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AWWWW!! The kiddo's are ADORABLE! Love them... what a naughty lil' girl to do that to a kitty! My little ones can be a bit unkind from time to time, but it's usually nothing intentional and premeditated like that! SHEESH!

I loooooove your tabby. He reminds me of my baby Oni :)

OMG... dog tongue... OMG! O.o Such a tiny MOUTH to keep it in! How does he eat!?
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Willow. . . wow! Bert is gorgeous! Five years old, eh? What is their life-expectancy? It sounds like you do an amazing job caring for him - he's just. . . BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for sharing these shots and info with us. . . very cool critter. He looks personable, is he really friendly? I had an iguana years ago, and I did everything I was 'supposed' to do as far as I could find, but she never really liked being handled, even though I held her from the time she was tiny. Kind of gave up on reptiles after that, but your Bert is kind of making me want to start thinking about giving it another go!
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Okay, so THIS is random. . . but again, already uploaded, lol! Around here we have a Fairy Festival once a year. Last year was the first time I got to go, though I've been trying for years to get there, it was never at a good time. I love fairies, have been collecting them for years, so this is right up my alley. Anyway. . . while I was there I fell in love. With a woman, which is a bit odd for me, lol. She was PERFECT. Her costume was awesome - I WANT her wings - but most of it was in her demeanor. I'm not sure if you can really see it in the pictures, because most of it was things you'd have to have been there to see. She NEVER said a word, walked around on tip-toes the entire day, and had a look of child-like wonder about her - like a fairy would who accidentally stumbled into the human world for the first time. She spent a good deal of the day catering to the children there, handing out glass stones from a little bag hung on her belt, making giant bubbles with her hands, and playing her pipe. . .Here are a few shots of her that I took that day. . . hope you enjoy them!

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I have to say...I am loving that lizard! =) The stink out part gave me a giggle. I took Cooper(My big male ferret) to Petco with us a few weeks ago(We actually go often, he loves people and other pets), and he got the worst gas. You see a ferret, you think tiny creature couldn't possibly let out a huge fart...well, he cleared about twenty people out of the isle. And not only was it from smell, but I saw blushing people walk away from me, they thought I did it. Loud, gross...smelled up the whole area and everyone left. xD That's what your talk of lizard stinking up a room reminded me of. xD

Just so you all know, this will be VERY LONG. ^_^; I hope you enjoy my shots though.

Here's Ren a couple days after I got her. Ratty looking thing, wasn't she? lol

I know, hard to see through the cage, sorry. But it was so cute, she was hot, it was hot...everyone was hot this day.

Ferret Blessing. lol He does this every time I put my head down.

I don't think I showed this yet, and this has a big story. Usually I find these all and get rid of them and get him out right away when stuck, but he did this twice that day, so I took a photo of shame before removing him. lol My cat actually found that tube and tossed it down the stairs after I THOUGHT I got them all out of the house, Cooper bolted for it and got stuck.

Cooper loves his bath, Ren not so much. lol Here's a few of those...Ren got over it after a while, Cooper likes to relax and float along. They look ridiculous when wet. But first, one of my cat...Of course you wont believe me, but Leo actually likes to get in water. lol He does it all on his own...I left the door open when I ran a bath and went to get my clothes...guess who was swimming around in it? He bolted when I came in like he wasn't supposed to be in there, but I saw him swimming and having fun and pawing at the bubbles. lol

And now the weasel oatmeal bath. Yes, oatmeal is gooood for the skin and fur, that's what that junk is in the tub, incase you're wondering. lol

More water please!

Ren just look mortified. LOL She hates water. Cooper is loving it and falling asleep.

And then she got over it and started playing with the shower. lol

Let's see now, some of my outdoorsie photos for you guys, I know Chesh wanted to see more, as this is what I put up to get her going on a thread for photos. LOL A few sunrises and sunsets.

This is a sunset from a few weeks ago. =)

Ah, this was how the sky looked last year when we had all those fires.

Here's some of my sunrises.

Damn powerlines ruined everything.

These ones didn't come out so great...you'd be shaking too, ya?

Now for the less cold ones:

More sunsets, thought this was kinda neat.

This is...the moon and camera flub, not a solar flare or UFO like everyone keeps telling me it is when I tell them otherwise. xD People demand I tell them where the aline is. I DUNNO! T_T

One of our fairly common double rainbows, sorry, raindrop hit me and I didnt' know it until later, this was taken years ago.

Sorry, I'm gonna use up several posts here. There's a photo and character limit. >_>;
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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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And I think Chesh asked me to show a few of my landscape photos. Here goes:

"There...I swear there was a fish!" And there was, it slapped her in the face and took off. ^^; Don't she look confused? LOL

Annnd...no, I was not trying to get her in the shot, this is the trouble with taking pets on a photo spree. But it came out pretty neat, she was a good old lady. =)

People occasionally got in the way too. lol

Wind, it's powerful up there as you can tell by this poor tough tree!

Ah, Maggie Mae...she may have been old, but she still had it. She wanted to go see those people, and that's no small lake! We got her back. xD She was stubbonr though. I was worried she may not make it, but she had no trouble at all. I'da frozen going in there. x.x That's glacier melt.

Too bad the chair is in the way. LOL This is our crabapple tree, it occasionally gets to full bloom before random snow kills it.

Oh, forgot about this, this was our Spring Blizzard a couple years ago. lol Yeah, killed our blooms that year.

