of it or improper foods at home. The reason I think she's blind or going is because she almost lets me stick my finger in her eye, doesn't flinch or anything like she does with her right eye. Most of the time it look ok, other times it look lazy or crossed. Nothing visibly wrong other than that, maybe she's just weird. =p

Ah, the insanity continues. lol

And then she got bored and came to sleep, but she was still a little wild. xD
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Okay I love Alanna! I've always had a thing for orange cats, my last two were orange tabbies - loved those boys. It cracks me up when cats get a demon in them and go tearing through the house like wild things - usually I can't figure what happened to get them all goofy, but it sure is amusing. Mine likes to bounce off of things when he gets like that - like literally, he'll bounce off the wall and head off in the opposite direction *shakes head* Silly kitties!

You know, there's a market for the glass etching and stuff right now, you could probably make some extra money doing something you love. A friend of mine has started her own business selling wine glasses with names and dates for brides and grooms. She gets the glasses cheaply enough in a bulk box, and sells each set for a niiiiiice profit, considering it doesn't take her long to do the simple lettering. She does more detailed stuff, too - might be something you could look into!
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Well that sounds like fun and a good idea, but I really wouldn't know how to start. lol And I'm not sure I'm any good at etching anymore, I've had some light nerve damage since then and my hands don't behave when I need them to for delicate stuff. Sometimes, but not always, and that'd make it difficult. It's also been ten years since I did etchings. lol But I probably could try, and if they come out good, I could always sell them online. ^_^

It's not too hard to do the kind I do. You have to have glass/mirror(I usually do mirrors) cut the way you want it, find a photo you like(I went online and googled the unicorn, the tiger I did a while back was from one of my own photos I printed out), match it up over some tape on the glass, tape on some colored paper under the photo, and trace the lines you want cut, then carefully cut them out with an exacto knife(through paper and tape), pull it all off when done, remove cut tape where you want the design(sometimes you make a change in what you want removed and what you don't once it's all traced and cut), and add glass acid. It's pretty neat. Sounds easy, but it's a lot of very exact tracing and cutting. Very dangerous to the hands as well, using gloves for protection may cause you less precise cutting. And then you can add a frame if you desire, or file down the edges of the glass and add something else.

These are similar to the ones I'd do:

Especially ones like this one:
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