Here...giant kitty kitty...>_>; Young mountain lion footprint over on the trail me and my dog frequent in the early mornings. Safe to say we went less early after finding both adult and cub footprints. ^^;
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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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Annnd the finale. lol Yeah, I have a lot, I have thousands upon thousands of photos taken over the last ten years or so. ^^;

-whistles- Lovely rain!

^________^ It's the abominable snowdog!

Fog and snow in all those last ones as well, but this one was good...dark though. Was mid-day. >_>;

This snow looks like the night sky when there's no light.

Ah, I wish I could find the one where there were about ten bird on this and flying around it. :3

Yes, this is through the car window, driving on the highway...I do have SOME talent at taking still looking photos going 65 MPH, I just don't know HOW I did it...Window was dirty though. T_T

Ahh, lovely rain again. LOL

And a couple of my lightning shots. Sorry, dark, they may look a bit smeared because of it, it's so hard to get lightning! LOL Even with the scene shoot that goes a few seconds and you choose what part to keep. Some of these were actually photo shots from random snaps though. The rest I cheated on with the video thing. ^_~

Yeah, this one hit the house on the other side of the neighborhood. ^^; It's also the most smeared because let me tell you...explosion that seemed to happen before the lightning, I almost lost a few organs out my mouth.
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Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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Bert was small when i got him,and i bought two at the time,one became more dominate
and the small one stopped eating,so i had to re home the small of the two.
Bert is just about as layed back as you can get,he's also funny...
if i need to touch him for some reason, like when i held him after his bath
his claw got stuck in my jumper sleeve so i had to unpick him,so he shuts
his eyes,almost like if i can't see you..you can't see me.
i frightened him once (unintentional promise ) and he black bearded me !
under his chin the colour completely went black ! he soon settled and went back
to normal, oh and he's waved at me too,i think that one is a dominance thing.
life expectancy about 25 years.
and i heard Iguanas can be very unpredictable with women ?
there's a real big one at the reptile shop i go to,and the note on the window
says do not stare at me,or wear a red T.shirt !
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when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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OMG, so many photos!!! I love your sky shots, I have a bunch myself, somewhere. . . the sky is so beautiful, you can't go wrong . . . love the rainbow shot, I've only actually seen a real rainbow a few times in my life. VERY pretty landscapes. . . :( The shot of the ferret peeking over the edge of the tub is my fave, SO cute! You really should post up just a few at a time, it's TOO many at once to really get into them - if that makes sense. I feel like I forgot the first by the time I'm halfway through, lol! Silly Sylver!

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OOH! WILLOW! He's soooo TINY! Cute!!! I love him! 25 years, wow! He's still a baby at 5! How big do they get - is he going to get much bigger than he is right now? Sorry for so many questions, he's just really gorgeous :) Actually pretty good that you only surprised him once in five years! I doubt he'd do so well here. I have too many kiddo's right now for a creature like that, but maybe one day. . .

I've never heard that about iguanas! Huh... she was *technically* my boyfriend's at the time, but I bought her for him, and ended up doing all of the looking after her and learning. It was just the 2 of us living there, so the house was nice and calm *shrugs* That was sheeeeeeeeeesh - 15 years ago? There weren't any amazing forums like TFK (for lizards) up then, so it was really all book-learning, never read that they don't like girls, lol! I don't think I've ever worn a red shirt in my life, though - Maggy was just a spaz. Plain and simple. We eventually rehomed her after a few years of trying, because we couldn't DO anything with her. Gave her to a person who was nutty for iguannas, very experienced in their care, and had just lost one at a good old age. Hopefully he figured out how to calm her down. . .

ETA: The 'like' button vanished. But I LIKE your pet!
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LOL Unpredictable with anyone, not just women! They tame up as easy as any other lizard though, but they also forget fast if not held for a while should you go on vacation and your watcher wont help. lol The one at the shop was very obviously not tamed up and socialized, you must socialize them or they get very dangerous. The sign may be a joke though, unless they made t that way, in which case they should be slapped because it's mean.

Mine loved everyone, really. But nobody could touch her or me when she was on my head, she'd hold that silly four and a half foot long tail STRAIGHT up in the air, she looked ridiculous. And if anyone came by, they got the beating of a lifetime. Any other time and she was friendly as can be.
Unfortunately I had gone off for a few months to stay with a friend out of town when she had her new baby and was alone...nobody held her. She got meaner than snake snot. I came to feed her and she whipped me through the cage so hard I had a bloody welt from my waist, allll the way across my back to my shoulder and then up around my face and it ended at the corner of the other side of my face(this isn't making sense LOL) where I had a cut from my eye lid to the edge of my cheek, and let me tell you, that was it for her. >_>; She did this several times, I gave her to a friend who had armor and wanted her. She bloodied me up good, I didn't have the calm to tame her up a second time after that and it wouldn't have been fair. But I went to visit her a lot, she said sorry and went back to being the evil headcrab. ^_^

Ah yes, Cooper was looking out of the tub trying to get my attention on the shampoo, he loves it. He's getting a bath tonight too. Maybe. I was gonna do it the other day, but I hurt my back. You can't bathe them often, but you can let them swim or have oatmeal soaks all you want. =) They haven't had a REAL bath in several months. Cooper wants it. xD

Ahhh, alright. I just kinda get bored of making a billion photo post posts. LOL I have to go search and find, so I wanted to get my good ones out. The good ones I could find, I have thousands. I'll slow it down. ^_~ Too late now on the rest though, sorry. I didn't think of that!

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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